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Wayne Wilkins
Background information
Birth name Wayne Andrew Wilkins
Born Croydon, United Kingdom
Origin London, United Kingdom
Years active 2000-present
Associated acts Tiny Dancer, Troy Noka, Ollie Spano, Contra, Cheryl Cole
Website www.waynewilkins.com

Wayne Wilkins is a classically trained pianist, Record producer, songwriter, record engineer, and record mixer born in the southeast London neighborhood of Croydon. Wilkins’ productions for Natasha Bedingfield (No. 1 UK Single“These Words,” No. 3 UK Single “Single” and “Love Like This”),[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8] Beyoncé (“Sweet Dreams” No. 10 Billboard Hot 100),[9] Cheryl Cole (“Fight For This Love” No. 1 Billboard UK Songs and “Promise This” No. 1 UK Digital Songs),[4][10][11] and Jordin Sparks (“Battlefield” No. 10 Billboard Hot 100)[12] are quickly making him one of the industry’s most sought after songwriter/producers.

Wilkins also heads his own record label, Croydon Boy,[13] production company, Wayne Wilkins Music Group and music publishing companies, Ego Frenzy and Blow The Speakers.[14] Wilkins is managed by Made Communication, Miami, FL.[15]

Early life[edit]

Wilkins became exposed to music very early in life and was taking piano lessons by age 4.[16] Wilkins soon earned a scholarship to a music conservatory as a child.[16] Growing up Wilkins also played organ at cathedrals and other venues around London.[16]

Wilkins went on to Royal College of Music in London.[16] Wilkins had other intellectual interests outside of music and also graduated with a physics degree from Imperial College.[16]

While in college one of Wilkins early jobs was teaching piano lessons.[16] He also interned at Townhouse Studios and Olympic Studios where he received further training in engineering, mixing, and producing.[17]

Music career[edit]

While Wilkins was interning at Olympic Studios he got the opportunity to work for famous engineer Spike Stent.[17] Stent’s resume includes working with such artists as Madonna, Beyoncé, Björk, Lily Allen, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Oasis, U2, Usher, and Lady Gaga.[18] Working for Stent provided Wilkins the opportunity to program for the engineer and work on high budgeted recordings.[17] During his tenure with Stent Wilkins was able to work with producers and artists such as Timbaland, Oasis, Rodney Jerkins, Madonna and U2.[17] Wilkins was able to work on the No DoubtRock Steady” album which Wilkins says later on afforded him higher profile opportunities for him to work on in the industry.[17]

In 2000 Wilkins started working independently.[17] The first band Wilkins produced after going independent was the multiplatinum, Grammy nominated group The Corrs.[17][19] Since The Corrs Wilkins has gone on to produce and write for many more prominent artists.

In May 2004 multiplatinum Grammy nominated singer Natasha Bedingfield released “Single”, a song co-written and co-produced by Wilkins.[4][5][6] The song went on to reach No. 3 on the UK Singles Top 75 chart.[7]

Natasha Bedingfield followed “Single” with “These Words” released in August 2004.[1] Co-produced and co-written by Wilkins, the song climbed to No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart and was a top 20 hit in the US reaching No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot 100.[2][3]

Wilkins co-wrote and co-produced another hit for Natasha Bedingfield, "Love Like This", which also featured Sean Kingston.[20] The song released in September 2007 went platinum, to the top of Billboards Dance/Club Play Songs, and to No. 11 on Billboards Hot 100.[8]

Grammy nominated singer Keri Hilson released her debut single “Energy” off of her gold album “In a Perfect World...” in May 2008.[21][22] Wilkins cowrote and coproduced the single with fellow prominent members of production team The Runaways, Sam Watters, Rico Love, and Louis Biancaniello.[23]

In early 2008, Wilkins co-wrote We Break the Dawn alongside Solange Knowles and Andrew Frampton for R&B singer Michelle Williams third album "Unexpected." He was also involved in creating the remix for the same song.

In June 2008 Shontelle’s “T-shirt” was released and co-written by Wilkins.[24] The single was a dance hit in the United Kingdom and the United States. Reaching No. 1 on UK’s Urban Chart and No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club songs.[25][26]

Beyoncé released her double platinum and 5x Grammy winning album “I Am... Sasha Fierce” in November 2008 which included the Wilkins’ Production and co-written single “Sweet Dreams”.[27][28][29] The song went on to reach platinum status and landed at No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[9][30]

In May 2009 former American Idol winner Jordin Sparks released the single “Battlefield”.[31] Wilkins cowrote and coproduced the song that reached the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100.[31] With this song Wilkins assisted the platinum singer in achieving her third top 10 Billboard Hot 100 single.[32][33]

British artist Cheryl Cole released the single “Fight For This Love” in October 2009 taken from her multiplatinum album “3 Words”.[4][34] Wilkins co-wrote and co-produced the single which went platinum in the UK and topped Billboard’s UK Songs Chart and the BBC’s UK Singles Chart.[4][10][11]

Awards and Nominations[edit]

-2005 BMI London Award for “These Words[35]

-2006 BMI London Award for “Single[35]

-2007 BMI London Award for “Love Like This[35]

-2008 BMI Pop Award for “Love Like This[35]

-2008 BMI London Award for “T-Shirt[35]

-2009 Grammy nomination Album of the Year – BeyoncéI Am… Sasha Fierce[36]

-2009 BMI Pop Award for “Battlefield[35]

-2010 BMI London Award for “Battlefield[35]

-2010 BMI London Award for “Sweet Dreams[35]


Year Single Chart positions Album
2001 "Would You Be Happier?" (The Corrs) 47 61 81 26 14 Best of The Corrs
2004 "Single" (Natasha Bedingfield) 78 7 3 57 38 Unwritten
"These Words" (Natasha Bedingfield) 5 19 2 1 1 17 9 35
2005 "I Bruise Easily" (Natasha Bedingfield) 46 17 12
2007 "I Wanna Have Your Babies" (Natasha Bedingfield) 50 39 8 7 N.B.
"Love Like This" (Natasha Bedingfield ft. Sean Kingston) 77 33 34 20 11 1 Pocketful of Sunshine
2008 "We Break the Dawn" (Michelle Williams) 47 4 Unexpected
"Energy" (Keri Hilson) 55 43 78 21 72 In a Perfect World...
"T-Shirt" (Shontelle) 26 6 36 1 Shontelligence
2009 "Battlefield" (Jordin Sparks) 4 40 9 11 10 6 Battlefield
"Sweet Dreams" (Beyoncé) 2 8 4 5 10 48 2 1 I Am… Sasha Fierce
"Touch My Hand" (David Archuleta) David Archuleta
"Battle Cry" (Shontelle) 61 Shontelligence
"Fight for This Love" (Cheryl Cole) 54 7 4 1 1 3 Words
"No More" (Cassie Davis) 90 Differently
2010 "Strip Me" (Natasha Bedingfield) 91 Strip Me
"Promise This" (Cheryl Cole) 78 1 1 Messy Little Raindrops
2011 "The Flood" (Cheryl Cole) 26 18


Musical Influences/Songwriting/Mixing and Engineering/Gear[edit]

Musical Influences[edit]

Wilkins has cited artists such as Michael Jackson, David Foster, Whitney Houston, Chicago, John Williams, and Oscar Peterson as having a major influence on his style and tastes.[17]


With his writing techniques, Wilkins prefers to start with chord progressions as opposed to lyrics.[16] He has said he attempts to be a “vessel” in which music just flows out of him naturally.[16] He prefers writing and producing together to see the song all the way through both processes to make sure it’s a hit.[37] When writing Wilkins chooses not to use many sounds but only what is completely necessary.[37] He says he tends to write simple lyrics that people can grasp with a running theme throughout the song.[37] He likes to write simple chords to pop songs and focuses on the melody.[37] When he can Wilkins prefers co-writing.[38] Generally Wilkins focuses on the music and the melody and collaborates with lyricists.[17]

Mixing and Engineering[edit]

Early in his career Wilkins worked under mixing engineer Mark “Spike” Stent of EMI.[37] Wilkins knows how to record and also professionally mix recordings.[16] Wilkins prefers to record an artist where they are most comfortable so he travels to where the artist is with portable gear.[38]


Wilkins’ gear generally consists of an Apple Logic, a MacBook Pro and an Apogee Symphony Mobile System.[16] Wilkins has stated his gear allows him to record anywhere in the world.[38]


Croydon Boy/Ego Frenzy/Wayne Wilkins Music Group/Blow The Speakers[edit]

Wilkins started his own record label, Croydon Boy, in 2013, and signed Tiny Dancer as a new artist.[39]

Wilkins runs his own production company Wayne Wilkins Music Group, and publishing companies, Ego Frenzy and Blow The Speakers.[14] Producers and songwriters T-Wiz, Ollie Spano, and Glass are signed to Ego Frenzy.[40][41] Wilkins is currently interested in developing new artists.[38] Wilkins has said that he scouts new talent on YouTube and myspace.[38]

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