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Welcome to my Wikipedia user page!

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Name NerfersUnited
Born 31st May
Münster, Northrhine-Westphalia
Nationality German-Filipino
Country  [[|]]
Current location
Time zone CET
Current time Current UTC is 21:01
Height approx. 1.45 m
Weight 40 kg
Hair black
Eyes black
Family and friends
Siblings 1
Education and employment
Primary school Fortress Baptist Christian Academy
High school Widukind-Gymnasium Enger
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Roman-Catholic
Movies and shows
NerfersUnited subpages
Account statistics
Joined 2nd August 2014
First edit Nerf Recon CS-6 (now a redirect), August 2nd 2014 19:45 (PST) (See changes)
Edit count 450 edits

I am an English (Main page), German (Main page), and Philippine (Main page) Wikipedia author since the 2nd August 2014.

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These are the articles I created:

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This is a list of the files I have uploaded on Wikimedia Commons:

This photo was taken in a Philippine restaurant in Manila.
This second generation Ford C-Max was rented from the German car rental Sixt.
This photo shows my own favorite football, a replica of the 2010 FIFA football.

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