Xianning Nuclear Power Plant

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Xianning Nuclear Power Plant
Xianning Nuclear Power Plant is located in China
Xianning Nuclear Power Plant
Location of Xianning Nuclear Power Plant in China
Country People's Republic of China
Location Tongshan County, Xianning, Hubei
Coordinates 29°40′N 114°40′E / 29.66°N 114.67°E / 29.66; 114.67Coordinates: 29°40′N 114°40′E / 29.66°N 114.67°E / 29.66; 114.67[1]
Status Under construction
Construction began 2010
Owner(s) Hubei Nuclear Power Co.
Nuclear power station
Reactor type AP1000 Pressurized water reactor
Power generation
Units planned 4 × 1250 MW

The Xianning Nuclear Power Plant is under construction in Dafanzhen, Tongshan County, Xianning, Hubei Province, China.[2] It is planned to host at least four 1,250-megawatt (MW) AP1000 pressurized water reactors.

The plant is owned by Hubei Nuclear Power Company, a joint venture of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) and Hubei Energy Group Ltd. The cost of four AP1000 reactors is put at CNY 60 billion (US$8.8 billion). Work on the site began in 2010; the first reactor will start construction in 2011, and go online in 2015.[3]

Unit Type Construction start Operation start Notes
Phase I
Xianning 1 AP1000 2011 2015 [3]
Xianning 2 AP1000
Phase II
Xianning 3 AP1000
Xianning 4 AP1000

The plant is described as the first nuclear power plant to be built in China's inland regions (i.e., not near the seacoast).[4] The plant is expected to use the water of the Fushui Reservoir for cooling and various ancillary purposes.[4]

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