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All is well in the world of Wiki... but for how long?

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The real world me

I'm a 'Clinical Molecular Science' student at University of Maastricht, Netherlands and I hope to end up in academic research. I'm particularly interested in methods of gene therapy, including the vectors used to carry the payload, since I see so much more potential over traditional medicine.

In my spare time I run a transnational potato business.

The Wikipedia me

I've had a Wikipedia bookmark since 04/07/04 but didn't start contributing until the following year. My motivations for contributing include a (diminishing) sense of debt to society and my will to better the lives of others... Although not as fundamental as food and water etc., information is obviously an important and valuable resource and vital to helping any person to reach their potential.

My special interests are protein engineering and gene therapy and hope to increase the wealth of wikiknowledge in this area over the coming years. I have next-to-no image editing skills but hope to pick some up over time and contribute these also.

I hope to see cooperation between the Wikipedia and Citizendium/Veropedia projects. I think they can compliment each other and together provide a feasible way of allowing millions of users to contribute to a wealth of accurate knowledge over the coming decades.

In order to concenrate on my course, I probably wont be contributing to either project in any significant way for a couple of years but I'll still fix any minor problems that I notice.

<left>I'm an inclusionist</left>

It's usually obvious when deletion is the correct course of action. When an article is doing no harm and can be developed over time, I think it should be left alone for those that will improve it. I think it's a waste of the efforts of the original contributor, the deleter and the next person who comes along to start a new stub on the subject. Effort is valuable and shouldn't be wasted like this! In summary; improve it; don't remove it!

If you wish to contact me, feel free to make a note on my talk page or use the 'email this user' link in your 'toolbox' below the Wikipedia seach box.

Significant contributions

All my contributions are signficant, godamnit! The most significant at the moment was probably to two hybrid screening but I never even finished that. I've created a fair few stubs but I'm moving towards creating fuller articles on things I'm more interested in since apparently a beefier article is less likely to get deleted as though it wasn't noteworthy.

Behold! My creations

Below are some examples of my fine work. Deletionists stay away!

I often can't be bothered to keep a log of my contributions, since we both know that you don't care! Suffice to say that I am indeed, a well-respected pillar of the Wikipedian community!

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Sean's thought for the day

We don't inherit the Earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children.

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Copyright - Once was blind

I used to release my brilliant works to the public domain, thinking that this was as free as free could get and would benefit humanity the most. Now I realise that this allows derivative works to escape into restrictive licences that don't benefit humanity at all. I now release my contributions under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike unless otherwise stated - this free-er than free licence ensures that all derivative works are also free to be used just as much as those from which they are derived. There are variations available if you wish to impose some other restrictions. Choose your licence responsibly!


I stole this userpage layout from ClockworkSoul and I'd do it again if I had the chance!

Fight capitalism!

There's a growing WIKItrend® to misuse uppercase letters, particularly where an acronym has been expanded into its full-form. For example, "restriction-fragment length polymorphism" may be shortened to "RFLP", which is then lengthened to "Restriction-Fragment Length Polymorphism"! Madness! Fight back by adding such phrases in their most-lowercase form (i.e. uppercase letters remain where they're essential) to this list of phrases. A bot will do the fighting for us, reducing their risk of human injury or irritation.

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The gallery

A selection of my finest educational doodles.

The mantel

This is the place all my awards will go when my hard work and effort is finally noticed. Nothing here right now but dust...

Dust bunnies.jpg


Barnstar of Humour3.png
For your awesome and hilarious userpage! Spawn Man (talk) 01:08, 6 December 2007 (UTC)]]
Funny things

I found this on some website and think it's terribly funny...

One night working at technical support, this old lady called and told me that she received our disk and said that she's afraid of it.

Tech Support: "Well ma'am, there is nothing to be afraid of. It's for your computer."
Customer: "Well, I don't have a computer. The directions say 'install and run'. I'm too old to run."
Tech Support: "Ma'am, could you please hold?"

I need a brief pause to scream with laughter.

Tech Support: "Ma'am, I can assure you that you are ok."
Customer: "Ok. Should I call the police?"
Tech Support: "No, ma'am, just throw it away."
Customer: "Well, there is a silver thing that slides across, and it clicks. What is that?"
Tech Support: "It is safe to throw it away. It's for a computer, ok?"
Customer: "But is this a bomb?"
Tech Support: "No, ma'am, just throw it away."
Customer: "Now?"
Tech Support: "Yes, if you like."
Customer: "Son, you saved my life! Thank you, and have a nice day."

Comic strip
My favourite films
How to identify me in a crowd

My SHA-512 hash identification thingy is: d34bd33f70c872f04420146fbb7d562fe26e368f30e57f7f4beae820c1093d226af8f925e73a3aec08afe94fb1172ede276463efd94dd7ef305b2c3f79ef40d4

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