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Sarachchandra open-air theatre of University of Peradeniya, a well-known historical theatre and the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka

Sarachchandra open-air theatre is a theatre located in the University of Peradeniya, about one kilometre from the Galaha junction in Galaha-Peradeniya road. It is popularly known as the Wala, among university students and the drama enthusiasts.[1][2] Theatre is named in memory of Prof. Ediriweera Sarachchandra, Sri Lanka's premium playwright. Built in early 1950s, it is considered to be the only theatre of its kind in Sri Lanka. It was built according to the architectural style of ancient Greek theatres

The performance space is a simple semi-circular one in the middle. It is called the orchestra. Spectators sit in the stone steps created at a slope of which produced a natural theatron, literally "watching place". It can accommodate a very large number of people. Acoustics play a vital role in its construction. Even the spectators in the extreme back row can hear the sounds clearly. Still, most of the dramas shown in the University of Peradeniya use Sarachchandra open-air theatre as their venue. Ediriwira Sarachchandra’s ground-breaking Sinhala play, Maname was first presented at this very theatre.[3]

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