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Coordinates: 40°26′47″N 79°56′51″W / 40.44631°N 79.94737°W / 40.44631; -79.94737 Schenley Tunnel is a railroad tunnel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States. Alternate names are Neville Street Tunnel or Pittsburgh Junction Railroad Tunnel.

It is located in Junction Hollow in the city's Oakland neighborhood where it carries CSX Transportation's P&W Subdivision about 70 feet (21 m) beneath Neville Street. The Allegheny Valley Railroad, a short-line railroad, uses the tunnel for regional services. Amtrak's Capitol Limited also uses the tunnel when entering and leaving the city. The tunnel measures 2,872 feet (875 m) in length and the keystone notes that it opened in 1883 with Shaw, Stearns & Norris as its contractors.


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