Television stations in Quintana Roo

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The following is a list of all IFT-licensed over-the-air television stations broadcasting in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.[1][2] There are 17 television stations in Quintana Roo which are independent or affiliated to at least one Televisa, TV Azteca, Siete Más, or Canal Once network.


Network Stations
Canal de las Estrellas 3
Canal 5 2
Gala TV 1
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Televisa local 1
Azteca 7 2
Azteca Trece 3
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Other commercial stations {{{other}}}
Canal Once 41
Siete Más 41
Other public stations 1

1Canal Once supplies the bulk of programming to Siete Más, the state network of Quintana Roo, under contract. Canal Once considers the four stations in the Quintana Roo state network to be part of its repeater system.

List of television stations[edit]

RF VC Callsign Location Network Analog ERP Digital ERP Concessionaire/Permittee
27 2 XHQRO-TV Cancún Canal 5 100 kW 60 kW Televimex
21 4 XHCCN-TV Cancún Canal de las Estrellas 100 kW 60 kW Radiotelevisora de México Norte
5 XHNQR-TV Cancún Siete Más 13.78 kW Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo
25 7 XHAQR-TV Cancún Azteca 13 278.27 kW 38.97 kW Televisión Azteca
28 11 XHCCQ-TV Cancún Azteca 7 279.99 kW 38.74 kW Televisión Azteca
13 XHCCU-TV Cancún Gala TV 203.1 kW Televisora de Cancún (Grupo SIPSE)
4 XHCQR-TV Chetumal Canal 5 41.82 kW Televimex
6 XHCHF-TV Chetumal Canal de las Estrellas 51.25 kW Radiotelevisora de México Norte
7 XHLQR-TV Chetumal Siete Más 67.51 kW Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo
26 9 XHCQO-TV Chetumal Azteca 7 25 kW 8.52 kW Televisión Azteca
23 12 XHBX-TV Chetumal Azteca 13 10 kW 8.54 kW Televisión Azteca
30 3 XHCOQ-TV Cozumel Canal de las Estrellas 50 kW 60 kW Televimex
5 XHCOZ-TV Cozumel Local independent 1.5 kW Patronato Pro-Televisión de Cozumel
9 XHCZQ-TV Playa del Carmen Siete Más 2 kW Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo
7 XHFCQ-TV Felipe Carrillo Puerto Siete Más 1 kW Gobierno del Estado de Quintana Roo
25 9 XHPVC-TV Felipe Carrillo Puerto Azteca 13 5 kW 4.53 kW Televisión Azteca