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Khara, Inc.
Animation studio
Industry Animation (Anime)
Genre Various
Founded May 2006
Founder Hideaki Anno
Headquarters West Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Hideaki Anno
Products Rebuild of Evangelion
Divisions Studio Khara Digital-bu

Khara, Inc. (株式会社カラー Kabushikigaisha Karā?) is a Japanese anime production company best known for its work on the Rebuild of Evangelion film tetralogy. Studio khara (スタジオカラー Sutajio Karā?) is the primary animation production studio. It was founded by Hideaki Anno in May 2006, and was shown publicly on 1 August when recruitment notices were posted on his website; Anno remains its president.[1] It has built up appropriate infrastructure. The name khara comes from the Greek word χαρα, meaning joy.

Anno left Gainax and transitioned to Khara; as part of his public statements on the Rebuild films, he wrote:

"For this purpose, we are not returning to our roots at Gainax. I have set up a production company and studio, and it is in this new setting that we will start again. Without looking back, without admiration for the circumstances, we aim to walk towards the future. Thankfully, we have gathered staff from the old series, new staff, and many other fantastic staff to work on this series. We realize that we are creating something that will be better than the last series." [2]






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