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Sequent was a DikuMUD based MUD running on a Sequent multiprocessor machine at at the University of California, Berkeley. It was started in March 1991.[1][2] Raja Kushalnagar ("Duke of Sequent") modified the DikuMUD Gamma version to include several new areas, new starting locations. It also included 50 mortal levels and 10 immortal (administrative) levels. It was developed on a sequent multiprocessor machine hence the name Sequent DikuMUD; it included code specific to the Sequent S81 machine that could run on the multiple on-board 386 processors.[3]

Notable MUDs running on the Sequent codebase include Sojourn and its successor, TorilMUD; DikuMUD Niligiri[4] and CircleMUD.[5]


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