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This article is about the holding company. For separate articles on the two brands, see Sega and Sammy.
Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.
Native name セガサミーホールディングス株式会社
Type Public
Traded as TYO: 6460
Industry Video games
Interactive entertainment
Founded October 1, 2004
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people Hajime Satomi
(Chairman and CEO)
Hisao Oguchi
Revenue Increase US$ 3.711 billion (2013)
Net income Increase ¥30.7 billion (2013) US$301 million
Employees 7,149 (FY 2013)
Subsidiaries Sega
Sammy Corporation
TMS Entertainment
Website Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.

Sega Sammy Holdings Inc. (セガサミーホールディングス株式会社 Sega Samī Hōrudingusu Kabushiki Gaisha?, TYO: 6460) is a Japanese holding company formed from a merger of Sega and Sammy. They were both very involved in the arcade business (Sega with video games, Sammy with Pachinko), and Sega's fame also comes from their console systems.


In 2004, Sammy acquired noted game company Sega under a new company called Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.

In 2005, Sammy Golf Entertainment Inc. was renamed Sega Sammy Golf Entertainment Inc.

On March 7, 2005, Sammy Studios, Inc. broke away from Sammy and renamed itself High Moon Studios.

On February 29, 2008, Sammy Europe, Ltd. broke away from Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.

On March 31, 2008, Sega Korea, Ltd. broke away from Sega Sammy Holdings Inc.


Sega Sammy operations take place in four distinctive segments

  • Pachinko / Pachislot (Sammy)
  • Amusement Machines (Sega)
  • Amusement Facilities (Sega)
  • Consumer Business (Sega)

Although previous to the merger Sammy produced games itself and even had a small chain of arcade operations that business was integrated into Sega.

The most important segment of the company is Sammy's Pachinko / Pachislot segment. In the past 80% of profits was generated in the Pachislot business. The companies former flagship Hokuto No Ken is estimated to be produced 630,000 times. However, a change in regulations lead to deemphasizing the gambling aspect of Pachislot and allowed for more flexibility in the creation of Pachinko machines so that starting in 2007 the Japanese Pachislot market decreased from approximately 2,000,000 annually sold machines to 800,000 in 2009. Although the Pachinko market did not grow in unit terms better machines appeared and prices increased ca. 25%. Sammy managed to rebuild its traditionally weak Pachinko segment with its September 2008 release of CR Hokuto No Ken, one of the best selling Pachinko machines of the last couple of years and further strengthened the segment by the acquisition of Taiyo Elec. Sales targets for the business year ending in March 2010 are 450,000 Pachinko and 180,000 Pachislot machines.[1]

Sega's Consumer Business segment is producing and distributing games for consoles and pc. The financial year 2010 plan was calling for sales of approximately 30 million games.


  • Pachinko and Pachislot
    • Sammy Corporation
      • Sammy Amusement Service Co., Ltd.
      • Sammy Design Co., Ltd.
      • Sammy Holding Co., Inc.
      • Sammy Retail Service Inc.
      • Sammy Systems Corporation
      • Sammy USA Corporation
    • RODEO Co., Ltd.
    • Taiyo Elec Co., Ltd.
    • Ginza Corporation
  • Digital Content Distribution
    • Sega Networks Co., Ltd.
    • Sammy NetWorks Co., Ltd.
    • Butterfly Corporation
  • Animation and related Production
  • Toy Production
    • Sega Toys Ltd.
      • Sega Toys (Hk) Co., Ltd.
  • Amusement Machine production
    • Sega Logistics Service Co., Ltd.
    • Sega Amusement Service Co., Ltd.
      • Sega Amusements Europe Ltd.
      • Sega Amusements Taiwan Ltd.
      • Sega Amusements USA., Inc.
    • Dart Slive Co., Ltd.
      • i DartsGroup Ltd.
  • Amusement Center Operation (includes Sega)
    • Oasis Park Co., Ltd.
    • Sega Entertainment Co.,Ltd.
      • Sega Entertainment USA, Inc.
  • Development and Operation of Resort Complexes, hotels, casinoes and other Tourism related ventures
    • Sega Sammy BUSAN INC.
  • Golf Club Operations
    • Sega Sammy Golf Entertainment Inc.
  • Call Center Outsourcing, Human Resources, Temporary Staffing, and other Business holdings
    • Japan Multimedia Services Corporation
    • HONEST Co.,LTD.
    • InfiniTalk Co.,Ltd.
    • patina Co., Ltd.
  • Development of Stage and Performance programs
    • D×L CREATION Co., Ltd.
  • Other Business Ventures
    • Sega Sammy Investment & Partners Inc.
    • AG Square, Ltd.
    • Algeria Corporation
    • APANDA Inc.
    • Ginzahanbai Corporation
    • IT Communications Co., Ltd.
    • IP4 Inc.
    • E-address Co., Ltd.
    • Japan Setup Services Co., Ltd.
    • Media-Trust Co., Ltd.
    • Nissho Inter Life Co.,Ltd.
    • Realus Inc.
    • RemArt Co., Ltd.
    • RTzen, Inc.
    • Shuko Electronics Co., Ltd.
    • Siege Cinema Co., Ltd.
    • Taiyo Co., Ltd.
    • Toms Photo Co., Ltd.
    • Underground Liberation Force Inc.

Affiliated Companies (not part of the corporation but known to work with it or are under partial ownership)[edit]

Former affiliates[edit]

  • SI Electronics Ltd.

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