The Real Tuesday Weld

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The Real Tuesday Weld
The Real Tuesday Weld Vinyl.jpg
Background information
Origin United Kingdom
Genres Indie pop
Lounge music
Electro swing
Music hall
Years active 2000–present
Labels AntiqueBeat
Members Stephen Coates
Jacques Van Rhijn
Clive Painter
Don Brosnan
Matthew Snowden
Josephine Lloyd
Past members David Guez
Brian Lee
Jed Woodhouse
Geraldine McEwan

The Real Tuesday Weld are a British band, founded by lead singer and frontman Stephen Coates in 1999. They are known for producing jazzy cabaret-style music with subtle electronica influences, a style dubbed "Antique Beat" by Coates.[1] They have released six albums, many singles and EPs and many tracks on compilations. Their combination of big band jazz era sounds with electronica has been influential on the current range of 'electro-swing' artists and DJs.

The band is named after American film actress Tuesday Weld. Coates once had a dream involving Weld and 1930s vocalist Al Bowlly, and cites it as inspiration for the band's particular style.

At present, the band is signed to Crammed (Europe, Australasia, South America) and Six Degrees Records (North America). They have previously released recordings with Antique Beat, Kindercore Records, Dreamy Records, Bambini Records, PIAS Recordings and Motorway Records. A German alt-country band by the name of Tuesday Weld that released a CD "Starscene 98" on Glitterhouse Records is not related.

"The Clerkenwell Kid" is often cited as the band's producer / re-mixer but is an alter ego for Coates himself. The 2009 album "The Clerkenwell Kid: Live at the End of the World" is an imaginary live recording of a concert on the 'eve of the apocalypse'. The Clerkenwell Kid is also the main character in a London based mythology Coates has developed around his love of the city's history and stories.

Their live shows are usually accompanied by visuals in the form of bespoke films and animations.

The band's latest album is a soundtrack to Glen Duncan's book "The Last Werewolf" (2012) reprising their joint work on Duncan's novel "I, Lucifer" (2004). In 2010 - 2011, Coates also co-wrote and produced an album "Horseplay" as Lazarus and the Plane Crash - a collaboration with Joe Coles of UK cult garage rockers The Guillotines which was released on Antique Beat in January 2012.

Other Work[edit]

The band has worked with many animators and filmmakers, particularly the Russian animator Alex Budovsky and the American animator George Fort on several international award winning films. Their "Bathtime in Clerkenwell" cut (from the "I, Lucifer" album) appears as the soundtrack for Budovsky's innovative multi-award winning short film of the same title.

The song "Last Words" (from the album "The London Book of the Dead") is cut throughout and plays over the final scenes of Sony pictures' 2008 film Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist by indie cult director Peter Sollett (Raising Victor Vargas). Coates has also written music for many documentaries, short films and independent features under his own name including Paul Cotter's Bomber and the US indies "Meeting Spencer" (2009) and "The Suspect" (2013). Most recently he has completed the score for US indie Meet Me in Montenegro directed by Alex Holdridge and starring Rupert Friend. According to the band's website, he has completed the score for US indie Meet Me in Montenegro directed by Alex Holdridge and starring Rupert Friend and is writing a new album.

In 2007 the band were commissioned to write music for the Rothko room at the Tate Modern, London and have re-scored the surrealist cult film Dreams That Money Can Buy for the British Film Institute. Other commissioned arts projects include 'Propaganda from the State of Love' at London's Victoria and Albert museum for the 2008 'Cold War Modern' exhibition.

A series of eight radio programs: "US and THEM: Sounds of Propaganda and the Cold War" was produced and presented by The Clerkenwell Kid for the London Arts radio station Resonance 104.4fm in late 2008.

Coates has also re-mixed The Puppini Sisters in their burlesque style re-makes of modern popular classics such as Crazy in Love by Beyoncé Knowles and have collaborated widely with Brazilian electronic chanteuse Cibelle, English nu-folk diva Mara Carlyle, Guillotines vocalist Joe Coles, The Tiger Lillies, Claudia Brucken of Propaganda and others.

The band have had many existing tracks used in films, television shows and commercials. Their song "I Love the Rain" was used in a commercial for Chevy in 2011. In the commercial, Chevy is promoting their car the Chevy Traverse. In the commercial, a mom and kids run to a car to try to get out of the rain, with this song as background music. Most recently, the 2013 Apple I pad commercial featured the piano instrumental "The Lupine Waltz' from The Last Werewolf album.

In 2010/2011 Coates was commissioned to write and produce the original songs for the Rockstar Games title L.A.Noire. The recordings feature the German singer Claudia Brucken of Propaganda and ACT.

In July 2012 Coates appeared on the Fiona Shaw directed arts project "Peace Camp" providing a vocal take on Nick Cave's lyrics to the song Into my Arms" with A. L. Kennedy.


Most of the band's albums have had multiple versions released in different territories. They have also issued several private releases including an audio Christmas cards with three exclusive tracks each year since 2001. This discography is not complete, though it does cover the major releases.


  • Les Aperitifs et Les Digestifs (2004). A live album that includes unreleased songs and covers.
  • The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid, (2005, Six Degrees Records)
  • "Dreams That Money Can Buy", (2006 BFI). Alternative soundtrack to the 1948 surrealist cult film by Hans Richter
  • The London Book of the Dead, (2007, Six Degrees Records / Antique Beat)
  • At the End of the World, (2008, Six Degrees Records / Antique Beat). Limited live recording made by The Clerkenwell Kid 'on the eve of the apocalypse'
  • The Last Werewolf, (2011, Six Degrees Records / Crammed Discs). Soundtrack/companion to the novel The Last Werewolf by Glen Duncan.



Compilation Tracks: A selection[edit]

  • The Days of You & Me (Remix) on Kindercore 50 (2000, Kindercore Records)
  • I Like It That Way on Kindercore 50 (2000, Kindercore Records)
  • The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid on A Wish Upon a Star (2001, Dreamy Records)
  • I love the Rain (Stormy weather mix on Little Darla Vol. 17 (2001, Little Darla)
  • At the House of the Clerkenwell Kid (carousel mix) on Carousel Vol3 (2002, Carousel)
  • Declan's Bad Days on Comes With A Smile Vol. 8 (2003, Comes With A Smile)
  • Declan's Little White Birds on Comes With A Smile Vol. 8 (2003, Comes With A Smile)
  • One More Chance on Little Darla Vol. 20 (2003, Little Darla)
  • Bathtime in Clerkenwell on Transmusicale 26 (2004, Transmusicale)
  • Bathtime in Clerkenwell on Luffkasellet 3 (2005, Music for Dreams)
  • Bathtime in Clerkenwell on Weeds Volume 2: music from the Showtime original series (2006, Lions Gate Films)
  • The Ugly and the Beautiful on The Thrill of Collette (2005, N.O.I.S.E./Collette)
  • The Eternal Seduction of Eve' on The Thrill of Collette (2005, N.O.I.S.E./Collette)
  • The Ugly and the Beautiful on Siddhartha (2005, GeorgeV Records)
  • The Day Before You Came on Backspin: A Six Degrees 10 Year Anniversary Project (2007, Six Degrees Records)
  • Yes, I Love You (Shrift Remix) on Eden (2007, Six Degrees Records)
  • Paris Blues (Duke Ellington remix) on Cinematic (2007, Six Degrees Records)
  • Bringing the Body Back Home (Feat. Cibelle)) on Traveller 08 (2008, Six Degrees Records)
  • Kix on Buddha Bar X (2008, GeorgeV Records)
  • Last Words on Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (2008, Atlantic Records)
  • Last Days on Songs for a Year (2009, Peppermill Recordings)
  • Cloud Cuckooland on Swing Style Volume 2 (2009, Lola's World)
  • The Sweetest Songs on Twisted Cabaret (2010, Volvox)
  • Little Boxes on Indie Lullabies (2010, American Laundromat Records)
  • Guilty, Torched Song, I Always Kill the Things I Love on L.A.Noire Soundtrack (2011, Verve)
  • Musique pour une Film Francaise on Smoked and Uncut (2012, Limewire)
  • Kix' on Smoked and Uncut (2012, Limewire)
  • The English Alchemist on Smoked and Uncut (2012, Limewire)
  • The Eternal Seduction of Eve' on A Magical Journey (2012, Klangmeister)
  • Song of December on Festivus (2012, Highline Records)
  • Musique pour une Film Francaise on Smoked and Uncut (2012, Limewire)
  • Last Tango in Clerkenwell on Electro-Swing V (2013, Wagram)
  • Theme for the Experimental Record Group on The Twilight Language of Nigel Kneale (2013)


  • After All for Bebel Gilberto (2005, Six Degrees Records)
  • Yes, I Love You for Shrift (2006, Six Degrees Records)
  • Paris Blues for Duke Ellington (2007, Six Degrees Records)
  • Asa Branca for David Byrne / Forro in the Dark (2007, Nublu)
  • Crazy In Love for The Puppini Sisters (2008, Universal / Verve)
  • Good Morning Blues for Count Basie (2008, Verve)
  • Makes Me Happy for Undersea Poem (2010, Six Degrees Records)
  • Step into Christmas for The Puppini Sisters (2010, Universal / Verve)
  • Strange is the man for Piers Faccini (2011, Six Degrees Records)
  • Joe Palooka' for Grand Street (2012, (Favouritizm)
  • Stop Googlin' Me' for Bart and Baker' (2013, (Wagram)
  • Pony Swing for Dr Cat' (2014, (Green Queen Music)


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