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November 2014 Conversations (post at the bottom please)

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I have very little idea what I am doing. HELP! I work in the area of Human Rights in the Caribbean and live in Mexico, though I speak very little Spanish. I actually ended up becoming an editor because the information on the page I was trying to use for research was horribly outdated and incorrect Recognition of same-sex unions in Mexico. and SusunW are all my edits, so you can see that the majority of information that has been added to the page since August has been from research and documentation I have added. It would be extremely helpful to have a bi-lingual partner, but I don't know how to find one of those and the Spanish version of this page is as outdated as the English one was before I started. It may also be that there is a specific LGBT group that I could be funneled to. I have spent approximately 2-5 hours per day researching and trying to update the various information for the states. The writing and documenting part, I don't have issues with, the how does Wikipedia work, I am clueless about. I need to be adopted. If you reply to me, how will I even know?SusunW (talk) 03:18, 9 November 2014 (UTC)SusunW

Looking for Adoption[edit]

Hi, MrScorch6200. I'm new to Wikipedia, and I'd really like to be a contributing editor. I found your name on the Wikipedia:Adopt-a-user page, so I thought I'd contact you. I'm most interested in writing about Israel, and in particular Israel current events (such as 2014 Jerusalem synagogue attack today). However, this is exactly the place where one really needs to know what one's doing, because many people have strong opinions about the subject, and because one has to start writing when available information is fresh and incomplete. And of course, under those conditions, I would still strive to write good articles. So I'd really appreciate any help and advice I can get. Any chance I could ask for your help?Galastel (talk) 21:58, 18 November 2014 (UTC)

DRN needs assistance[edit]

You are receiving this message because you have listed yourself as a volunteer at the Dispute Resolution Noticeboard.

We have a backlog of cases there which need volunteer attention. If you have time available, please take one or more of these cases.

If you do not intend to take cases or help with the administration of DRN on a regular basis, or if you do not wish to receive further notices of this nature, please remove your username from the volunteer list. If you later decide to resume activities at DRN you may relist your name at that time.

Best regards, TransporterMan 15:52, 8 January 2015 (UTC) (current DRN coordinator)