The Woodpecker Song

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1940 sheet music cover featuring Glenn Miller. Robbins Music, New York.
1940 RCA Bluebird 78 single release by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, B-10598-A.

"The Woodpecker Song" (Reginella Campagnola) is an originally Italian song. The music was written by Eldo Di Lazzaro in 1939, while the Italian lyrics were written by Bruno Cherubini[1] (pseudonym "C. Bruno"). The English lyrics were written by Harold Adamson. The song became a hit in 1940, recorded by Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, The Andrews Sisters, and Kate Smith in 1940.

The Glenn Miller recording on RCA Bluebird featuring Marion Hutton on vocals reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1940.[2]

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The song is not The Woody Woodpecker Song composed later in the 1940s by George Tibbles and Ramey Idriess and used in the Woody Woodpecker cartoon series.


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