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Location of Royalton, Ohio

Royalton is an unincorporated community in northern Amanda Township, Fairfield County, Ohio, United States. Dr. Silas Allen bought and settled the village of Royalton after his time as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. He then built a house on a crest of a hill fronting a prairie. His purchase consisted of about five hundred acres. Silas's son once said at that time there was not a mark of an ax from Lancaster to his home. The land was soon given to his four sons Whiting, Lemuel, Jedediah and Benjamin Allen. Lemuel and Jedediah gave their ground for a village. In 1810 William Hamilton, surveyed the land that Silas and his sons would soon carve out the village of Royalton, about one mile south-east of Toby Town. The original Plat map of Royalton is still held by one of the residents of the village. For some years after the Allen's had settled, Royalton went by the name of Toby Town (The name of the Indian Reservation that once stood in its place), but by the Allen family it was called Royalton after a village in Vermont, from where they resided during the Revolutionary War. The village lies at the intersection of Royalton and Amanda-Northern Roads. Located in the west of the county, it lies approximately 9 miles (14½ kilometers) west of central Lancaster (the county seat of Fairfield County) and 6 miles (9½ kilometers) north of the village of Amanda. The nearest running body of running water is a Little Walnut creek which eventually empties into the Hocking River.[1]

Royalton is not to be confused with North Royalton, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.


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Coordinates: 39°43′39″N 82°46′00″W / 39.72750°N 82.76667°W / 39.72750; -82.76667