Porta Nuova (Milan)

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Coordinates: 45°28′47.6″N 9°11′33.23″E / 45.479889°N 9.1925639°E / 45.479889; 9.1925639

Porta Nuova
Panoramic view of Porta Nuova.
Panoramic view of Porta Nuova.
Sovereign state Italy
Region Lombardy
Province Milan
 • Total 0.4 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+01:00
Website www.porta-nuova.com

Porta Nuova (literally, "new gate") is the main business district of Milan, Italy. It is named after the well-preserved Napoleonic gate built in 1810–13 on this site.

Porta Nuova, Napoleonic Gate of Milan[edit]

The gates of Porta Nuova were built in 1810–1813 from a design of the poet Giuseppe Zanoia. Stylistically, it is a Neoclassic triumphal arch of Corinthian influence, featuring two Doric guard-houses.[1] It was built in friable sandstone, and as a consequence its decorations have decayed over time.

The Napoleonic gates after which the district is named.
A scale model of the new development.

Porta Nuova development[edit]

After a long period of urban decay, the Porta Nuova district is now undergoing a massive renewal, thanks to the "Progetto Porta Nuova" (Porta Nuova Project).[2] The project, which has been under construction since the late 2000s, includes several modern high rise buildings, cultural centres, and a large city park. As a result of these developments, the Porta Nuova district will ideally merge with the bordering Centro Direzionale di Milano, the oldest business district of Milan that is characterized by 1950s-1960s towers, many of which dedicated to government offices and other major public and private companies.

This project effects areas from the neighborhoods of Isola, Varesine and Porta Garibaldi. Construction started in 2009, with completion planned in 2014.[3] The project involves the work of noted architects such as Cesar Pelli, Stefano Boeri and Nicholas Grimshaw. The redevelopment area extends from Porta Garibaldi station to piazza della Repubblica and from Porta Nuova gate to Palazzo Lombardia.

The project was approved in 2004, comprising a total surface of about 340,000 m2 (3,700,000 sq ft) divided into 3 parts:

  • Porta Nuova Garibaldi
  • Porta Nuova Varesine
  • Porta Nuova Isola

The area is going to be home to 20 high-rise buildings, parks, a new metro station on the under construction line 5 of the Milan Metro and many underground car parks.

Porta Nuova Garibaldi Porta Nuova Varesine Porta Nuova Isola
m2 ft2 m2 ft2 m2 ft2
Office 50,500 544,000 42,000 450,000 6,300 68,000
Residential 15,000 160,000 33,000 360,000 22,000 240,000
Commercial 10,000 110,000 7,000 75,000 850 9,100
Exhibitions 10,000 110,000 0 0 1,600 17,000
Culture 0 0 3,000 32,000 760 8,200
Hotel 15,000 160,000 0 0 0 0
Car parks 1200 2000 570



Name Architect Area Construction
Completion Notes
Garibaldi Tower[4] Cesar Pelli office: 50,500 m2 (544,000 sq ft)
commercial: 6,370 m2 (68,600 sq ft)
2009 2011
Podio Cesar Pelli 2009 2012 Circle plaza with a diameter of approximately 100 m, under the Garibaldi Tower.
Residenze di Corso Como
(Corso Como residences)
Munoz & Albin
Cino Zucchi Architetti
residential: 4,300 m2 (46,000 sq ft)
commercial: 1,790 m2 (19,300 sq ft)
2011 2012
Blocco Est Cino Zucchi Architetti residential: 10,700 m2 (115,000 sq ft) 2011 2013
Edificio E1/E2[5][6] Studio +arch showroom: 10,000 m2 (110,000 sq ft)
commercial: 1,860 m2 (20,000 sq ft)
2011 2013


Name Architect Area Construction
Completion Notes
Torre Diamante Kohn Pederson Fox Associates office: 61,500 m2 (662,000 sq ft) 2010 2012
Torri residenziali Varesine
(Varesine residential towers)
Caputo Partnership
2010 2013 A complex of three towers
Ville di Porta Nuova M2P Associati residential: 8,000 m2 (86,000 sq ft)


Name Architect Area Construction
Completion Notes
Bosco verticale Stefano Boeri terrace: 8,900 m2 (96,000 sq ft)
office: 6,300 m2 (68,000 sq ft)
2009 2014 Two towers, 110 m and 76 m tall, with terraces hosting about 900 trees and equipped with about 500 m2 of solar PV panels.[7]
Residenze dei Giardini Lucien Lagrange 2012
Fondazione Riccardo Catella 1,400 m2 (15,000 sq ft) [8]
Piramide William McDonough + Partners office: 6,315 m2 (67,970 sq ft)
Palazzo Milano Assicurazioni (aka Rasoio, razor) Valentino Benati and Federico Colletta  ? 2014
Casa della Memoria  ? 2014
Incubatore per l'Arte 800 m2 (8,600 sq ft) 2010 2011

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