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This is an Icelandic name. The last name is a family name, but this person is properly referred to by the given name Smári.
Smári McCarthy in 2012.

Smári McCarthy (born 7 February 1984) is an Icelandic/Irish innovator and information activist. He is a board member of the International Modern Media Institute,[1] a co-founder of the Icelandic Digital Freedom Society (FSFÍ)[2] and a participant in the Global Swadeshi movement. He is a founding member of the Icelandic Pirate Party,[3][4] and stood as their lead candidate in Iceland's southern constituency in the 2013 parliamentary elections.[5] He was the spokesperson and one of the organizers of the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative.[6]

He has spoken at numerous conferences, such as Oekonux, FSCONS, Internet at Liberty and SHARE,[7] as well as having lectured at various universities and summer schools.[8] Common themes include direct or electronic democracy, press freedoms,[9][10] a critique of industrialization as a centralizing force,[11][12] and the culture of the Internet.

He proposed the Shadow Parliament Project,[13][14] a project intending to "crowdsource democracy". The project launched Skuggaþing (Icelandic for "shadow parliament") in early 2010.[15] In 2012 he started the wasa2il software project[16] in order to address shortcomings with existing impementations of Liquid Democracy.[17]

He has written on technology, anarchism, and Icelandic culture at and He is also an active member of the digital fabrication movement, having operated a fab lab in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland,[18] and worked with Fab Labs elsewhere, including Jalalabad, Afghanistan.[19]

In 2012, WikiLeaks has alleged that McCarthy was approached by agents of the FBI in Washington, D.C..[20]


In the summer of 2013, McCarthy cofounded the Free software project Mailpile with two others: Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson and Brennan Novak. The team successfully crowdfunded $163,192. Smári's role in the company is privacy & security.



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