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The World Tenpin Bowling Association of the Fédération Internationale des Quilleurs is a Ten-pin bowling organisation which independently formulates its own policies, which may not conflict with FIQ Statutes. They also promulgate and enforce playing rules and equipment specifications, conduct world championships, oversee zone championships and grant approval for other international tournaments.

The WTBA manages the World Bowling Tour.


International bowling began during the 1930s under the International Bowling Federation. The attempt to unite all the bowlers in the world created Federation International de Quillers (FIQ) in 1952.

Worldwide Zones[edit]

It is divided into the following geographical Zones:

National organizations qualify to become FIQ member federations based on certain admission criteria. Currently, the FIQ has 123 members. In some cases, the member represents only the Tenpin discipline or the Ninepin discipline. In other cases the member represents both disciplines.

The FIQ Presidium (similar to an Executive Committee) is responsible for legislative matters, membership fees, fiscal plans and general administration of FIQ programs. It also has authority to hear and determine disputes between FIQ members or between FIQ members and WTBA.

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