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Finland "Pump-Pump"
Eurovision Song Contest 1976 rehearsals - Finland - Fredi & Ystävät 5.png
Fredi & Friends
Eurovision Song Contest 1976 entry
Country Finland
Artist(s) Fredi & Ystävät
As Fredi & Friends
Language Finnish
Composer(s) Matti Kalevi Siitonen
Lyricist(s) Vexi Salmi
Conductor Ossi Runne
Finals performance
Final result 11th
Final points 44
Appearance chronology
◄ "Old Man Fiddle" (1975)   
"Lapponia" (1977) ►

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"Pump-Pump" was the Finnish entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1976, performed in English by Fredi & Ystävät (Fredi & Friends). This was Fredi's second Eurovision entry, he had made his debut in Vienna, Austria in 1967 with "Varjoon - suojaan", placing 12th in a field of 17.

The song was performed eleventh on the night (following Greece's Mariza Koch with "Panayia Mou, Panayia Mou" and preceding Spain's Braulio with "Sobran las palabras"). At the close of voting, it had received 44 points, placing 11th in a field of 18.

The original Finnish language version of the song was called "Pump Pump" and the title was simply kept for the English translation. Fredi however also recorded the song in German, and it was then retitled "Bump bump (Schon wieder macht mein Herz...)".

It was succeeded as Finnish representative at the 1977 Contest by Monica Aspelund with "Lapponia".