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Toshiba 1100, discolored

T1100 was a laptop manufactured by Toshiba in 1986, and has subsequently been described by Toshiba as "the world's first mass-market laptop computer".[1] Its technical specifications were comparable to the original IBM PC desktop, using floppy disks (it had no hard drive), a 4.77 MHz Intel 80C88 CPU (a variation of the Intel 8088), and a monochrome, text-only 640x200 (80 columns by 25 rows) LC display. Its original price was $1899.


CPU Intel 80C88, 4.77 MHz
RAM 256 KB, upgradable to 640 KB
Keyboard 83 keys, QWERTZ (German version)
Drives internal 3,5" floppy drive, 720 KB; external 5,25" floppy drive, 360 KB
Operating System MS-DOS 2.11
Screen Resolution Graphic mode: 640×200; Text mode: 80×25
Weight 4.1 kg


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