Protezione Civile

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Protezione Civile
Formation 1992
Headquarters Rome, Italy
  • Via Vitorchiano 2 - 00189 Rome
Franco Gabrielli

The Protezione Civile (Civil Defence) department is the national body in Italy that deals with the prediction, prevention and management of exceptional events.

The term Protezione Civile outlines all the facilities and activities used by the state to protect the sake of life, the properties, the settlements and the environment from damages and dangers caused by natural catastrophes.

In order to cope with the risky and difficult situations, the Protezione Civile needs a great deal of volunteers and all the other existing forces. The current chief is Franco Gabrielli, a former police and intelligence officer.


Protezione Civile also provides transport needs for the Government of Italy.

Aerial firefighting[edit]

Protezione Civile's aerial firefighting aircraft which are operated by contractor Societa Ricerche Esperienze Meteorologiche (SOREM) since 1998.[1]


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