Quantum Leap (season 4)

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Quantum Leap Season 4
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 22
Original channel NBC
Original run September 18, 1991 (1991-09-18) – May 20, 1992 (1992-05-20)
Home video release
DVD release
Region 1 March 28, 2006 (2006-03-28)
Region 2 June 26, 2006 (2006-06-26)
Region 4 November 2006 (2006-11)
Season chronology
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Season 3
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Season 5
List of Quantum Leap episodes

Scott Bakula won a Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV-Series – Drama for this season's work.


No. in
No. in
Title Directed by Written by Leap date Location Original air date
54 1 "The Leap Back" Michael Zinberg Donald P. Bellisario June 15, 1945 Crown Point, Indiana September 18, 1991
Sam and Al switch roles after a lightning strike. This allows Sam to return home to his wife, but when Al leaps into Captain Tom Jarrett (played by Dean Denton), he is set to be killed by his lover's jealous ex-fiance, Sam must act as his hologram in order to save Al and continue to leap through time.
55 2 "Play Ball" Joe Napolitano Tommy Thompson August 6, 1961 Galveston, Texas September 25, 1991
Sam is a washed-out baseball player named Lester "Doc" Fuller (played by Owen Rutledge) who has to help a younger and angrier player get into the major leagues, the player reminding him of Al when they first met. Neal McDonough also guest stars.
56 3 "Hurricane" Michael Watkins Chris Ruppenthal August 17, 1969 Jackson Point, Mississippi October 2, 1991
Sam leaps into Archie Necaise, a small-town sheriff in the middle of Hurricane Camille. He must keep his host's girlfriend from being killed in the storm... or by anyone else.
57 4 "Justice" Rob Bowman Toni Graphia May 11, 1965 Alabama October 9, 1991
Sam leaps into a man named Clyde (played by Glenn Edden) just as he is about to join the Ku Klux Klan, out of respect for the racist family he has married into. Sam must prevent black civil rights leader Nathaniel from being lynched by the Ku Klux Klan while trying to explain to his host's son the evils of racism, but due to Sam's upbringing, it becomes very difficult to act like the person he has leaped into to avoid his own lynching. Michael Beach and Glenn Morshower also guest star.
58 5 "Permanent Wave" Scott Bakula Beverly Bridges June 2, 1983 Beverly Hills, California October 16, 1991
Sam is Frank Bianca (played by Robert Jacobs), a male hair stylist living with his girlfriend, a single mother. When her child witnesses a murder of a mall drugstore clerk just as Sam leaps in, the boy's mother won't let him tell the police what he saw, and the killer is getting closer and closer to make sure that he never will. Joseph Gordon-Levitt also guest stars.
59 6 "Raped" Michael Zinberg Beverly Bridges June 20, 1980 Mill Valley, California October 30, 1991

Sam leaps into Katie McBain (played by Cheryl Pollak), a woman who has just been raped by the town's All-American boy. He must make sure that justice is done, resulting in the woman herself being brought into the Imaging Chamber to testify at her trial.

Note: Unlike most episodes, Cheryl is spotlighted in the opening credits.
60 7 "The Wrong Stuff" Joe Napolitano Paul Brown January 24, 1961 Cape Canaveral, Florida November 6, 1991

In a very bizarre out-of-the-human host, Sam leaps into Bobo, an astro-chimp whom he must get into the space program – or he'll disappear forever due to unethical helmet testing methods.

Note: This is the only episode where Sam does not leap into a human being.
61 8 "Dreams" Anita W. Addison Deborah Pratt February 28, 1979 Malibu, California November 13, 1991
Sam leaps into a cop named Jack Stone (played by David Garrison) just as he finds a man accused of murdering his wife, before killing himself and emotionally crippling their children. He must uncover a childhood trauma of the man he leaped into (which has unfortunately remained in Sam's head after the Leap) and catch a murderer before his host becomes the next victim.
62 9 "A Single Drop of Rain" Virgil W. Vogel Story by: Donald Bellisario,
Ralph Meyering, Jr.
& Richard C. Okie
Teleplay by: Richard C. Okie
September 7, 1953 Clover Bend, Texas November 20, 1991
Sam is William "Billy" Beaumont (played by Ted Baader), a traveling rainmaker returning home to a farming community suffering from a drought, who has to make it rain while preventing his host's brother's wife from running away with him.
63 10 "Unchained" Michael Watkins Paris Qualles November 2, 1956 Talawaga County, Alabama November 27, 1991
Sam is Chance Cole (played by Mark Kemble), an escaped convict who is chained to a wrongly accused black man named Jasper who escape together only to be recaptured again. Sam must find a way to prove Jasper's innocence to the corrupt warden as the string of robberies continue.
64 11 "The Play's the Thing" Eric Laneuville Beverly Bridges September 9, 1969 New York City January 8, 1992
Sam leaps into a man named Joe Thurlow (played by Will Schaub) who's dating a much, much older woman and must convince her not to move back to Cleveland with her straight-arrow son and his wife. And somehow he also has to get through a nude version of Hamlet. Robert Pine and Daniel Roebuck also guest star.
65 12 "Running For Honor" Bob Hulme Bobby Duncan June 11, 1964 Prescott College near
Lakeside, Michigan
January 15, 1992
Sam leaps into Thomas "Tommy" York (played by Beau Windham), an honor-roll cadet at the Naval Academy who might be gay. His roommate was kicked out of the Naval Academy for being gay and Sam must stop his former roommate from being killed by a bigoted gang of midshipmen.
66 13 "Temptation Eyes" Christopher Hibler Paul Brown February 1, 1985 San Francisco, California January 22, 1992
As a rash of serial murders take place in San Francisco, Sam leaps into a television reporter named Dylan Powell who must prevent a psychic who is helping the police from becoming the next victim. But when she discovers who Sam really is, they fall for each other and the ordeal becomes very personal.
67 14 "The Last Gunfighter" Joe Napolitano Story by: Sam Rolfe
Teleplay by: Sam Rolfe & Chris Ruppenthal
November 28, 1957 Coffin, Arizona January 29, 1992
Sam is a retired gunfighter named Tyler Means (played by Paul Bordman) who's living with his family in an Old West town that is used for tourism and films. He must face his former partner, who wants to kill Sam because his host stole his heroic antics for his own, while also preventing his host's grandson from ruining his life after his image of his grandfather is ruined.
68 15 "A Song for the Soul" Michael Watkins Deborah Pratt April 7, 1963 Chicago, Illinois February 26, 1992
Sam leaps into Cheree, a member of an all-girl teenage R&B trio, and must prevent one of the singers from signing a cheap contract and ruining their lives.
69 16 "Ghost Ship" Anita W. Addison Donald Bellisario & Paris Qualles August 13, 1956 Flying in and out
of the Bermuda Triangle
March 4, 1992
Sam leaps into Eddie Brackett (played by Mark McPherson), co-pilot of an air taxi that is transporting two young newlyweds, one of whom is very sick with appendicitis. But that's the least of his worries when the plane flies into the Bermuda Triangle and he loses contact with Al and Quantum Leap.
70 17 "Roberto!" Scott Bakula Chris Ruppenthal January 27, 1982 Destiny, New Mexico March 11, 1992
Sam is Roberto Gutierrez (played by Andrew Roa), a Geraldo Rivera-inspired talk-show host who works with his co-worker to unmask a local fertilizer and pesticide plant that is researching and producing chemical weapons before they're silenced.
71 18 "It's A Wonderful Leap" Paul Brown Story by: Danielle Alexandra & Paul Brown
Teleplay by: Paul Brown
May 10, 1958 New York City April 1, 1992
Sam is a New York City taxicab driver named Max Greenman (played by Ross Partridge) who's trying to earn enough money to get his father his own medallion. Along the way, he meets a woman who claims to be an angel and can see Al, pretending to believe him to be the devil.
72 19 "Moments to Live" Joe Napolitano Tommy Thompson May 4, 1985 Los Angeles, California April 8, 1992
Sam leaps into Kyle Hart, a soap opera actor who is kidnapped by an obsessed fan who wants him to father her baby and, in the original history, his host ended up wandering the countryside with a gunshot wound to the head that rendered him a total amnesiac.
73 20 "The Curse of Ptah-Hotep" Joe Napolitano Chris Ruppenthal March 2, 1957 The tomb of Pharaoh Ptah
Hotep II in Saqqara, Egypt
April 22, 1992
Sam leaps into Dale Conway (played by Rodger LaRue), a member of an archeology team that has just unearthed the tomb of the Pharaoh Ptah-Hotep, but the find carries a terrible curse.
74 21 "Stand Up" Michael Zinberg Bill Richmond
and Deborah Pratt
April 30, 1959 Cocono's in
Glendale, Arizona
May 13, 1992
Sam leaps into a man named Davey Parker (played by Rafe Battiste) who's part of a trio comedy act, with his male and female partner so in love with each other that they cannot face it. Sam must get the couple to see that they love each other, and prevent one of the comedians from being killed by the Mafia. Bob Saget guest stars as one of Sam's comic partners. Amy Yasbeck also guest stars.
75 22 "A Leap for Lisa" James Whitmore, Jr. Donald Belllisario June 25, 1957 San Diego Naval Air Station,
May 20, 1992
Sam leaps into a younger Al "Bingo" Calavicci (played by Jamie Walters) who is on trial for the murder and rape of his commander's wife. But when Sam's actions unintentionally prevent the witness whose testimony cleared Al in the real history from testifying before she dies, Sam discovers that Project Quantum Leap now exists in an alternate future in which Al was executed in the gas chamber. Roddy McDowall guest stars as the alternate timeline's holographic project Observer.