Satomi Ishihara

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Satomi Ishihara
Born Ishigami Kuniko (石神国子?)
(1986-12-24) December 24, 1986 (age 28)
Tokyo, Japan
Occupation Actress
Years active 2003–present
Agent Horipro

Satomi Ishihara (石原 さとみ Ishihara Satomi?) (born December 24, 1986) is a Japanese actress.

Popular among Japanese fans, she gained recognition for her acting talent. She started taking parts acting in television dramas in 2003. Satomi Ishihara appeared in various commercial events also known as public relations. Printed materials such as photobooks, DVD photo collections and calendars are available. She currently does advertising for AEON, an English language school of which she is a student.


Television dramas[edit]

Title Character Role type Dates Broadcast network External information
Dear Sister (ディア・シスター) Misaki Fukazawa Leading October 16, 2014 - December 18, 2014 Fuji TV Official Website
Shitsuren Chocolatier (失恋ショコラティエ) Saeko Takahashi Leading January, 2014 - March, 2014 Fuji TV Official Website
Rich Man, Poor Woman ( リッチマン、プアウーマン。 ) Natsui Makoto Leading July 9, 2012 - September 17, 2012 Fuji TV Official Website
Hidarime Tantei EYE (左目探偵EYE) Sayama Hitomi Leading January 23, 2010 – March 13, 2010 NTV Official Website
VOICE ~Inochi Naki mono no Koe~ (ヴォイス~命なき者の声~) Kuboaki Kanako (久保秋 佳拿子) Supporting January 12, 2009 – March 2009 Fuji TV Official Website
Walkin' Butterfly (ウォーキン・バタフライ) Hayase Yukari Guest July 11, 2008 – September 26, 2008 TV Tokyo Official Website
Puzzle (パズル) Ayukawa Misako (鮎川美佐子) Leading April 18, 2008 – June 20, 2008 TV Asahi Official Website
Rokumeikan (鹿鳴館) --- Supporting January 5, 2008 TV Asahi Official Website
Hanayome to Papa (花嫁とパパ) Uzaki Aiko (宇崎 愛子) Leading April 10, 2007 – June 26, 2007 Fuji TV Official Website
Tsubasa No Oreta Tenshitachi 2 (翼の折れた天使たち 2) Yoshimura Yuri Leading February 26, 2007 – March 1, 2007 Fuji TV Official Website
Hyoten 2006 (氷点) Tsujiguchi Yoko Leading November 25, 2006 – November 26, 2006 TV Asahi Official Website
Te no Ue no Shabondama (手の上のシャボン玉 ) Sakuriba Risa Supporting September 5, 2006 NTV Official Website
Nurse Aoi (Ns'あおい) Aoi Misora (美空あおい Misora Aoi) Leading January 10, 2006 – March 21, 2006 Fuji TV JDorama
Akai Giwaku (赤い疑惑) Yukiko Oshima (大島幸子) Leading June 15–29, 2005 TBS JDorama
H2~Kimi to itahibi (H2~君といた日々) Haruka Koga (古賀春華役 Koga Haruka) Leading January 13, 2005 – March 24, 2005 TBS JDorama
Yoshitsune (義経) Shizuka (静) Leading January 9, 2005 – December 10, 2005 NHK JDorama
Water Boys 2 (ウォーターボーイズ2) Shiori Yazawa (矢沢栞 Yazawa Shiori) Supporting July 6, 2004 – September 21, 2004 Fuji TV JDorama
Teru Teru Kazoku (てるてる家族) Fuyuko (冬子) Supporting September 29, 2003 – March 27, 2004 NHK JDorama
Kimi Wa Petto Rumi Shibusawa Supporting April 9, 2003 – June 18, 2003 TBS JDorama


Title Character Role type Date External information
Sadako 3D 2 Akane Ayukawa Leading August 30, 2013 Official site
Sadako 3D Akane Ayukawa Leading May 12, 2012 Official site
The Incite Mill Leading Official site
No Longer Human (人間失格 Ningen Shikkaku) Ōba's wife Leading February 20, 2010 Official website
Flying Rabbits (フライング ラビッツ) Yukari Hayase Leading 2008 JAL film website
Hōtai Club Wara Leading Fall 2007 Official website
One Year in the North (北の零年) Tae Komatsubara (小松原多恵 Komatsubara Tae) Leading January 15, 2005 Official website
My Grandpa (わたしのグランパ) Tamako Godai (五代珠子 Godai Tamako) Leading April 5, 2003 Official website


  • Say To Me (Every Sunday, 9:30 PM, Nippon Hoso)


  • 74th Television Drama Academy Awards: Best Supporting Actress for Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)
  • 16th Nikkan Sports Drama Grand Prix (Jul-Sept 2012): Best Supporting Actress for Rich Man, Poor Woman (2012)
  • Japanese U-20 Scholar Idol Ranking 2007: Placed #5 (2007)
  • 8th Nikkan Sports Drama Award: Best Supporting Actress (Water Boys 2) (2004)
  • 41st Golden Arrow: Newcomer Prize (Teru Teru Kazoku) (2003)
  • 16th Nikkan Sports Movie Grand-Prix: Newcomer Prize (My Grandpa) (2003)
  • 27th HORIPRO Talent Scout Caravan "Pure Girl 2002": Grand Prix prize winner (2002)

Personal life[edit]

  • Satomi wears glasses occasionally.[citation needed]
  • Her current name (Satomi Ishihara or Ishihara Satomi) where Ishihara, literally means stone field and Satomi can be translated as beautiful or wise. As her real name is (Ishigami Kuniko), Ishigami means stone god and Kuniko means country child.
  • She said: "I would like to improve my English and get better as time passes as able to enroll in the international entertainment industry."[citation needed]
  • Besides filming abroad, her only exposure overseas was in Sydney and Saipan.[citation needed]
  • In the preparation for her role in Nurse Aoi Drama, she enrolled herself in nursing and mixed with staff in the hospital to learn skills such as taking blood pressure, or operating an X-ray machine.[1]
  • She was announced to be part of the cast list of the live action version of Shingeki no Kyojin (also known as Attack on Titan) she will be playing Hanji Zoe's role.



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