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Trap Door Theatre is a Chicago-based avante-garde theatre company with a focus on European and original experimental material. Trap Door Theatre was incorporated in 1990 as a nomadic company touring theatres in Stockholm, Berlin, Zakopane, and Paris. In 1994, Trap Door brought its European tradition to the United States, creating a permanent home for the company in Chicago. They have won a number of Jeff Awards.[1]

Trap Door Theatre is located in Bucktown in Chicago in a 900-square-foot (84 m2) converted performance space which seats 45.

Company performers (alphabetical)[edit]

  • Tiffany Bedwell
  • Gary Damico
  • Dani Deac
  • Geraldine Dulex
  • Noah Durham
  • John Gray
  • David Holcombe
  • John Kahara
  • Krishna Le Fan
  • Sadie Rodgers
  • Kim McKean
  • Chris Popio
  • Holly Thomas
  • Carl Wisniewski

Artistic Staff:

  • Beata Pilch (Artistic Director)
  • Nicole Wiesner (Artistic Associate)
  • Kate Hendrickson (Resident Director)
  • Ewelina Dobiesz (Resident Set Designer)
  • Richard Norwood (Resident Light Designer)
  • Sam Lewis, Bob Rokos (Resident Sound Designers)
  • Michal Janicki (Resident Graphic Designer)
  • Zsófia Ötvös (Make-up Design)
  • Nevena Todorovic (Costumes)
  • Tim Baron (Videography)

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