Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala

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University of San Carlos of Guatemala
Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala
Motto Id y enseñad a todos
Motto in English
Go forth and teach everyone
Established 1676
Type Public
Students 153,000 in 2012 [1]
Location Guatemala City, Guatemala
Campus Urban
Website usac.edu.gt

The Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala (USAC, University of San Carlos of Guatemala) It is the biggest and oldest university of Guatemala, also it is the fourth founded in the Americas.

The transcendence of its students and itself has been seen in many important times, since the independence of Guatemala, Guatemalan Revolution, Guatemalan Civil War, and even today.

The main campus is located on University City, zone 12 of Guatemala City, being the biggest one of Central America. It also has several extension branches on every region of the country, and a metropolitan center where the Medicine and Psychology Faculties operate.


College of Law in 1907.
College of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Founded on January 31, 1676 in the colonial capital of Antigua, Guatemala (originally named Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala) as La Real y Pontificia Universidad de San Carlos (The Royal and Pontifical University of San Carlos) by royal decree of King Charles II of Spain and consecrated by Pope Innocent XI on June 18, 1687.[2] The University grew out of the Colegio de Santo Tomás de Aquino (Saint Thomas Aquinas College) founded in 1562 by bishop Francisco Marroquín.[3] After a series of major earthquakes in 1773, which destroyed many parts of the city of Antigua, crown authorities ordered the evacuation of the city and the relocation of its government, religious and university functions to the new capitol Guatemala City, the university's present location.[4]

In the early years, from the 16th to 19th centuries, it offered studies in civil and liturgical law, theology, philosophy, medicine and indigenous languages.

During the Repression years (1962-1996) and the Guatemalan Civil War (early 1960s to 1995), the University was at the forefront of the fight of the people against military dictatorship.

The university offers courses in science and humanistic studies, at undergraduate and graduate levels. There are several USAC extensions in all the major cities of the country.

Academic Units[edit]

At present day, the University of San Carlos of Guatemala has 43 Academic Units:

  • 10 Faculties;
  • 12 Schools;
  • 19 Regional Centers;
  • 1 Mayan Technological Institute of Superior Education; and
  • 1 Department of Technological Transfer.




The school's football club Universidad de San Carlos (Guatemalan football club) of the Liga Nacional de Fútbol plays at Estadio Revolución located on campus grounds.

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