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The MCB project needs your help!

By focusing our efforts to produce articles of very high quality, the MCB Collaboration of the Month serves a vital role both to the WikiProject and to the greater Wikipedia project as a whole. Unfortunately, the contributions to the CotM have fallen off greatly in the past few months. If possible, please help!

About us[edit]

This project aims to better organize information in articles related to molecular and cell biology on Wikipedia. A major problem facing biology is organizing the vast amount of information that has been and continues to be collected about genomes, proteomes and cell function. A primary goal of this project is to collect and organize the totality of this information and make it accessible to researchers and laypeople alike by providing an entry point to the wealth of biological data that is currently hidden in obscure databases and journal articles.

If you would like to help, feel free to add yourself to the list of participants, or just look over the How you can help section below. Also of interest is the Molecular and Cellular Biology Portal associated with this project.

Concrete goals[edit]

  • Create and perfect articles on the fundamental topics in molecular and cellular biology, with a particular focus on subjects that are discussed at the primary and secondary school level. The perfect article is complete, but accessible to a secondary school student.
  • Create a standard system for presenting the information about the proteins and cells that are discussed in Wikipedia articles.


  • If you have a proposal or want to discuss an idea with us, you can either use the main discussion page, or e-mail the MCB director, who will try to put you in touch with somebody who can help. E-mails to the project can be kept confidential if this is requested by the sender.

Similar WikiProjects[edit]

The list of active projects has sections for both Biology and Health sciences, but the most relevant seems to be the Wikipedia:WikiProject Medicine listed at the Biology Portal and the Medicine Portal. Listed within the Medicine Project, there are a number of task forces that deal with specific Medical topics. While there might be some overlap between this project and the things covered in some of the task forces at WP:MED, there is only minimal emphasis on the type of molecular and cell biology issues that are centered on fundamental concerns such as naming and categorizing genes, proteins and cell types.

Task forces[edit]

Daughter projects[edit]

On Wikidata[edit]

How you can help[edit]

Ribbon diagram of Tup1, a transcriptional co-repressor, which adopts a 7-bladed beta-propeller fold. Based on PDB ID 1ERJ.

Looking for something to do?

Improve articles[edit]

  • Take a look at the article worklist. It contains a list of all of the articles that have been identified as being of interest to the project, organized according to category and assigned an importance and quality grade.
  • Contribute to a team effort by participating in the Collaboration of the Month, a monthly group effort to improve molecular and cellular biology articles to featured article status.
  • Add infoboxes to protein articles to conform to our protein infobox style.
  • Add images. Diagrams and figures are particularly important in science articles. Please see the diagram guide for recommendations on how to standardize the depiction of proteins, metabolic pathways and cells. Images covered by a non-commercial uses disclaimer should be replaced by images generated by Wikipedia users themselves. For proteins, this can be done using the raw structural data from the Protein Data Bank, the contents of which are in the public domain. Members can ask for help in creating pictures, figures, or diagrams that do not yet exist or need replacing at the picture request.
  • Add references. Correct and reliable references are vital if the articles produced by this project are to be a verifiable source of information for our readers. Adding references is easy with this tool. Just submit the PubMed ID and copy and paste the resulting output (xxxx) into the page between <ref> xxxxx </ref> Alternatively, if you use Internet Explorer or Firefox (2.0+), then Wouterstomp's bookmarklet can automate this step from the PubMed abstract page.
  • Join Open Edit-a-thon Events. The DNAdigest Wikipedia Editathon London 29th of May Bioscience, Genomics, Genetics edit-a-thon, free beer and pizzas for all too.

Categorize the many MCB-related articles[edit]

Direct our focus[edit]

Improve the project itself[edit]

  • Help to develop the protein infobox templates. Protein information boxes can be included in each wikipedia article about a particular protein. Eventually, there should also be an information box about cell types.
  • Assist in public relations and outreach by recruiting editors interested in molecular and cellular to contribute to Wikipedia.
  • Other related WikiProjects
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WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology

Featured Molecular and Cellular Biology Illustration.The assembled human DNA clamp, a trimer of the protein PCNA, which is a processivity factor that increases the speed and efficiency of DNA replication. In the assembled replication complex, the clamp encircles the DNA, which passes through the central pore.
Featured Molecular and Cellular Biology Illustration.
The assembled human DNA clamp, a trimer of the protein PCNA, which is a processivity factor that increases the speed and efficiency of DNA replication. In the assembled replication complex, the clamp encircles the DNA, which passes through the central pore.
Image rendered by Opabinia regalis

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Here is a list of Molecular and Cellular Biology Wikiproject members, together with some of their interests. To join the group simply add yourself to the list of participants, being sure to maintain alphabetical order. You can then add the userbox {{User WPMCB}} to your userpage.

Nucleus ER.png This user is a member of WikiProject Molecular and Cellular Biology.

  Name   Talk page   Special interests   Task Force(s)
A2-25 Talk Structural biology and bioinformatics
AaronM Talk I work on (in Wikipedia and the outside world) the cytoskeleton, cilia/flagella, and motor proteins
ABiochemist Talk Porting of material into WikiBooks, General Biochemistry and X-ray Crystallography
Active Contributor Talk It is a privilege to participate
Aciel Talk Graduate student in Cell and Molecular Biology. I've been working on topics discussed in my classes on which there is little or no information on Wikipedia.
Adenosine Talk We need more diagrams, they can convey more information in one image than two volumes of text Metabolic Pathways
Adr11iano Talk 4th year Biomedical Science student with a particular interest in immunological mechanisms and Microbiology.
Adrian J. Hunter Talk Did a molecular biology degree, now doing a PhD in fungal genetics. Mostly a WikiGnome.
Adrichardson Talk I work on central carbon metabolism (glycolysis, pentose phosphate pathway, TCA cycle, etc), particular in the context of tumor cells. Metabolic Pathways (Glycolysis, PPP, tumor metabolism)
Alberrosidus Talk Membrane structure/function, protein synthesis/signaling
AlexanderPico Talk Interested in biological pathways and ion channels (see Bk_channel). I also work on WikiPathways and am interested in seeing more structured pathway information and connections in Wikipedia (see Citric_acid_cycle#Interactive_pathway_map).
Alexbateman Talk Interested in improving wikipedia entries for ncRNA families
Alexeymorgunov Talk Molecular genetics and metabolic pathways. Metabolic Pathways
Allen Gathman Talk Fungal genomics, general molecular genetics articles for teaching
Alistairirvine Talk
Allens Talk Bioinformatics, Molecular Genetics, Human Biology
Alteripse Talk
Amazinglarry Talk I have a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular biology, and I work on and edit articles related to DNA repair.
Andreas Talk Bioinformatics, anything related to proteins
AndrewGNF Talk Bioinformatics, gene expression analysis; interested in creating a wikipedia page for every mammalian gene using the ProteinBoxBot
AnnaJune Talk PhD in microbiology; antibiotic resistance, microbial physiology, genomics, microbiology education
Anpetu-We Talk Metabolism, enzyme mechanisms, metabolic diseases, and cell physiology.
Antibody2000 Talk
Antony-22 Talk Nanotechnology. biomolecular structure
Antorjal Talk Prokaryotic transcription and translation, gene regulation, Enzymology
Anupam Talk
Aratron of Saturn Talk Molecular neuroscience, neuropharmacology, signal transduction, signalling pathways.
Arcadian Talk
arkuat Talk Just did a major cleanup of binary fission, which was High Start on your list. I have an interest in making wikipedia more useful to those who teach biology to adolescents, and to adolescent students of biology.
artephius Talk Special interest in energy metabolism and signal transduction. Metabolic Pathways (Energy metabolism in heart, Glycolysis, Citric Acid Cycle)
Bandeapart Talk Signal transduction, membrane-associated proteins, mathematical modeling
Bassophile Talk Protein structure determination - specifically X-ray crystallographer, also biophysics. Have worked on Toxins, Phosphatases, Cell motility, glycoproteins. PostDoc.
BB 591 Talk Citric Acid Cycle, Electron Transport, Oxidative Phosphorylatio Metabolic Pathways
Beardothescientist Talk Cellular Kinetics, BioChemistry, Anything having to do with Proteases
Belasd Talk Drosophila genetics, Motor Proteins(Dynein and Myosins), Cytoskeleton, Mitosis, Spermatogenesis
Bendzh Talk
Bensaccount Talk I have a B.Sc. in biochemistry for what its worth.
BerserkerBen Talk "Will draw any enzymatic reaction for food": If you feel an article can be improve with a picture of the protein or enzyme reaction/mechanism simply ask.
Bform Talk I'm a graduate student in a Molecular and Cellular Biology program, but my reasearch is in a more pharmacology orientated lab with emphasis relating to the mevalonate pathway (so far Dolichol synthase, Squalene synthase, protein prenylation, etc.).
BGinOC Talk No laughing or snickering - just a non-science major taking Biol 101 and its associated lab class: Biol 105. WP is a useful tool when used with the text for the class. About all my experience allows at this point is grammatical and punctuation editing.
Biochemza Talk Immunology, neutrophils, protein biochemistry, signal transduction (particularly protein tyrosine kinases and calcium signaling)
BioFilip Talk Ph.D in Biology - Interested in biomedical research, biotechnology and digital communication
Biohacker Talk
Biomeddude Talk Student of Biology.
Biolinker Talk
Biolprof Talk Wikipedia editing in the classroom for Signal Transduction, Developmental Biology, Neuroscience. Research interest: vertebrate photoreceptor development and degeneration.
Biophys Talk Protein structure, folding, stability and modeling; membrane proteins
Biophyschem Talk Protein strucure-function relationships, Protein dynamics, Spectroscopy
Biophysik Talk Membranes, amyloid proteins, general biophysics
BioStu Talk I'm a graduate in biology with an interest in molecular biology and genetics
Blackcat100 Talk Bioinformatics, Microarray data analysis, Biological networks, Gene regulation, Machine learning
Blastwizard Talk Bioinformatics, Sequence analysis, Protein structure prediction, Metabolism, Cellular processes
Bloomingdedalus Talk Undergraduate in molecular biology, interested primarily in human physiology, immunology, and neurochemistry.
Bobherry Talk Cells.
Boghog2 Talk Drug targets (enzymes, GPCRs, ion channels, nuclear receptors, etc.), pharmacology, protein structure
Bopiotrowski Talk Undergraduate student at Colgate University in Hamilton, NY working towards a degree in Molecular Biology
BorisTM Talk Here: Primary - Inter and intra cell signaling, Metabolism, Regulation; Secondary - everything else. Outside this project - Neuroscience.
Bouncingball2 Talk M.Sc. in Biological Sciences and Bioengineering. Interested in everything in molecular and cellular biology; especially stem cells, developmentlal biology, reprogramming, regenerative medicine.
Braindamaged Talk MSc in Molecular Medicine - interests: Immunology, Clinical Chemistry, PCR, virology. Mainly improving and expanding articles.
Brroga Talk Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Biophysics; Postdoc w/ U.S. government; interests: Horizontal gene transfer, Microbiology, Yeast genetics, Drug design, Antibiotic resistance, Structural Biology
Btavshanjian Talk Ph.D student in Chemical Biology working on projects related to cell signaling, specifically disregulation of nutrient and growth factor signaling in cancer. Willing to contribute and answer questions in my area, as well as on general biochemistry/enzymology topics.
Bueller 007 Talk Genetics, PCR, bioinformatics, etc.
c31004 Talk Undergraduate working on double bachelors in Biochemistry and Microbiology with minor in psychology. Interested in everything.
Carbonrodney Talk its all good
Cariaso Talk Bioinformatics, snps, microarrays
Carlo Banez Talk
Cellbase Talk Interested in improving wikipedia entries for Cell Biology
Ceranthor Talk
CharonZ Talk Postdoc, specialized in postgenomics (proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics)
Chefyingi Talk Graduate student; interest in cellular biology, developmental biology, neuroscience, and human anatomy.
Cheung,Warren Talk Graduate student, bioinformatics.
Ciar Talk Molecules and cells of the immune system.
ClockworkSoul Talk Molecular and cellular immunology, pathology, toxicology
cmw4117 Talk
Comcc Talk Undergraduate Physiology student with cell biology and immunology background. Looking to contribute.
Coolbrdr Talk Undergraduate Molecular Biology student. New at this but looking to add a lot of articles and become a major contributor. If you have a biology question I would love to try and answer it. Talk Undergrad in Biochemistry/Microbiology. Currently in med school. I'd like to help expand more stub articles, if I ever end up having free time.
Cowbert Talk I currently work on olfactory receptor and other GPCR structure, behavior, and proteomics using bioinformatics, molecular modeling, and molecular dynamics tools. Other MCB interests and background include molecular immunology.
Cuculus Talk Student microbiology. I hope to contribute in the following subjects: prokaryote biochemistry, physiology, immunology, pathogenesis, microbiome, and molecular evolution
CyLMH Talk Cell biology, molecular biology and biochemistry.
Dacoshi Talk Yeast vesicle trafficking, flippases, P-ATPases
Daen Talk Bioinformatics esp. sequence analysis, cheminformatics
Dan Wylie-Sears Talk Eclectic interests. MA in math but like biology.
Dandan Talk Graduate student in cancer genetics, bioinformatics, immunology and microbiology. Particularly interested in evolution and parasitology.
Danko Georgiev MD Talk I participate in creation/editting of some entries in molecular neuroscience, though in the future I might contribute to areas outside neurobiology
Dante_Marx Talk Cancer Biology, Stem Cells, Cellular Development, Organismal Development
Darnelr Talk RNA biology, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Paraneoplastic Syndromes, Immunology
David D. Talk Epigenetics, biochemistry and development, emphasis on plants Metabolic Pathways
David.Throop Talk Eicosanoids
davebridges Talk Cell Biology, Cell Signalling and Biochemistry.
Dawn08 Talk Cell and Molecular Biology. Cell cycle.
deepraine Talk Minor editing, helping out wherever.
Dcirovic Talk Drug Design, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Structural Biology, Immunology
delldot Talk
Demantos Talk Pharmacology, Toxicology
Dennismk Talk Undergrad, applying to grad school in computational/molecular biology
DGG Talk phylogenetics, especially with respect to consistency on the Wikipedia pages
Diberri Talk Biochemistry and cell signaling, also template tools
Diptanshu.D Talk
Dan Talk Trying to work out how to contribute... Currently I work on MetaBase, a database of biological databases.
Dmitry Dzhagarov Talk Molecular biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, cell biology, immunology, stem cells, induced stem cells.
DO11.10 Talk Graduate student immunology topics, immune system, etc...
DoctorDNA Talk Licensed physician practicing Predictive Medicine. Provide comprehensive genetic testing/analysis services.
Dogposter talk Interested in genetics and proteins mainly.
DoktorDec Talk Doctoral student in cellular immunology and regenerative medicine.
Dr Aaron Talk Bone biology, muscle biology, basic cell biology, cell signalling
Drbogdan Talk Molecular Biology, Biochemical Pharmacology, Clinical Chemistry.
Dr.saptarshi Talk integrative biology of all the systems, cell biology of signaling, tissue biology, transdifferentiation, stem cell niche etc etc
DSbanker Talk High school student, science enthusiast. Molecular biology, biochemistry, virology, biotechnology, genetic engineering, anti-pathogenic biotechnology, bioinformatics.
Echinoidea Talk Biological sciences undergrad (biochem, genetics, molecular biology, physiology, plant sciences, chemistry). Happy to help with anything.
EdJohnston Talk Phylogenetics, bioinformatics
Eganio Talk Genetics, molecular biology, chemistry
Egelerp Talk 4th year undergraduate student of biochemistry. I'm glad to be able to contribute to the project that has been such a valuable resource for me over the years.
Eleten Talk Background in Plant Biology and Molecular Genetics.
Emissrto Talk Will attempt to help rationalize spatiotemporal genetic effiencie. With exception; ~murine, regression model (between abbr.& concept).
Emw2012 Talk Bioinformatics, protein structure prediction, protein design
England Expects Talk I'm currently writing my Ph.D. thesis on Biological Chemistry, specialising in DNA damage repair. I was originally trained in chemistry.
Enozkan Talk Ph.D. in relevant subject. Active academic.
Eskeptic Talk Specialized in cholinesterase enzyme kinetics and other related witchcraft.
EquationDoc Talk Computational biology, Bioinformatics, Cancer, Cell signaling - I would also like to see a Wikipedia page for every human protein.
Eulemur2008 Talk I will be working on topics that I find interesting. It is a pleasure to join this project.
Evolution and evolvability Talk PhD in experimental enzyme evolution. I've worked mainly on proteases but hopefully may be of use for more general evolution and enzymology topics.
Finwyn Talk I teach human physiology at university level.
Firefly's luciferase Talk I am rather new in WP. My intention is to help in various articles; see Wikipedia:WikiGnome.
Flakinho Talk
Flyguy649 Talk Cell trafficking and developmental biology using Drosophila; other interests: cell signaling
FrozenMan Talk I am a Neuroscience and Economics double major at Middlebury College in Vermont General
Fylbecatulous Talk Retired medical practitioner and journalist with talent in writing for laypersons. Heavy into WikiGryphon maintenance of article integrity
G3N3515 Talk Photosynthesis and minor editing
Gabe20770 Talk Immunology, Innate immunology, neutrophils and Toll-like receptors
GACGGT Talk Muscle Biology, Neuromuscular Junction, cell signaling, receptor tyrosine kinases, aging. Metabolic Pathways (General, but especially protein synthesis)
GAThrawn22 Talk Developmental Biology - I would also like to see a wikipedia page for every human protein
Geneticcuckoo Talk Genetics, Structural Rearrangements, Cancer, Want to improve science communication and took part in Ada Lovelace day Wiki Edit-a-thon
Gegnome Talk Genetics, biochemistry, transcription factors (particularly mammalian Krüppel-like factors), erythropoiesis, minor editing
Geoking66 Talk Nucleic acids, chromosones, WikiGnoming (minor edits for æsthetic or grammatical/spelling purposes)
Gfanucci Talk Site-directed spin labeling, Protein flexibility, Spectroscopy, Membrane Biophysics, Membrane Proteins, Chemistry
Ghesketh Talk Membrane trafficking, biogenesis of lysosomes/lyosome related organelles, autophagy, gap junctions
Giftiger wunsch Talk Molecular genetics, lysosomal storage disorders, and endocrine immunology.
Gilded Snail Talk Biochemistry, molecular genetics. Not much expertise, mostly a copy editing gnome.
Gitana127 Talk Signal transduction, cancer biology, and immunology
Goldfinger820 Talk RNA interference, RNA molecular biology, Insect Molecular Biology
Gorton k Talk Anything on my course! (2nd year biochemistry and molecular biology, and cell development and behaviour)
GrahamColm Talk Mainly virology
GraybeardBiochemist Talk Metabolism and its regulation, Protein Biochemistry, Insect Biochemistry
GRetrieval Talk Molecular Biology
Hannes Röst Talk Biochemistry, Structure, Bioinformatics, Comp. Biology
Happyphenol User_talk:Happyphenol:Talk Just a bio student
Hedgehog33 Talk Transcriptional coactivators
Helitron Talk Epigenetics
Hydkat Talk Bioinformatics, Sequence analysis, Microarray data analysis, Biodatabases.
IcyEd MRes/PhD student in Biochemistry / Immunology
Id711 Talk Working on my PhD, interested in: Stem cells, Developmental Biology, and Epigenetics
ImmunolPhD Talk PI3-K, Chemotaxis and T cells
Independovirus Talk Stem cells, cancer, viruses, immunology, molecular genetics
Inositol Talk
Isoprenyl Talk Chemical and physical/structural biology, C. difficile
i9606 Talk Bioinformatics. Interested in building a good, up-to-date article for every human gene. Also interested in the semantic web.
Insoirak Talk Avid molecular biology fan, high school student but know so much more!
Italienmoose Talk
Jatlas Talk B.S. in pharmacology from UCSB. Interested in medicinal mushrooms like Agaricus blazei.
Javanbakht Talk Ph.D. in biochemistry from Pierre and Marie Curie University
Jbarin Talk PhD: Immunology, autoimmune disease, receptor signalling
JBKramer Talk Educated non-professional. Not a crank, I promise.
Jcwhizz Talk Structural biologist and bioinformatician. Primary expertise proteases (and enzymes in general) and protease inhibitors, serpins
Jdegreef Talk Interests and expertise in Translational Research Informatics and Translational Bioinformatics.
JE at UWO Talk Medical sciences student: Physiology, biophysics, immunology, and more. (see my userpage).
Jebus989 Talk Molecular biology and Bioinformatics.
Jennifer_Rfm Talk Interested in improving wikipedia entries for ncRNA families
Jennifergr Talk MS Biotechnology student at Johns Hopkins University, currently editing Wikipedia articles as part of a semester project
Jeremiah Talk Focus on biologically active small peptides and pathogens.
Jessica Polka Talk Postdoc with interests in bacterial cell biology.
Jeyradan Talk Ph.D. student: Biochemistry and molecular biology; focus on molecular (experimental) oncology.
Jgedwards Talk Retired academic with interest in beta thymosins.
Jimhsu77479 Talk Student: chemical biology, bioinformatics. Mostly involved in the programming part. Correcting articles based on what I know (and learn along the way).
Jim Procter Talk Bioinformatics researcher with a background in protein structure comparison, threading and homology modelling (but not much biology ;) ). Now involved in open source bionformatics software development.
jmcclare Talk General, neurochemistry Metabolic Pathways
Jnims Talk Graduate student in molecular microbiology
Joe4253 Talk
Johnalrd Talk understanding the Secrets of Life from the nanoscale up
Johntex Talk Miscellaneous. I helped bring Baby Gender Mentor to featured status and I'm working on Allerca
JonMoulton Talk Molecular biology, antisense, Morpholinos and their applications
Jfdwolff Talk Clinical biochemistry and clinically relevant enzymes/proteins
JPatrickBedell Talk Metabolic Pathways
Jpkamil Talk Virology, herpesviruses, molecular biology, enyzmes and biochemistry. I wrote most of the lipase article.
JOK Talk
Jordan Timothy James Busson Talk
Jsnhntngtn Talk
Jstreetley Talk Studying for PhD in structural biology
Jueppcken Talk Molecular biology, cell biology, protein biochemistry.
Jugglerpete Talk
Juthani1 Talk
Jvbishop Talk Attempting to tackle the Cell theory page Metabolic Pathways
JWSchmidt Talk I admit it; I want a Wikipedia article for every human protein.
jyaron Talk Genetics, Cell, and Developmental Biology. Working on Replisome.
Kantokano Talk Immunology postdoc - currently working on T cells
Kasper90 Talk currently working on photosynthesis' articles
kaushlendratripathi Talk biology,Immunology, topics that border on molecular biology and biochemistry, cell biology in general;
KC Panchal Talk Immunology, topics that border on molecular biology and biochemistry, cell biology in general; completed Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery
Keeban Talk My area of expertise is in regulation of genes mainly at a post-transcriptional level (particularly in spermatogenesis). This includes RNAi, RNA binding proteins, epigenetics, and regulation of TEs.
Keesiewonder Talk Pursuing an MS in Biotechnology
Kehrbykid Talk Pursuing a PhD in Biochemistry. Interested in mechanisms and anything to do with enzymes.
Kenastma Talk Pursuing a PhD in Pharmacology/Toxicology, interested in molecular mechanisms of thermogenesis
KeybladeSephi Talk Expertise in biology, chemistry, physics, and computer programming
KingMunch Talk Woooooooooooo proteins! YEAH!!!
Kinkreet Talk Biochemistry, with special interests in cytoskeleton, metabolic pathways, cancer and immunology.
Kirkleton90 Talk Cell cycle and cell division, particularly focusing on meiosis
Kjaergaard Talk Biophysical and structural aspects of proteins.
Klortho Talk I'm a bioinformatics master's degree student and employee at PMC; I'd like to help wherever I can.
Kohlasz Talk Chemotaxis; Chemotaxis assays; Proteomics; Drug Discovery
Kupirijo Talk General Metabolic Pathways
Kurtrik Talk Pathogens; Immunology
L-Tyrosine Talk I am an A-level Student and have akeen interest outside of this also.
L5tardust Talk I am a post-doctoral fellow studying small non-coding RNA pathways.
LasseFolkersen Talk
LaughableStand Talk Student of molecular biology
Ldlten Talk I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and I study DNA Replication and DNA Repair
LestatdeLioncourt Talk
Lipwig Talk Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Evolutionary Biology
Liveste Talk Biochemistry, Drug Design, Epigenetics, Immunology, Structural Biology
LLDMart Talk Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology; expertise in epithelial cell biology (injury/repair, differentiation), respiratory system in health and disease, chromatin structure, biotechnology, cell signaling.
Lord Metroid Talk Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, fascinated by the molecular mechanics that makes up life. Loves the theory but loath laborative work in the courses.
Lutetium Talk Finishing BSc in Biomedical Science.
Lulubou Talk Biochemistry of thiamine phosphate derivatives and bioenergetics
Madeleine Price Ball Talk Genetics, Epigenetics, DNA sequencing, genomics and biotechnology
Manoj Prajwal Talk Finishing M.Sc in Genetics and Biotechnology and works on ageing in C. elegans
Marcosm13 Talk Virology Genetics and Cell division
MarcoTolo Talk
Mardueng Talk
Mariogabrielg Talk Postgraduate in biomedical science / Immunology
Martyn Axon Talk Undergraduate in Genetics / Cell Biology
Mashin6 Talk Nuclear architecture, ncRNAs, signalling
master_gopher Talk Biochemistry student at QUT, Brisbane; edit biochem, genetics, neurobiology articles. My watchlist is basically things I come across in studying that I think need serious work.
Matt Harbowy Talk General Metabolic Pathways
mattycoze Talk Current student @ Griffith University School of Medical Science (MSC) - Bachelor of Biomedicine (Hons), Gold Coast Australia
MChapman5 Talk Undergraduate student at Saint Louis University obtaining a B.S. in Biology.
McDonald, Ian Talk PhD in bioinformatics (and, more recently, digital media)
MDG38 Talk Interests in bacterial genetics & phenazine biosynthesis; currently working on Eukaryotic transcription regulation and MAPK signal transduction
MDougM Talk Graduate student in Materials Science (specializing in biomaterials, particularly lipid bilayer interactions); currently working on several bilayer-related articles
Medi1101 Talk
Medical geneticist Talk Practicing medical geneticist (could you tell?) with MD/PhD training. Scientific interests in neuroscience (more of a fancy), cytoskeleton (dissertation work), stem cells (post-doc), and epigenetics. Clinical interests in chromosomal abnormalities, imprinting disorders, ethics of gene testing
messengercrow Talk PhD in Molecular Biology and genetic engineering, MSc in Biotechnology, BSc in Chemistry. Area of interest:molecular biology, virology, cloning, stem cell
MetabolicDoug Talk Professor of Biochemistry. Areas of interest: Photosynthesis, Microbiology, Metabolism
Mike Chelen Talk molecular biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, bioinformatics
Million Moments Talk Molecular plant pathology, genetics and molecular biology of plants
Moosepuggle Talk Undergraduate, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Chemistry, University of Arizona. Undergrad research characterizing gastropod Hox genes.
mjharrison Talk PhD in glycobiology/glycoprotein chemistry, now working in bioinformatics/glycoinformatics at the European Bioinformatics Institute, Cambridge, UK
Narayanese Talk PhD student, primarily doing bioinformatics. Interested in stem cells, transcription and RNA processing.
nbauman Talk I use Wikipedia to get through the molecular biology in the New England Journal of Medicine
Neagley Talk Undergraduate biochemistry and molecular biology student. Interested in bioinformatics, public health, oncology, and infectious diseas.
NerdyScienceDude Talk My main interest is cellular structure.
Neverkanezar Talk I am graduate student studying molecular biology and biochemistry. I specialize in translation and ribosome biology, with a special emphasis on trans-translation and ribosome stalling.
Nibblesnbits Talk Enzyme Kinetics, Molecular Biology, Enzyme Inhibition, Drug Discovery
Nicolas Perrault Talk Cytoskeleton and Cell division
Niels Olson Talk Immunohistochemistry, pathology, tissue microarrays
Nirajrm Talk Molecular Biology
Nitramrekcap Talk
OldakQuill Talk
OncoAnalyst Talk Bioinformatics. Work with computers, interested in the molecular biology of cancer.
Opabinia regalis Talk Protein structure and folding, computational biology
Orangutans Talk Cytoskeleton, microtubules
ostolop Talk Gene expression meta-analysis. This is our project: Gene Expression Atlas.
Pablufu Talk Modest contributor, PhD in Biochemistry and Biophysics
Patricknoddy Talk
Parutakupiu Talk
Pdcook Talk PhD in biochemistry. Interested in protein structure and function (x-ray crystallography and kinetics), cofactors/coenzymes, antibiotic biosynthesis and resistance.
Pejhman Talk Final year Medical Microbiology and Immunology student (B. Sc. (Adv.)), particularly interested in S. aureus and quorum sensing.
Peregrine Falcon Talk
Peta Talk Biochem and molecular biology esp related to plants
Peter Znamenskiy Talk Cell culture and adult stem cells, developmental signalling pathways
pez2 Talk Enzymology, particularly Vitamin K and Serine Proteases. Natural Killer cells
PhDP Talk I study biology and mathematics. The molecular aspect of evolution is one of my prime interest
Philbradley Talk
Pleiotrope Talk Research programmer with the Gene Wiki project, interested in computational biology and transport proteins
Potsdamsc Talk Integration of cell and organism physiology in plants
ppgardne Talk I'm interested in all things ncRNA related. I work on the Rfam database.
povmcdov Talk MSc neurosciences student, interested in neurodegenerative disorders and mental illness and their molecular basis. I am a new editor so help would be appreciated.
Proquence Talk Genetics, Biochemistry, Immunology and Techniques. My focus is basically on Metabolism of Biomolecules and Molecular Genetics.
Protonk Talk No specific microbiology training whatsoever. Sophisticated selective bovine effluent heuristic blocking abilities. When do I get my gun?
Psychromorbidus Talk Focuses on Fungal and Plant Proteomics and Plant defense systems.
psyno Talk
Quantum7 Talk Graduate student in bioinformatics. Protein structure & evolution
Qwerty0 Talk Graduated with a B.S. in Biology (molecular concentration) in May '08. Worked on a protozoan parasite (Giardia lamblia) the past few years.
RaoInWiki Talk PhD in Biochemistry, Insterests in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics
RC Howe Talk BS in Biochemistry, BS in Computer Science. Interested in cancer bioinformatics.
Redeemer079 Talk Restriction endonucleases and transcription factors (higher plants)
Reo On Talk Plant hormonne, plant cell biology (especially topics related to hormonne transport regulation - trafficking, polarity etc )
Reza Rezaei Javan Talk Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses. Interested in almost anything to do with DNA.
RE73 Talk Interested in all things protein and RNA. I work for the Pfam and Rfam databases.
Ribrob Talk
Richard Decal Talk Undergraduate biochemist hoping to help improve articles.
Robin Haw Talk I have worked for a number of curated biological databases and am interested in biological pathways and networks. I co-ordinate outreach for the Reactome project, an open_source\open source curated biological pathway database. I'm interested in seeing more biological pathway and network information in Wikipedia. I have expensive knowledge of yeast genetics and biochemistry, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and cancer genomics. Metabolic, Signaling and Gene Regulatory Pathways and Networks
RockMagnetist Talk I am a geophysics professor with some expertise in magnetotaxis, and I would like to improve the articles related to this subject.
Rockpocket Talk Neurobiology. Especially olfaction, pheromones, behaviour and molecular evolution of gene families.
Rogeriopfm Talk Graduated in Biochemistry. Interned in the pharma industry one year. Now is working as a science communicator and molecular animator (Maya and 3ds Max).
Rritterson Talk General principals and methods of biophysics; protein design and engineering; cell-cell adhesion.
Royalmate1 talk Biophysics, genetics, geneaology, neurobiology
Rrten00 Talk Basic molecular biology and cell biology (focus: cancer and regulation)
Roadnottaken Talk Graudate student - proteomics, mass-spectrometry, lipid- and protein-biochemistry, endocannabinoids & neurotransmission. Metabolic Pathways (Lipids)
Robotsintrouble Talk General Metabolic Pathways
RockyRaccoon Talk Single-molecule biophysics, optical trapping, nucleosomes, nucleosome remodelling, physical properties of DNA.
Rosie Redfield Talk Natural competence and transformation. genetic exchange in bacteria. Molecular evolution.
Rowan Savage Talk Cell biology, molecular biology and some physiology topics.
Rozzychan Talk Improve organization of the major biochemical pathways in cell biology by adding templates and links. Improve readability of articles. Metabolic Pathways (clean up, Botany, simple diagrams)
Rsundby Talk Haverford College.
Runningamok Talk Graduate student. Adult stem cells, muscle, and general cell bio
Saltwolf Talk Graduated with a B.Sc. in Biochemistry, now a Patent Attorney looking to refresh my science chops.
Sangak Talk Structural Biology (NMR), Nano-biotechnology, Biophotonics, Motor proteins and cytoskeleton.
Schu1321 Talk MD/PhD Student at the University of Minnesota. Beginning 3rd year of program and working for a PhD in Microbiology, Immunology, and Cancer Biology.
SciArtist Talk Scientific and medical illustrator, Madison, WI, US; Doctorate in veterinary medicine, bachelors in marine biology; Work with scientists, researchers, and private organizations to elucidate their ideas in a visual format and get complex information across in an elegant manner.
Sciencemichelle Talk MS in Molecular Biology and Developmental Biology. Interests in mouse embryos, cell cycle regulation, teaching molecular biology for undergraduates. Glad to be here.
Scientizzle Talk Neurology, phamacology, GPCRs
Seans Potato Business Talk Protein engineering, gene therapy, viral vectors and pseudotyping.
SenorKristobbal Talk Honours student in Molecular Biology currently doing honours project on Type II topoisomerases.
Seppi333 Talk Function and signal transduction of human trace amine-associated receptors
Serephine Talk Background in biomedical sciences such as histology, anatomy, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular biology and pathology.
SFMatheson Talk Neurobiology, developmental biology, cell biology, cytoskeleton. I use RNAi in neuronal cultures to study cytoskeletal signaling in process outgrowth.
ShaiM Talk
Shanata Talk
Sherry Ogg Talk JHU instructor: molecular biology, biofuels, agricultural biotechnology, bioinformatics
Shiningheart Talk Med student. Molecular biology, clinical applications, biochemistry, metabolic pathways. Metabolic Pathways
Shinryuu Talk I'm currently an grad student in biology/biomedicine.
Sholeem Griffin Talk Both molecular and cellular Biochemistry, I am studying at St John's College, Oxford University.
SierraSciSPA Talk Telomeres, telomerase, cell senescence, aging. I work at a biotech lab and have access to expert opinions on these subjects.
Sinharaja2002 Talk Cellular metabolism, Microbial metabolism
SirHaddock Talk Protein folding - experimental and computational
Smartse Talk Mainly botanical cell biology but also anything else I read about. Undergrad at Girton College, Cambridge University
Snellios Talk Specialities genomics, biochemistry, pathology.
Sodaplayer Talk Into cell biology and biochemistry.
$olanum Talk Special interest in cellular plant science, antioxidant defence and cell imaging.
Sowlos Talk
Spjelgus Talk Undergrad in Molecular Biology. A special interest in molecular genetics and genome organization.
Splette Talk Cytoskeleton, computational biology, images
Squidonius Talk Active in wikipedia in bursts. mainly interconnectivity of the pages, methods, expertise in: microarrays (Dartmouth Microarray core, 2006-07), Bioinformatics (Bath Uni, 2008), fluorescence (KCL, 2008-09)
Stable_attractor Talk Bio grad-student. Working on single cell assays.
Staranise Talk
Ste1n Talk I have been educated in biotech, but currently I'm mostly into bioinformatics, esp. automated Swanson linking and other forms of text mining.
Stephen Helms Talk G proteins,phospholipase C,protein kinase C,calcium,scaffolding proteins,ion channels, and signaling organization
SteveChervitzTrutane Talk Ph.D. in MCD biology focussed on structure function relationships in a bacterial chemotaxis cell-surface receptor. Now work as a bioinformatician at a biotech company with expertise in genomics, microarrays, functional genomics, and data standards.
Stewartadcock Talk
Subcellular Talk Research Assistant Prof., Saint Louis University. Ion channel structure and function, and GPCR signaling
TAKEN00 Talk Cell biologist
tameeria Talk Plant molecular biology, biochemistry, computational genomics
Tbk2109 Talk Ph. D student in molecular biophysics. Current lab work involves crystallography and single molecule AFM (unfolding)
Tchalvak Talk Biochemist with an interest in bioinformatics, the biological synthesis of useful materials (aka biopolymers), Recombinant DNA, evolution and ways of combining programming and biology.
Connor Fowler Talk Pharmaceutical sciences undergraduate with interest in general biology, biochemistry, cell biology, and organic chemistry. Excited to work on this project.
Thorwald Talk Bioinformatics / computational biology, protein-protein interaction prediction, drug discovery
Timlev37 Talk Membrane contact sites, Structural bioinformatics, HHpred / HHsearch. Intracellular lipid traffic as a way to probe nanometer-scale adaptations of intracellular anatomy
Tim Vickers Talk Enzymes, enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition and pathogens. Metabolic Pathways (General, particularly metabolism of parasites, detoxification and antioxidants.)
Tombadog Talk expression profiling
Touchstone42 Talk Molecular microbiology, PCR, technology
tko2degree Talk Biophysics, Biomembranes
Transcriptiongirl Talk Developmental biologist, Molecular biology, Gene transcription, Vessels
truthstands Talk Assistant research professor. Computational genomics, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Genetics
tsjipko Talk Signal transduction, cell migration.
tstrobaugh Talk Food pathogens, stress response, gene expression, bioinformatics, microarray data anlayis, Quorum sensing
Tuzzagio Talk Master degree student. Interested in ncRNAs, cytoskeleton and cancer.
TwoOars Talk
Tycho Talk
Tyciol Talk I study publications from the OGI and another in Vancouver. Metabolic Pathways (I see metabolism discussed a lot on T-mag, will edit as I learn).
Tyrol5 Talk General molecular biology, biochemistry.
Ufpete Talk I'm a professor at the University of Florida interested in reproductive biology and embryology.
Unconventional85 Talk I'm a medical student especially interested in cancer biology and other molecular biology.
Universal Life Talk I'm a molecular biologist and my area of interest includes epigenetics, transposons, cancer, DNA methylation, chromosomal interactions, molecular biology, neuroendocrinology and virology.
uploadvirus Talk I'm a lung cancer researcher interested in molecular cancer biology, particularly that of rarer histologival variants of lung carcinomas. I'm also interested in collaborating with others on peer-reviewed manuscripts.
VeronikaS Talk I'm a B.S. student in microbiology interested mainly in genetics. I want to help improve Wiki.
Viralmemesis Talk Neuroscience, pharmacology
Vivek Rai Talk Undergraduate student with interest in molecular biology, immunology, genomics, and bioinformatics.
VQuakr Talk Hobby-level interest in molecular biology.
Wasserww Talk I study transcriptional regulation and make wiki-based collections of articles about transcription factors.
WikipedianProlific Talk I make images, diagrams, cross sections etc. for scientific (biological mostly) wikipedia articles. Please feel free to contact me with a request if you need graphics. My gallery can be seen here.
Willow Talk Proteins and other basic biochemistry.
Wingedkat Talk Proteins, Archaea, methanogenisis, general biochemistry.
Wisdom89 Talk G protein signaling
WKoets Talk I am a bioinformatics student. Currently working on self-splicing introns.
Wlodarski Talk Coordinating projects in Cancer Genomics and Epigenetics (including Immunology). Focus on copy number variation of human genome, SNP arrays, CGH arrays and related techniques. Multi loci SNP analysis.
Wlad Talk Structure-function. Biochemistry of neural development.
Woodland Sun Talk A bewildered AP Bio student looking for aid from the pros... Help me... >__<
Xcomradex Talk Enzyme kinetics and inhibition, chemical biology, and chemical aspects of biological reactions
Xargque Talk Synaptic function, genetics, physiology, and plasticity.
Xris0 Talk Graduate student in medical sciences, interested in biogerontology/biomedical-gerontology (Vitae Institute CEO) and neurosciences.
Yanij Talk Undergraduate biochemistry student, interested in computer science, statistics, anything in biochemistry and currently working on a genome project database.
YassiM Talk Graduate student in proteins chemistry, special interest to Metabolomics, Signal transduction, and Phytochemistry.
Zephyris Talk Metabolic Pathways
Zynwyx Talk Undergraduate student in chemistry and cell biology
clucaj Talk Undergraduate student in developmental biology
PEGLEG3 Talk Undergraduate student in molecular biology

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