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Volcom, Inc.
Type Subsidiary
Industry Apparel and consumer goods
Founded Orange County, California (1991 (1991))
Founders Richard "Wooly" Woolcott Tucker "T-Dawg" Hall
Headquarters Costa Mesa, California, U.S.
Number of locations 38
Area served Worldwide
Key people Richard "Wooly" Woolcott, Founder, Executive Chairman
David A. Unter, CFO
Jason W. Steris, CEO
Ryan Immegart, SVP Marketing
Mike Aho, Creative Director
Employees 543 As of 31 December 2010
Parent Kering
Divisions Veeco Productions
Subsidiaries Electric Holding Corporation
Volcom Entertainment, Inc.
Volcom Retail, Inc.
Website volcom.com
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Volcom, Inc. is a designer, marketer, and distributor of youth-oriented products. The company primarily produces young men's and young women's clothing, footwear, accessories, and related products, all sold under the "Volcom" brand name. Volcom is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, United States. Volcom is known for its trademark stone logo, its slogan True To This, and the Let the Kids Ride Free campaign.[3] Jason Steris is the CEO of Volcom.[4]



Founded in 1991 by Richard "Wooly" Woolcott and Tucker "T-Dawg" Hall, Volcom caters to the surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding markets, born out of the founders' own experiences with these sports.[1]

Everything started in March 1991, when the two men went on a snowboarding trip to Tahoe. For the very first time, Richard and Tucker experienced riding in fresh powder every day. It is the spring after that trip that they both decided to start a clothing company that would embody the feelings and experiences related to every riding sports they enjoyed. Volcom was born.[5]

In 1995, Volcom was the first action sport company to create a record label, Volcom Entertainment.[6] In April 2005, the company took its current name, Volcom, Inc. Volcom became a publicly traded entity on June 29, 2005, when Wachovia Securities, D.A. Davidson and Piper Jaffray underwrote an initial public offering on NASDAQ, pricing 4.69 million shares at US$19 a share, raising a total of US$89 million.

In early 2008, Volcom made its first acquisition, taking ownership of Electric Visual Evolution LLC, for US$25.3 million.[7]

In 2010, Volcom won the TransWorld Business Industry and Retail Award: “Brand of the Year”.[8]

In 2010, Woolcott, Volcom co-founder and Executive Chairman, was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year Award at Chapman University by the Leatherby Entrepreneurship Center.[9]

In 2003, he was named the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Individual Achiever of the Year.[9]

In 2004, he was inducted into the National Scholastic Surfing Association Hall of Fame.[9]


On May 2, 2011, French luxury, sport, and lifestyle group Kering (previously known as Pinault-Printemps-Redoute and PPR until 18 June 2013) launched a friendly take-over offer to buy Volcom Inc. for US$24.50 a share, valuing the company at US$608 million.[10] Volcom's board unanimously backed the Kering offer and shareholders were advised to tender their shares to the French company.[citation needed]

Since the take-over, Kering has sought to expand and diversify the Volcom brand.[11] The support from Kering allowed Volcom to launch its first ever closed-toe footwear line in July 2013.[12]


Volcom's first retail store was opened on November 23, 2002 in Los Angeles.[13] Since then, seven more Volcom stores have opened in the United States, and six more in Canada.[14]

Outside America, Volcom has numerous international retail stores in Hossegor and Bordeaux, France; two locations in Bali, Indonesia; Tokyo, Japan; Durban and Pretoria, South Africa; Bangkok, Thailand; London and Falmouth, England, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; São Paulo, Brazil; Isla de Margarita, Venezuela; Lisbon, Portugal; Munich, Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany; Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg and Fort McMurray Canada, and Guam.[15]


Street art featuring the Volcom logo.





Volcomunity is an online space where Volcom ambassadors such as singers, models or designers blog about their journeys, their experiences, their trips and their everyday endeavors.

Natalie Suarez, Jennifer Herrema, Billie Edwards, Elle Green, Mike Correia, Stephanie Cherry and Amy Smith, Zoe Grisedale-Sherry and Hannah Logic from the rock band Zoetrope are all Volcom ambassadors and are part of the Volcomunity.[16] Volcom has collaborated with the two famous DJ’s PASSO who collaborated by designing women collections.[17]

Volcom’s V.Co-logical Series[edit]

Volcom is offering a range of products under the V.Co-logical Series collection. One percent of the sales go to environmentally focused non-profits, thanks to their 1% for the Planet membership.[18]

2013 Volcom Pipe Pro Event[edit]

The 2013 Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition that took place between January 27 and February 7, 2013 has been designated as a Deep Blue Surfing Event as it completed the ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) Green Guidelines Recommendations. The event strove to reduce environmental impacts of a professional surfing contest, while also provided social benefits for the local community.[19]

2014 Volcom Pipe Pro Event[edit]

The 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro surf competition that took place bewtween January 26 and February 7, 2014 at the Banzai Pipeline with waves at 8-12 feet and was televised on Saturday, June 7, 2014 on NBC. The competition is an ASP, WQS (WQS World Qualifying Series) 5-Star Event with a $130,000 prize purse, and once again has been designated as a Deep Blue Surfing Event, working with Sustainable Surf, a waste diversion company.[20]

Fall 2011 Volcom x Krochet Kids International[edit]

Volcom is also involved in more economic-oriented development programmes, which strive to alleviate poverty. In the Fall 2011, Volcom decided to collaborate with the Krochet Kids International: a grass roots movement and organisation that aims to empower people to rise above poverty. Volcom sold handmade clothes from Uganda and some of the revenue went to the Krochet Kids International.[21]


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