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U.S. Route 221 marker

U.S. Route 221
Route information
Auxiliary route of US 21
Length: 734 mi[citation needed] (1,181 km)
Existed: 1930[citation needed] – present
Major junctions
South end:
US 19 / US 27 Alt. / US 98 / SR 55 in Perry, FL
  I‑10 near Greenville, FL
I‑75 in Valdosta, GA
I‑16 near Soperton, GA
I‑20 near Harlem, GA
I‑385 near Laurens, SC
I‑26 in Roebuck, SC
I‑85 in Spartanburg, SC
I‑40 in Marion, NC
I‑77 near Hillsville, VA
I‑581 in Roanoke, VA
North end:
US 29 Bus. / US 460 Bus. / US 501 Bus. at Lynchburg, VA
Highway system

U.S. Route 221 is a spur of U.S. Route 21. It runs for 734 miles (1,181 km) from Perry, Florida at U.S. Routes 19/98/27 Alternate to Lynchburg, Virginia at U.S. Route 29 (Lynchburg Expressway). It passes through the states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. It goes through the cities of Valdosta, Georgia, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Roanoke, Virginia, and Lynchburg, Virginia.

Throughout western North Carolina from the Virginia border to the Blue Ridge Parkway, U.S. 221 is a challenging drive, and can be described as one climb after another. There are few places where the road builders attempted to skirt around large foothills.

Route description[edit]


A US 221 shield used in Florida prior to 1993

U.S. Route 221 originates just south of the city of Perry with its southern terminus intersecting with the cosigned U.S. Route 19 U.S. Route 98 and U.S. Route 27 Alternate, taking hidden SR 55 with it away from US 19. It continues through the city of Perry and intersects Interstate 10 and U.S. Route 90 in rural Madison County before crossing into Georgia.


U.S. Route 221 runs through the cities of Quitman, Valdosta, Lakeland, Pearson, and Douglas in southern Georgia.

In Quitman it joins U.S. Route 84 (cosigned Georgia State Route 38) to Valdosta. From Valdosta to Douglas it joins with Georgia State Route 31. It also joins with Georgia State Route 135 and State Route 56. From Pearson to Douglas it joins with US Route 441 as a four-lane highway, which was completed in 2000.

In Douglas, U.S. Route 221 runs as the eastern part of Bowens Mill Rd. and will be widened in the future. It passes through Hazelhurst, Mount Vernon and Soperton before crossing Interstate 16, then later joins up with U.S. Route 1 and Georgia State Route 4 after passing through Louisville. After going through Wrens it splits off to the north cosigned with Georgia State Route 47 and passes through Harlem before crossing Interstate 20 /Georgia State Route 402 about 20 miles West of Augusta, GA. Shortly before crossing into South Carolina, Georgia State Route 150 joins up at the Pollards Corner intersection as Georgia 47 turns away. The passage into South Carolina occurs on top of the J. Strom Thurmond Dam which forms the southern shore of J. Strom Thurmond Lake.

South Carolina[edit]

U.S. Route 221 enters South Carolina in rural McCormick County at the southeast edge of Lake Strom Thurmond. It continues north and northwesterly to the town of McCormick. From McCormick, it continues northerly to the city of Greenwood.

From Greenwood, U.S. Route 221 continues northeasterly to the city of Waterloo,South Carolina. U.S. Truck Route 221 bypasses the city of Laurens on the east side. It continues northerly and intersects Interstate 385 in rural Laurens County and proceeds to intersect Interstate 26 in rural Spartanburg County.

U.S. Route 221 continues through the center of the city of Spartanburg before intersecting Interstate 85 just north of the city. It continues to the city of Chesnee before exiting the state in a rural area of Cherokee County. The southern terminus of U.S. Alternate Route 221 intersects the main route in the city of Chesnee and exits the state a few miles to the east of the main route.

North Carolina[edit]

U.S. Route 221 runs through the cities of Rutherfordton, Marion, Blowing Rock, Boone, and Jefferson. The highway is majority 2-lane, while 4-lane in Marion, Blowing Rock, and Boone. Two sections of the highway can be considered challenging and twisty: 13-mile stretch between Linville and Blowing Rock, and a 21-mile stretch between Jefferson and Twin Oaks; most travelers will make the mistake once before either finding an alternate route or using the truck route.

U.S. Route 221 has one Alternate (continuing from South Carolina) and two Business Routes (in Marion and Jefferson). It intersects two major highways: U.S. Route 74 near Rutherfordton and I-40 near Marion; and also intersects with the Blue Ridge Parkway four times.


In Virginia, US 221 runs 149.61 miles (240.77 km) from the North Carolina state line near Independence north to its northern terminus at US 29 Business, US 460 Business, and US 501 Business in Lynchburg. US 221 connects Independence, Galax, and Hillsville in Southwest Virginia while running concurrently with US 58. The U.S. Highway connects those communities with Roanoke via Floyd County, within which US 221 is the main west–east highway. The U.S. Highway also runs concurrently with US 460 from Roanoke to Bedford and parallels that U.S. Highway from Bedford to Lynchburg.

Major intersections[edit]


US 19 / US 27 Alt. / US 98 in Perry
US 27 in Perry
I‑10 near Greenville
US 90 in Greenville
US 84 from Quitman to Valdosta
I‑75 in Valdosta
US 41 in Valdosta
US 129 in Lakeland
US 441 from near Pearson to Douglas
US 82 in Pearson
US 23 in Hazelhurst
US 280 in Mount Vernon
I‑16 near Soperton
US 80 near Norristown
US 319 in Bartow
US 1 from Louisville to Wrens
US 78 / US 278 in Harlem
I‑20 near Appling
South Carolina
US 378 in McCormick
US 25 / US 178 in Greenwood
US 76 in Laurens
I‑385 near Laurens
I‑26 near Moore
US 29 in Spartanburg
US 176 in Spartanburg
I‑585 in Spartanburg
I‑85 near Spartanburg
North Carolina
US 74 near Forest City

US 64 / US 74 Alt. in Rutherfordton
I‑40 near Marion
US 70 in Marion
US 321 from Blowing Rock to Boone
US 421 from Boone to Deep Gap
US 21 from near Sparta to Independence, Virginia
US 58 from Independence to Hillsville
I‑77 near Hillsville
US 52 in Hillsville
US 11 in Roanoke
I‑581 / US 220 in Roanoke
US 460 from Roanoke to Bedford
US 501 in Lynchburg

US 29 Bus. / US 460 Bus. / US 501 Bus. in Lynchburg

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