Subdivisions of the Soviet Union

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The Soviet Union had several kinds of country subdivisions:

Soviet Union
Russian SFSR
Other republics
Autonomous republics
Autonomous republics
Autonomous oblasts
Autonomous okrugs
Autonomous oblasts
Republic Name Division types
Autonomous republics Oblasts Krais Autonomous oblasts Autonomous okrugs
Russian SFSR 16 49 6 5 10
Ukrainian SSR 25
Byelorussian SSR 6
Uzbek SSR 1 11
Kazakh SSR 19
Georgian SSR 2 1
Azerbaijan SSR 1 1
Lithuanian SSR
Moldavian SSR
Latvian SSR
Kirghiz SSR 4-7
Tajik SSR 2-3 1
Armenian SSR
Turkmen SSR 5
Estonian SSR

In addition, some cities and regions, while located within subnational entities had special status:


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