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Senior Editor III

You can edit this page! No, seriously – this is where if you have something to say about me, you can say it. Do a total makeover if you wish! Just don't vandalize, or the edit you made will be reverted, and the page may end up protected, like it is now!

If, on the other hand, you have something to say to me, go here, instead.

If you have something private to tell me, you may email me by clicking this link, or add me on Skype--I'm donkey_burger. If a chatroom format is more comfortable for you, you can go to ##IDoH connect, an IRC chatroom on the Freenode server. Just click "connect" to join the room using a web-based client; I am IDoH there. If you wish to talk to someone else who is a highly active Wikipedian user in your part of the world, you can go here.

You will need to be on my contact list on Skype to contact me there. Please mention that you are "from Wikipedia" when requesting to be on my list, or I'll decline.

A note on semi-protecting this page

Feel free to semi-protect this user page, or to request the same, this page over the short term if there have been two or more IPs or non-confirmed users vandalizing (narrowly construed) this page over the last 24 hours.

But how can I, the reader of this user page, help Wikipedia?

You can participate in important discussions, or clean up articles! However, first you should learn about how Wikipedia works. Look at this page about getting started, or explore the help pages.

My subpages

My wikilove page is here. Please put any wikilove there and tell me about it on my talk page. I put funny edits here. I also have a PROD and CSD log, to make it easy for myself and others to monitor my deletion tagging.

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