1884 Howard, South Dakota tornado

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Photograph of the Howard tornado of August 28, 1884, by F.N. Robinson

The 1884 Howard, South Dakota tornado was a large tornado that occurred on August 28, 1884, near Howard, South Dakota, which was then part of the Dakota Territory. It demolished one farm, located south of Bridgewater, South Dakota. Four people were killed there and two injured. It was one of an outbreak of four very strong tornadoes in the area that day. Contemporary records and survivors' recollections indicate that the storms were F3 or F4 on the Fujita scale.[1]

This was one of the first tornadoes of which there is a photograph.[2] The photographer was F. N. Robinson, who observed the tornado from a street in the town of Howard, about 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) east of the storm track.[1]

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