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Toshiba Satellites
Manufacturer Toshiba
Type Personal Computer

The Toshiba Satellite (dynabook Satellite in Japan) is a line of consumer-grade notebook computers marketed by Toshiba. It competes with Acer Aspire, Dell Inspiron and HP Pavilion. Models in the Satellite family vary greatly - from entry-level models which are sold at major retailers to full-fledged media center-class notebook. The latter are labelled Qosmio added alongside the Satellite name.

The Qosmio models tend to have added features like two hard drive bays, multiple graphics cards, a large number of input/output ports of varying design, unique case styling, LED backlit keyboards, significantly more powerful sound systems (built in subwoofer and amplifier) and carry the latest features.

The early models did not come with an internal CD-ROM drive, but these eventually came as mobile technology progressed. Such models can easily link up with an external CD-ROM drive through the parallel port on the rear (since USB ports came later as well). Some Satellites also lacked an internal floppy disk drive, but a port on the side allowed the use of a proprietary external module for such. These machines tended to be smaller in physical size, albeit thicker than they are today These early model Satellites have a reputation among longtime Toshiba owners as being virtually indestructible.[citation needed] In Spring 2000 some models came with a 15 inch screen and a built in DVD drive, a 6 GB HDD and ran at 500 MHz. They were sold for $2400 by Toshiba. They also had a model called the Satellite Pro. Newer models of the Satellite Pro are still being sold.

All newer Toshiba Satellite models are pre-installed with the latest Windows operating system. In 2013, most of Toshiba's laptop working on the 64 bit version of Microsoft Windows 8. Most screens now are equipped with TruBrite glossy display technology in addition to being widescreens. Every year Toshiba offers over 50 models to choose from. Each offering different combinations of CPU, graphics options are a mixture of Nvidia or ATI. Screen sizes, battery capacity and other features vary. These products often carry a one year manufacturer's warranty; though refurbished models may only have 30 to 90 days of a warranty. The lower-end models are offered at competitive prices in the $300 to $550.00 range (at major retailers).

Toshiba Satellite A70, A75, M30X and M35X owners have won a class action lawsuit against Toshiba about design flaws in these laptop models.[citation needed] They are entitled to an extended warranty and refunds in some cases.

While Toshiba Satellite laptops are mostly cheap, large and durable, there are high-end sleek and small laptops in the Satellite series.[1] Since 2012, Satellite series includes both laptops and ultrabooks (U845W series).


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