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The Guardian
Promotional film poster
Directed by William Friedkin
Produced by Joe Wizan
Screenplay by Stephen Volk
William Friedkin
Dan Greenburg
Based on The Nanny by
Dan Greenburg
Starring Jenny Seagrove
Dwier Brown
Carey Lowell
Music by Jack Hues
Cinematography John A. Alonzo
Edited by Seth Flaum
Distributed by Universal Pictures
Release dates
  • April 27, 1990 (1990-04-27) (US)
  • August 31, 1990 (1990-08-31) (UK)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Box office $17,037,887

The Guardian is a 1990 American horror and fantasy film co-written and directed by William Friedkin. It stars Jenny Seagrove as a mysterious nanny who is hired by new parents, played by Dwier Brown and Carey Lowell, to care for their infant son; the couple soon discovers the nanny to be a Hamadryad whose previous clients' children went missing under her care. It is based upon the novel The Nanny by American novelist Dan Greenburg.

Director Sam Raimi was originally attached to the project before dropping out to direct Darkman instead.[1] Heavily marketed as director Friedkin's first foray into the horror genre since 1973's The Exorcist, the film was released in the spring of 1990, and was met with generally unfavorable critical reception, later making Roger Ebert's "most hated films" list. A cable television version of the film was credited to "Alan Von Smithee", indicating that Friedkin wished to disassociate himself from its release. Although a critical and commercial failure, the film later found an audience as a cult movie.[2]


The opening cards explain that ancient druids worshiped trees, sometimes offering them human sacrifices. Some of these trees were connected with evil.

At the Sheridan home, Molly and Allan Sheridan head off on a trip, leaving their two children in the care of their nanny, Diana Julian. Once alone and with the children sleeping, Diane kidnaps the daughter. Molly realizes she left her glasses at the house, and upon returning she sees that her daughter is missing. Diana, out in the forest, approaches a giant, old, gnarled tree, and holds up the baby, which then disappears from her hands. The roots of the tree show the baby's face, as it has been sacrificed to keep the tree alive. As Diana sits on the ground near a pool of water, her reflection disappears, leaving that of a growling wolf.

Three months later, Phil and Kate Sterling move to Los Angeles, where Phil has gotten a job with an advertising agency. Kate reveals to Phil that she is pregnant; she gives to a baby boy, Jake. They decide to hire a nanny so that both parents can continue to work. They interview a number of candidates recommended by the Guardian Angel agency. Two seem most suitable: a young woman named Arlene Russell, and a caring British woman named Camilla Grandier.

After Arlene dies in a bicycling accident, Camilla is hired and quickly and becomes an invaluable member of the household. However, one night, Phil has a nightmare where he sees a wolf attacking Jake. Later in the day, Camilla and Jake are outside in a field when she's confronted by three gang members, who chase her and Jake into the woods. After knocking her to the ground, one of the men stabs her and attempts to rape her at the base of the old tree. The tree comes alive and uses its branches to eviscerate the three men, consuming one of them. Camilla sits on a branch above the ground, cradling the baby, while wolves devour one of the men. A giant spike impales the last man, before he is engulfed in flames.

Kate and Phil throw a dinner party, attended by Ned, their neighbor and the architect of the house, and Phil's bosses from work. During dinner, the conversation turns to Camilla and her value to the household. Later in the evening, Ned, who has taken a liking to Camilla, invites her to his house; she politely declines. Phil dreams of having sex with Kate, who suddenly turns into Camilla.

The following night, Kate helps Camilla get dressed up for some window shopping in town. After she leaves, Ned arrives with a bouquet of flowers for Camilla. Kate encourages him to go after Camilla; Ned hops into his truck and catches sight of Camilla heading into the forest. Ned follows on foot, and eventually finds her bathing in the creek. Suddenly she vanishes, reappearing on the giant tree. As she lies naked on a branch, she begins to fuse with the tree bark. Ned is discovered by the pack of wolves, and flees back to his house. While trying to call the police, his phone cuts out. After locking all the doors, he calls Phil and Kate, and leaves a rambling message about what he saw in the forest. The wolves break into the house; Ned runs into the living room and sees Camilla, naked and ashen, on the hearth, warning him that he shouldn't have followed her. The wolves rush in and kill him. Camilla drags Ned's body away, and all traces of his death mysteriously vanish.

Phil wakes up in the night and sees the answering machine beeping. The first message is from a stranger, Molly Sheridan. After leaving her phone number, she says that it is urgent she and Phil speak. The next message is from Ned. As Phil listens to Ned's message, Camilla enters and tells Phil he needs to look at Jake, who appears ill. The following day, Phil goes to the Sheridan house, meeting Molly and her son Scotty. Molly describes the disappearance of her baby daughter. Their former nanny, Diana, disappeared at around the same time. The police have been unable to find any evidence that Diana even exists. She begs Phil to arrange for her to see Camilla, suspecting she is really Diana. Returning home, Phil searches the house for Camilla. Finding no one, he listens again to the message Ned left, warning Phil and Kate not to let Camilla back into their house. Phil rushes over to Ned's house, and finds the door wide open, but no one inside. Phil arrives home where Camilla is with Kate and the baby, and confronts her, telling her to leave his house, during which the baby becomes violently ill; they take him to the hospital, where he displays coma-like symptoms.

At the hospital, Jake awakens, and Phil rushes off to find the doctor. Camilla suddenly appears in the hospital room. She tries to leave with the baby, when Phil blocks her path. He grabs Jake and knocks Camilla to the ground. The Sterlings leave the hospital and head home, to find a wolf standing guard inside. As they slam the door on it, more wolves surround them. Kate runs to their Jeep, and Phil flees into the woods with Jake, where he is chased by Camilla, who levitates through the air. Kate drives into the forest, where she finds Phil being confronted by Camilla; she hits Camilla with the Jeep, killing her. As Phil examines Camilla's body, he sees faces of babies embossed in the tree bark.

After a detective tells them that he could find no evidence Camilla ever existed, Kate and Phil decide to leave the house. Phil enters the woods with a chainsaw to cut down the tree; meanwhile, Kate is attacked by Camilla at the house, who appears as part-tree and part-human. When Phil attempts to cut the tree, he is entangled in its branches, which bleed when he saws through them. As Phil attacks the tree, patches of skin start to fall off of Camilla. Camilla drags Kate down the stairs and throws her into the living room. As Camilla approaches Jake, Phil chops off a large branch from the tree, causing Camilla's entire leg to sever from her body. Kate then pushes Camilla out the window. As she falls towards the ground, the tree begins to fall and explodes before landing; Camilla then disintegrates before touching the ground. Phil arrives back at the house, and finds Kate holding Jake.


Alternate endings[edit]

The TV version of the film ends with Phil and Kate returning home from the hospital with Jake, while Camilla is alive and naked at the tree. Director William Friedkin disapproved of the television cut of the film and removed his name from the credits, naming "Alan von Smithee" as the director.[3]

The video and DVD versions have the full ending, in which Camilla appears in her true form and tries to take the baby from Kate, but Phil cuts down the tree with a chainsaw, thus killing both it and Camilla.[4]


The Guardian earned mostly negative reviews from critics, and holds a 14% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one star out of four[5] and later named it as one of his "Most Hated Films".[6] The villain, Camilla appears in Boogeymen: The Killer Compilation.


Music for this film was written by Jack Hues of Wang Chung fame, and is his second collaboration with director Friedkin after 1985's To Live and Die in L.A..

Home media[edit]

The Guardian was released on VHS by MCA Universal home video on August 27, 1992.[7] It was later licensed by Universal for a DVD release through Anchor Bay Entertainment, which was released October 12, 1999.[8] The DVD features an audio commentary by director Friedkin, as well as the original theatrical trailer. This release has been long out of print and is difficult to obtain.

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