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Udaya TV
Logo of Udaya TV
Launched 1 June 1994
Owned by Asian Television Network
Country Karnataka,India
Language Kannada
Headquarters Karnataka
Sister channel(s) Udaya TV HD
Udaya Movies
Udaya Music
Udaya News
Udaya Comedy
Chintu TV
Suriyan TV
Website www.sunnetwork.org/udayatv

Udaya TV (Kannada: ಉದಯ ಟಿ.ವಿ) is a regional Kannada language Indian cable television station. It is also the very first Kannada satellite channel in India.[1] The channel is part of the Chennai based Sun Network of Tamil Nadu. Udaya TV is telecasted in several nations including India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada and the USA.

Some of the other Kannada channels from Asian Television Network group are, Udaya Movies (a 24-hour Kannada movies channel), Udaya News (a 24-hour Kannada News Channel), Udaya Music (a 24-hour Kannada music channel) and Udaya Comedy (a 24-hour Comedy channel).


Udaya TV was incorporated on 2 May 1994 as a private limited company engaged in television broadcasting with a registered office at Chennai,Tamil Nadu.[2] It was launched by the chairman of Sun TV, Kalanidhi Maran and it started broadcasting from 1 Jun, 1994.[3] It was the first Kannada satellite channel to go on air.[3] It grew rapidly and by May 2000, Udaya TV has captured 70% of ad spending on TV in the state of Karnataka.[4] It also won the Indian Television Academy's best Kannada TV channel award in the year 2001 and 2002. It also forayed into FM radio broadcasting by launching Vishaka FM, an FM channel in Vishakapatnam.[2] It was a free-on-air channel till 1 Aug 2004, when it was made a pay channel with a subscription fee of Rs.18.[5] In Feb 2006, the directors of Udaya TV were Mr. Kalanidhi Maran, Mr. S. Selvam and Mrs. Kaveri Kalanidhi. S. Selvam was also the Director of the Bangalore Bureau of Udaya TV.[6] In Nov 2006, Udaya TV Ltd. was merged with Sun TV Ltd. along with Gemini TV Ltd.[7]

Notable anchors[edit]

Deepak Thimaya, the host of ‘Time to Talk' (in English) the only English interview on any Kannada Channel in India and JEDARA BALE (in Kannada), the most popular talk shows telecast in south India with a global reach. He has interviewed almost all eminent leaders representing various fields. He has also conducted more than 150 hours of live quiz on Udaya TV.

  • Tejashwini Sreeramesh, the Lok Sabha MP from the Kanakapura constituency of Karnataka was previously an anchor of a talk show, Mukha Mukhi telecasted on Udaya TV.[8]
  • Srinath, a famous Kannada cinema star, was a Vice President of Udaya TV and he also hosts a show for married couples called Aadarsha Dampatigalu (Ideal-Couples) on Udaya TV.[9]
  • [Anupama Bhat and Srikantha], the anchors of the comedy-show Comedy Time on Udaya TV


Currently broadcast by Udaya TV[edit]


  • Karthika Deepa
  • Kalyani
  • Sambanda
  • Ratha Sapthami
  • Mahabharatha
  • Punya Koti
  • Yuggadi
  • Agalya
  • Selvangal
  • My Name is Mangamma
  • Thadayam
  • Tharkappu Kalai Theeratha
  • Vairakkiyam
  • Kanavarukaga
  • Gopuram
  • Lokesh
  • Anandham
  • Chellamadi Nee Enakku
  • Sorgam
  • Thangali
  • Chakravaka
  • Jokali
  • Bangara
  • Chikkamma
  • Mangalya
  • Shri Shirdi Sai Baba
  • My Dear Bootham
  • kshana kshana


  • Harate - Special program on the morning of every festival, such as Ugadi, Sankranthi, Vijaya Dashami etc.
  • Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu - Daily night program on making fools
  • Udaya News - Everyday news telecasted on mornings and evenings.
  • Adarsha Dampatigalu (Kannada: ಆದರ್ಶ ದಂಪತಿಗಳು) - Best Couple competition, on every Sunday morning.
  • Aksharamaale - Weekly program on Singing Competition, known as including popular game of antyakshari. The competition is held in all the major towns and cities of Karnataka.[11]
  • Crime Story - By Balakrishna Kakatkar, covering the various crimes in Karnataka
  • Crazy Time - A Game show played on streets in different places in Karnataka[12]

Key production house[edit]

Vikatan Televistas Pvt. Ltd

Balaji Telefilms - Kalyanee, Yuggadi and Many more

UTV Software Communications

Civic Cinema

Popular serials[edit]

  • "kavyanjali"very popular serial in 2001.
  • "kannadi"
  • "thulasi"very popular serial-2003-04.
  • Mahaamaye
  • Mangalya
  • Kanyadaana
  • Kuhu Kuhu
  • Amma Naagamma
  • Kunkuma Bhagya
  • crime story
  • Chakravaka[2011]
  • Ratha Saptami[2009] the Kannada version of the Telugu serial "Raktha Sambandham"
  • "maley"[2008-09]
  • "tharkappu kalai theeratha"[2013]
  • "sharadhruthu" [2006]
  • "jokali"[2010]
  • "parvathi" it was most popular serial in the year 2000.
  • "sankranthi" by T.S.Nagabharana


  • Indian Television Academy's award for the best Kannada TV channel for the year 2001.[13]
  • Indian Television Academy's award for the best Kannada TV channel for the year 2002.[13]


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