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This article is about software. For the Tool song, see Pushit (song).
Developer(s) Roman Pixell, Vadim Voituk, Konstantin Maximchik, Andreas Tollwé, Andreas Remfeldt, Jonas Enqvist, Nadja Drazdova, Andreas Karma
Stable release 0.3 / April 30, 2009; 5 years ago (2009-04-30)
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform WordPress, WordPress MU, Buddypress
Type Blog publishing system
License GNU General Public License version 3
Website http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/pushit/

Pushit is a free plugin for WordPress capable of sending a blog post to a friend via SMS or e-mail.


Pushit adds support for registration with cell phones. This means that one can verify blog visitors and send them their password in a text message (SMS).

Pushit adds post recommendations via SMS, e-mail and social bookmarks like Facebook, Twitter and Bloggy. Pushit also includes a print function and a set of related RSS links for a particular post.

The third major feature is the compact mobile viewport for web sites. The mobile version is a small publishing system within Wordpress. The site administrator can adjust custom field support, user login, comments, search and other features.

The software works with almost all operators worldwide, but requires registration at Multimobil


The first public beta was scheduled for 30th of April 2009. After this date, Pushit is available under the GPL v3 licence from wordpress.org.