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The P&G Gymnastics Championships, also known as the USA Gymnastics National Championships, is the annual artistic gymnastics national competition held in the United States; it is currently sponsored by Procter & Gamble.[1]


The USA Gymnastics national championships have been held annually since 1963. Before 1971, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) was the national governing body for gymnastics, so the USA Gymnastics national champions from 1963 to 1971 are not the official champions.[2][3]

The first USA Gymnastics national championships were held in Park Ridge, Illinois, in June 1963. Since then, the event has been held each year, usually over a period of several days during the summer. The 2012 championships were held in St. Louis, Missouri, in June.[4]

The record for most all-around titles since 1971 is held by Blaine Wilson, who won five consecutive men's competitions from 1996 to 2000.[5] Joan Moore Gnat and John Roethlisberger each won four times. Kurt Thomas, Kim Zmeskal, and Paul Hamm each won three times. The record for most titles in one event is held by Alicia Sacramone, who won six women's vault competitions from 2005 to 2012.[2][5]

In 2012, the top three finishers in the women's all-around were Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, and Aly Raisman. It was Wieber's second consecutive all-around title. In the individual events, Douglas won on uneven bars, Raisman won on balance beam and floor, and Sacramone won on vault.[6][7] In the men's all-around, the top three finishers were John Orozco, Danell Leyva, and Sam Mikulak. It was Orozco's first all-around title. Leyva won on parallel bars and high bar, Jacob Dalton won on floor, Alexander Naddour won on pommel horse, Jonathan Horton won on rings, and Sean Senters won on vault.[8]

In 2013, the top three finishers in the women's all-around were Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, and Brenna Dowell. In the individual events, Ross won on uneven bars and balance beam and her Olympic teammate McKayla Maroney won on vault and floor exercise; Biles swept the silver medals in each event. In the men's all-around, the top three finishers were Sam Mikulak, Alexander Naddour, and Jacob Dalton. [9][10]

In 2014, the top three finishers in the women's all-around were Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, and Maggie Nichols. It was Biles's second consecutive all-around title. In the individual events, Biles won on both vault and floor exercise, Ross won on balance beam, and newcomer Ashton Locklear won on uneven bars. In the men's all-around, the top three finishers were Sam Mikulak, John Orozco, and Jacob Dalton. It was Mikulak's second consecutive all-around title. In the individual events, Dalton won on floor exercise, Mikulak won on pommel horse, Brandon Wynn won on still rings, Donnell Whittenburg won on vault, Danell Leyva won on parallel bars, and Orozco won on high bar.


Year Date Location Women's Champion Men's Champion
1963 June 14–15 Park Ridge, Illinois unofficial unofficial
1964 June 17–18 University of Iowa unofficial unofficial
1965 April 16–17 Nashville, Tennessee unofficial unofficial
1966 April 15–16 Colorado Springs, Colorado unofficial unofficial
1967 April 13–15
April 28–29
Tucson, Arizona
Iowa City, Iowa
unofficial unofficial
1968 April 24–25 Memphis, Tennessee unofficial unofficial
1969 April 25–26 Long Beach, California unofficial unofficial
1970 April 23–25 Las Vegas, Nevada unofficial unofficial
1971 November 18–20 University of Illinois Joan Moore Gnat
Linda Metheny Mulvihill
Yoshi Takei
1972 Georgia Southern University Joan Moore Gnat
Cathy Rigby McCoy
Yoshi Takei
1973 (W) May 4–6
(M) May 4–5
Seattle, Washington
Penn State University
Joan Moore Gnat Marshall Avener
1974 (W) May 30-June 1
(M) May 10–11
Southern Illinois University
Berkeley, California
Joan Moore Gnat John Crosby
1975 (W) May 22–24
(M) June 12–14
Eugene, Oregon
Southern Illinois University
Tammy Manville Tom Beach
Bart Conner
1976 (W) April 8–10
(M) May 21–22
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Berkeley, California
Denise Cheshire
Robin Huebner
Kurt Thomas
1977 (W) April 21–23
(M) May 6–7
California State
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Donna Turnbow Kurt Thomas
1978 (W) May 4–6
(M) June 1–3
Nassau Coliseum
Kathy Johnson Kurt Thomas
1979 May 18 Dayton, Ohio Leslie Pyfer Bart Conner
1980 April 19 University of Utah
Columbus, Ohio
Julianne McNamara Peter Vidmar
1981 (W) May 12–14
(M) May 21–23
Lehigh University
University of Nebraska
Tracee Talavera Jim Hartung
1982 (W) May 27–29
(M) June 3–5
University of Utah
Syracuse, New York
Tracee Talavera Peter Vidmar
1983 June 3–8 Chicago, Illinois Dianne Durham Mitch Gaylord
1984 May 11–13 Evanston, Illinois Mary Lou Retton Mitch Gaylord
1985 June 6–9 Jacksonville, Florida Sabrina Mar Brian Babcock
1986 June 19–22 Indianapolis, Indiana Jennifer Sey Tim Daggett
1987 June 18–21 Kansas City, Missouri Kristie Phillips Scott Johnson
1988 July 7–10 Houston, Texas Phoebe Mills Dan Hayden
1989 July 6–9 Minneapolis, Minnesota Brandy Johnson Tim Ryan
1990 June 7–10 Denver, Colorado Kim Zmeskal John Roethlisberger
1991 June 6–9 Cincinnati, Ohio Kim Zmeskal Chris Waller
1992 May 14–17 Columbus, Ohio Kim Zmeskal John Roethlisberger
1993 August 25–28 Salt Lake City, Utah Shannon Miller John Roethlisberger
1994 August 24–27 Nashville, Tennessee Dominique Dawes Scott Keswick
1995 August 16–19 New Orleans, Louisiana Dominique Moceanu John Roethlisberger
1996 June 5–8 Knoxville, Tennessee Shannon Miller Blaine Wilson
1997 August 13–16 Denver, Colorado Vanessa Atler
Kristy Powell
Blaine Wilson
1998 August 19–22 Indianapolis, Indiana Kristen Maloney Blaine Wilson
1999 August 25–28 Sacramento, California Kristen Maloney Blaine Wilson
2000 June 26–29 St. Louis, Missouri Elise Ray Blaine Wilson
2001 August 8–11 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tasha Schwikert Sean Townsend
2002 August 7–10 Cleveland, Ohio Tasha Schwikert Paul Hamm
2003 June 19–22 Milwaukee, Wisconsin Courtney Kupets Paul Hamm
2004 June 2–5 Nashville, Tennessee Courtney Kupets
Carly Patterson
Paul Hamm
2005 August 10–13 Indianapolis, Indiana Nastia Liukin Todd Thornton
2006 August 16–19 Saint Paul, Minnesota Nastia Liukin Alexander Artemev
2007 August 15–18 San Jose, California Shawn Johnson David Durante
2008 (W) June 5–7
(M) May 22–24
Boston, Massachusetts
Houston, Texas
Shawn Johnson David Sender
2009 August 12–15 Dallas, Texas Bridget Sloan Jonathan Horton
2010 August 11–14 Hartford, Connecticut Rebecca Bross Jonathan Horton
2011 August 17–20 Saint Paul, Minnesota Jordyn Wieber Danell Leyva
2012 June 7–10 St. Louis, Missouri Jordyn Wieber John Orozco
2013 August 15–18 Hartford, Connecticut Simone Biles Sam Mikulak
2014 August 21-24 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Simone Biles Sam Mikulak
2015 August 13-16 Indianapolis, Indiana TBD TBD


Event name[edit]

The USA Gymnastics National Championships has been known by different names at different times. From 1986-1992, from 1997-2002, and in 2004, the event was known as the U.S. Gymnastics Championships; from 1993-1996, the event was known as the National Championships; in 2003, the event was known as the U.S. National Championships; from 2005-2012 the event was known as the Championships; and since 2013 the event has been known as the Gymnastics Championships.[11] In sponsorship years, the official name of the event has typically been preceded by the name of the corporate sponsor for that year. The event is also simply known as the Artistic Gymnastics National Championships,[11] or as the USA Gymnastics National Championships.


In recent years the USA Gymnastics National Championships has been sponsored by various companies, and the event is typically named for the sponsoring company. Below is a list of past and present sponsors of the event, as well as the official name of the event during the period of sponsorship:[11]

Year Sponsor Event Name
1987-1988 McDonald's McDonald's U.S. Gymnastics Championships
1992 Phar-Mor Phar-Mor U.S. Gymnastics Championships
1993-1996 Coca-Cola Coca-Cola National Championships
1997-2000 John Hancock Financial John Hancock U.S. Gymnastics Championships
2004 VISA VISA U.S. Gymnastics Championships
2005-2012 VISA VISA Championships
2013-Current Procter & Gamble P&G Gymnastics Championships

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