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Birth name Randy Walker
Born (1968-08-21)August 21, 1968
Queens, New York
Died November 29, 1995(1995-11-29) (aged 27)
Queens Village, Queens, New York
Occupation(s) Rapper, actor, hip hop producer
Years active 1988 - 1995
Associated acts 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., Thug Life, Dramacydal, Babyface, DJ King Assassin, Nas, Val Young, Buju Banton, Treach, Mopreme Shakur, Apache

Randy Walker (August 21, 1968 – November 29, 1995), better known by his stage name Stretch, was an American rapper and producer.

Life and career[edit]

Stretch was a rapper and hip hop producer from Springfield Gardens, Queens, New York who founded the hip hop group Live Squad with his brother Majesty in the late 1980s. He made brief cameo appearances in several films, such as Juice, Who's the Man? and Bullet, and contributed to the soundtrack Above the Rim.[1] He is perhaps most famous for his work and close affiliation with Tupac Shakur during the early 1990s.


On the evening of November 29, 1995, Stretch was on his way home after dropping off his brother Chris when he was killed after being chased and shot four times in the back by at least two men who pulled up alongside his green minivan in a black car at 112th Avenue and 209th Street in Queens Village just after 12:30 A.M., while he was driving. His minivan smashed into a tree and hit a parked car before flipping over. Stretch was killed exactly one year after Tupac's 1994 Quad Studio shooting, and many people believe that Stretch was killed as a form of retaliation related to Tupac.[2]


He was known for his unmistakable deep voice as well as his brother Majesty. He had many unreleased songs featuring Tupac and rest of the Live Squad.

Year Song Artist(s) Album
1988 "Troopin' It" Live Squad BQ In Full Effect Guest Appearance and Producer
"We Ain't Have It"
1991 "Family of the Underground" Digital Underground Sons of the P Guest Appearance
"Crooked Ass Nigga" 2Pac 2Pacalypse Now Guest Appearance and Producer
1992 "Pass The 40" Raw Fusion, 2Pac, D The Poet 151, Bulldog, Saafir, Pee-Wee, Mac Mone Hollywood Records Sampler Guest Appearance
1993 "Strugglin'" 2Pac, Live Squad Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. Guest Appearance and Producer
"5 Deadly Venomz" 2Pac, Treach & Apache Guest Appearance and Producer
Unreleased "Hurts The Most" 2Pac, Mopreme & Stretch Guest Appearance and Producer
1994 "Stay True" Thug Life Thug Life: Volume 1 Guest Appearance and Producer
"Under Pressure" Thug Life Thug Life: Volume 1 Guest Appearance and Producer
"Pain" 2Pac Above the Rim (soundtrack) Guest Appearance and Producer
"Runnin' From tha Police" The Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, Dramacydal, Buju Banton One Million Strong Guest Appearance
1996 Babyface The Day MIDI Programmer
"Take It In Blood" Nas It Was Written Producer
"Silent Murder (Bonus Track)" Nas It Was Written Producer
1997 "Hellrazor" 2Pac, Val Young R U Still Down? (Remember Me) Guest Appearance (Produced the Original 1993 version)
1998 "God Bless the Dead" 2Pac Greatest Hits Guest Appearance and Producer
2001 "2 Step Drop" Last Man Standing, Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz, Genuwine Leather, K-Hood, Kee Wee, Koolace, Mic O'Mill, Ragga Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album Guest Appearance
"Big Tyme (Remix)" E-Moneybags, 2Pac, Live Squad Guest Appearance
2007 "Shedding More Tearz" 2Pac The Way He Wanted It Vol. 3 Guest Appearance
"The House of Pain" 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G. Guest Appearance


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