Washington: Behind Closed Doors

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Washington: Behind Closed Doors
3-disc DVD cover
Genre Drama
Created by David W. Rintels
Directed by Gary Nelson
Produced by Eric Bercovici
Frank Cardea
Stanley Kallis
Norman S. Powell
David W. Rintels
Written by Eric Bercovici
John Ehrlichman
David W. Rintels
Based on The Company by John Ehrlichman
Starring Cliff Robertson
Jason Robards
Stefanie Powers
Music by Dominic Frontiere (5 episodes)
Richard Markowitz (1 episode)
Cinematography Joseph F. Biroc (6 episodes)
Jack Swain (5 episodes)
Editing by Gerard Wilson (6 episodes)
Harry Kaye (3 episodes)
Arthur Hilton
Production company Paramount Television
Country United States
Language English
Original channel ABC
Original run 1977  – 1977
Running time 750 minutes
No. of episodes 6

Washington: Behind Closed Doors is a 1977 American 6-part television miniseries produced by Paramount Television and broadcast by ABC in 1977. It is based on John Ehrlichman's book The Company, a novel inspired by the author's time with the Nixon administration.

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The film was broadcast in 6 parts on ABC in 1977. The DVD was released on June 5, 2012.[1]

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