Randy Newman's Faust

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Randy Newman's Faust
Studio album by Randy Newman
Released September 19, 1995
March 29, 2005 (expanded edition reissue)
Genre Musical, rock opera
Label Reprise/Warner Bros. Records
Rhino/Atlantic Records (expanded edition reissue)
Producer Peter Asher
Randy Newman chronology
Land of Dreams
Randy Newman's Faust
Guilty: 30 Years of Randy Newman
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Rolling Stone 3/5 stars[1]
Robert Christgau (A)[2]

Randy Newman's Faust is a 1993 musical by American musician and songwriter Randy Newman, who based the work on the classic story of Faust, borrowing elements from the version by Goethe, as well as Milton's Paradise Lost, but updating the story to the modern day, and infusing it with humorous cynicism. In this retelling, God and the Devil fight for the soul of Henry Faust, a student at the University of Notre Dame. The musical was performed at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego and the Goodman Theatre in Chicago, as well as released as a CD.

"Life Has Been Good to Me" was performed by French Stewart as Harry Solomon on "A Nightmare on Dick Street," an episode of NBC's 3rd Rock from the Sun.

CD cast[edit]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Randy Newman

Disc One
No. Title Performer(s) Length
1. "Glory Train"   Randy Newman, James Taylor 4:44
2. "Can't Keep a Good Man Down"   Randy Newman 2:45
3. "How Great Our Lord"   James Taylor 2:42
4. "Best Little Girl"   Randy Newman 2:28
5. "Northern Boy"   James Taylor, Randy Newman 2:55
6. "Bless The Children of the World"   Don Henley 3:50
7. "Gainesville"   Linda Ronstadt 3:30
8. "Relax, Enjoy Yourself"   James Taylor, Randy Newman, Kristyn Liang-chan 5:41
9. "Life Has Been Good To Me"   Bonnie Raitt 3:28
10. "Little Island"   Elton John 3:20
11. "The Man"   Don Henley, Randy Newman 3:14
12. "My Hero"   Linda Ronstadt 2:35
13. "I Gotta Be Your Man"   Randy Newman 2:31
14. "Feels Like Home"   Bonnie Raitt 4:26
15. "Bleeding All Over the Place"   Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt 4:15
16. "Sandman's Coming"   Linda Ronstadt 2:41
17. "Happy Ending"   Randy Newman 3:21
Disc Two (2005 expanded edition reissue only)
  1. "Pass On Over" [Demo]
  2. "How Great Our Lord" [Demo]
  3. "Each Perfect Day" [Demo]
  4. "Best Little Girl" [Demo]
  5. "It Was Beautiful" [Demo]
  6. "Northern Boy" [Demo]
  7. "Bless The Children of the World" [Demo]
  8. "Damn Fine Day" [Demo]
  9. "March Of The Protestants" [Demo]
  10. "Little Island" [Demo]
  11. "The Man" [Demo]
  12. "Love Time" [Demo]
  13. "Relax, Enjoy Yourself" [Demo]
  14. "When Love Is in the Air" [Demo]
  15. "Gainesville Florida" [Demo]
  16. "Life Has Been Good to Me" [Demo]
  17. "My Hero" [Demo]
  18. "Hard Currency" [Demo]
  19. "Sandman's Coming" [Demo]
  20. "Basin Street Blues" [Demo]