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Punar Vivah-Zindagi Milegi Dobara
पुनर्विवाह-ज़िन्दगी मिलेगी दोबारा
Remarriage - Love Will Meet a Second Time
Punar Vivah Logo.png
Logo Of Punar Vivah
Created by Shashi Sumeet Productions
Written by Shobhit Jaiswal
Anil Nagpal
Seema Mantri
Usha Dixit
Directed by Manish Khandelwal
Hemant Prabhu
Arvind Gupta
Starring See below
Opening theme Punar Vivah By Kamaal Khan
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindi
No. of episodes 325
Producer(s) Shashi Mittal
Sumeet H Mittal
Editor(s) Jay B Ghadiali
Cinematography Sudesh Kotian
Navneet Beohar
Camera setup Multi camera
Production company(s) Shashi Sumeet Productions
Original channel Zee TV
Picture format 576i (SDTV), 1080i (HDTV)
Original run 20 February 2012 – 17 May 2013
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Punar Vivah is an Indian soap opera that airs on Zee TV. It premiered on 20 February 2012 and replaced Bhagonwali-Baante Apni Taqdeer. It aired every Monday–Friday at 10:30 pm. The show completed a one-year run on 20 February 2013 and 300 episodes on 12 April 2013. This season ended 17 May 2013 and Punar Vivah - Ek Nayi Umeed replaced Punar Vivah from 20 May 2013.


Punar Vivah (English: Remarriage) is the story of two individuals, Yash and Aarti, set in the Indian city of Bhopal in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Aarti is a divorcée with a son, Ansh. Yash is a widower with two daughters, Payal and Palak. It has been four years since Aarti's husband Prashant left her. Yash's wife, Arpita, died three years ago. Aarti's in-laws from her previous marriage and Yash's family want them to get married. Initially Yash and Aarti get married for the well being of their kids after a lot of hesitation and problems to over come.

Aarti and Yash begin to fall in love as time moves on. Prashant has cancer but is cured thanks to Aarti's help for letting them use Ansh to cure him, a fight happens between Yash and Prashant and Prashant dies in it, Then the story continues with Yash turning out to be the legitimate son of Suraj Pratap, who had an affair with Radha, Yash's birth mother.

Akash comes in as a kidnapper (after prashant dies) who is the real son of Gyathri as Radha had switched the sons in the hospital at birth. He marries Ishita when Yash runs from the mandap. It is revealed Aarti's in law father is responsible for the kidnap but the issues are fixed and he begs for frogiveness and leaves along with his wife (Shobha), It is revealed later that Ishita had been obsessed with Yash even before Aarti came into his life. Through that time it is also revealed that Paridhi, Prithik's wife can not conceive children. Ishita, obsessed with Yash, wants to get rid of Aarti in any way possible and gets their new born son Aayu kidnapped and successfully blames Aarti for it, thus, resulting a separation in Yash and Aarti's relationship. They haven't talked to each other for months after losing their son.

A month passes and Prathik and Paridhi decide to adopt a child as she wants to become a mother. they go and bring home a baby which turns out to be Aayu. Ishita finds out and tries everything possible to keep Yash and Aarti away from the child. She even tuns Paridhi against her. Aarti feels a strange connection with the baby and finds comfort in him. The whole entire family moves to Mumbai as Yash's Wedding Planner business expands. they leave their new house and start their new lives with a fresh new start. Aarti soon finds out the truth about Ishita and also finds out that she was the one who kidnapped her Aayu. Ishita decides to take revenge on Aarti and tries to drug Yash and sleep with him. However, Aarti reaches in time to save him. However, before anything bad could happen to Ishita she runs away from there. Aarti tells Yash the truth and they finally get back together. They get their Aayu back however, seeing Paridhi's sad face, Aarti and Yash decide to give Aayu to Prathik and Paridhi saying that they live in the same house and with always be able to see their child in front of their eyes. While the family goes back to Bhopal for the wedding of the new characters for Punar Vivah season 2, Ishita comes back and kidnaps Aayu again. However, with the help of Divya from Season 2 Yash catches Ishita and saves Aayu and gets Ishita arrested. Thus, resulting the story that revolves around their life after their Punar Vivah.


The show launched with a TRP of 2.6 being the third-best show having launched with good TRPs after Mujhse Kuchh Kehti... Yeh Khamoshiyaan and Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. The serial continued recording TRPs of 2.1-3.1 in its run in 2012 in 2013 the show dropped in TRP scoring 1.6. Since then it is recording TRPs of 1.4-2.4 behind Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera. It ended with a TRP of 1.9 and its lowest TRP up to date is 1.4 and highest TRP is 3.5.


Actor Character Role
Gurmeet Choudhary Yash Suraj Pratap Sindhia Aarti's second husband[Male Lead]
Kratika Sengar Aarti Yash Sindhia Yash's second wife [female lead]
Shweta Munshi Arpita Yash Sindhia Yash's first wife (dead)
Sarwar Ahuja / Vineet Raina Prashant Satyendra Dubey Antagonist, Aarti's Ex-Husband(Dead)
Dishank Arora Pratik Suraj Pratap Sindhia Yash's Younger Half Brother
Leena Jumani Paridhi Pratik Sindhia Pratik's Wife
Chetan Pandit Suraj Pratap Sindhia Yash's Father
Dolly Minhas Radha Suraj Pratap Sindhia Akash's Mother, Yash's Biological Mother, Suraj Pratap's Second Wife
Pallavi Rao / Ananya Khare Maya Yash's Aunt, Suraj's sister
Rakesh Kukreti Pankaj Suraj Pratap Sindhia Yash's Elder Half Brother
Samragyi Nema Vidhi Pankaj Sindhia Pankaj's Wife
Akshay Dogra Akash Suraj Pratap Sindhia Yash's Half Brother, Gayatri's Biological Son
Heena Parmar Ishita Akash Sindhia Antagonist, Akash's Wife
Amit Singh Thakur Satyendra Dubey Aarti's Ex-Father-In-Law(Terminated)
Geeta Tyagi Shobha Satyendra Dubey Aarti's Ex-Mother-In-Law(Terminated)
Pankhuri Jain Mansi Aarti's Friend(Terminated)
Amita Udgata Tai Ji Antagonist, Prashant's Aunt(Terminated)
Ashish Kapoor Mr. Khanna Paridhi's Father(Terminated)
Roma Bali Mrs. Khanna Paridhi's Mother(Terminated)
Divyam Dama Ansh Prashant Dubey / Ansh Yash Sindhia Prashant & Aarti's Son, Yash's Step Son
Palak Dey Palak Yash Sindhia Yash & Arpita's Elder Daughter, Aarti's Step Daughter
Dhriti Mehta Payal Yash Sindhia Yash & Arpita's Younger Daughter, Aarti's Step Daughter
Nidhi Day Vedika Pankaj Sindhia Pankaj & Vidhi's Daughter
- Vedant Pankaj Sindhia Pankaj & Vidhi's Son
- Ayu Yash Sindhia Yash & Aarti's Son

Special appearances[edit]

International broadcast[edit]

In Pakistan, the show airs on Geo Kahani. In Algeria, the show airs on Zee Alwan, under the name (فرصة ثانية-Forsa Thania) Arabic for Second Chance/Punar Vivah. In Ile de la Reunion, the show airs on Antenne Réunion as Punar Vivaah dubbed in French.[1][2]

In Mauritius, the show airs on MBC 2 on Sunday.


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