Prince Louis of Luxembourg

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Prince Louis
Prince Louis of Luxembourg.jpg
Louis with his son Gabriel on his wedding day
Spouse Princess Tessy of Luxembourg
Issue Prince Gabriel of Nassau
Prince Noah of Nassau
Full name
Louis Xavier Marie Guillaume
Father Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
Mother Maria Teresa, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
Born (1986-08-03) 3 August 1986 (age 27)

Prince Louis of Luxembourg (given names: Louis Xavier Marie Guillaume; born 3 August 1986) is the third son of the Grand Duke Henri and the Cuban-born Grand Duchess Maria Teresa of Luxembourg (née María Teresa Mestre y Batista-Falla). Aside from Prince of Luxembourg, he is also Prince of Nassau. His godparents are Xavier Sanz and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein.

Prince Louis has two elder siblings: Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg and Prince Félix of Luxembourg; and two younger siblings: Princess Alexandra and Prince Sébastien of Luxembourg. He is married to Tessy Antony, a former NCO in the Luxembourg Army. They have two sons, Gabriel and Noah.


Prince Louis' education includes the International School of Luxembourg; and Collège Alpin International Beau Soleil boarding school, in Villars-sur-Ollon, Switzerland. Prince Louis graduated from Richmond American University in London in 2014, with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. His dissertation focused on advertising campaigns in humanitarian fields. [1]

Marriage and family[edit]

Prince Louis married Tessy Antony on 29 September 2006 in Gilsdorf's Roman Catholic parish church. Upon his initially morganatic marriage,[2] the prince gave up his succession rights and those of all the couple's children, although Louis retains his title of Prince of Luxembourg and the style of Royal Highness while Tessy and Gabriel were originally given the surname de Nassau with no titles.[3]

On Luxembourg's National Day on 23 June 2009, Grand Duke Henri gave Tessy the title of Princess of Luxembourg with the style Her Royal Highness and the title Prince of Nassau and style Royal Highness to their sons and future children.[4] The family lives in London, where the Prince and Princess are students.[5]


On 12 March 2006, Tessy Antony gave birth to a boy, christened Gabriel Michael Louis Ronny de Nassau,[6] who was born at a private Swiss hospital, Clinic des Grangettes, in Geneva.[7] The baby is the first grandchild for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa. The baby's godparents were his paternal aunt Princess Alexandra and maternal uncle Michel Antony.

He was given the title and style of His Royal Highness, Prince of Nassau by his grandfather on 23 June 2009.[4]


The couple's second son, Noah Etienne Guillaume Gabriel Matthias Xavier de Nassau, was born on 21 September 2007 at the Maternité Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.[8] The second grandchild for Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, the baby was baptised at the same church in Gilsdorf where his parents married and his elder brother was christened. His godparents are his paternal uncle, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, and his maternal aunt Patty Antony.

He was given the title and style of His Royal Highness, Prince of Nassau by his grandfather on 23 June 2009.[4]

Honours and awards[edit]

See also List of honours of the Luxembourgish Grand-Ducal Family by country As a son of one of the 2 Heads of the House:

As Prince of Luxembourg, at 18 years old:


16. Robert I, Duke of Parma
8. Felix of Bourbon-Parma
17. Infanta Maria Antonia of Portugal
4. Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
18. William IV, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
9. Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg
19. Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal
2. Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg
20. Albert I of Belgium
10. Leopold III of Belgium
21. Elisabeth of Bavaria
5. Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium
22. Prince Carl, Duke of Västergötland
11. Astrid of Sweden
23. Princess Ingeborg of Denmark
1. Prince Louis of Luxembourg
24. Francisco Mestre y Fernández-Criado
12. José Antonio Mestre y Ramos-Almeyda
25. Matilde Ramos-Almeyda y Gómez
6. José Antonio Mestre y Álvarez
26. Lucas Álvarez y Cerice
13. María Narcisa Álvarez y Tabío
27. Narcisa Tabío y de la Lanza
3. María Teresa Mestre y Batista-Falla
28. Melchor Batista y de Varona
14. Agustín Batista y González de Mendoza
29. Julia González de Mendoza y de Pedroso
7. María Teresa Batista y Falla
30. Laureano Falla y Gutiérrez
15. María Teresa Falla y Bonet
31. María Dolores Bonet y Mora


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Prince Louis of Luxembourg
Born: 3 August 1986
Royal titles
Preceded by
Prince Félix of Luxembourg
Line of succession to
the French throne (Legitimist)

46th position
Succeeded by
Prince Noah of Nassau