1948 BAA draft

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1948 BAA draft
General information
Date(s) May 10, 1948
Location Chicago
First selection Andy Tonkovich, Providence Steamrollers
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BAA draft
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The 1948 BAA draft was the second annual draft of the Basketball Association of America (BAA), which later became the National Basketball Association (NBA). The draft was held on May 10, 1948, before to the 1948–49 season. In this draft, eight BAA teams along with four teams who moved from the National Basketball League, took turns selecting amateur U.S. college basketball players.

Draft selections and draftee career notes[edit]

Andy Tonkovich from Marshall University was selected first overall by the Providence Steamrollers. Four of the first round pick, George Kok, George Hauptfuhrer, Robert Gale and Chuck Hanger, never played in the BAA. Three players from this draft, Harry Gallatin, Dolph Schayes and Bobby Wanzer, have been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame.[1]


Pos. G F C
Position Guard Forward Center
^ Denotes player who has been inducted to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame
+ Denotes player who has been selected for at least one All-Star Game
# Denotes player who never played in the NBA regular season or playoffs


Round Pick Player Position Team College
1 1 Tonkovich, AndyAndy Tonkovich G Providence Steamrollers Marshall
1 2 Kok, GeorgeGeorge Kok# C Indianapolis Jets Arkansas
1 3 Hauptfuhrer, GeorgeGeorge Hauptfuhrer# C Boston Celtics Harvard
1 4 Schayes, DolphDolph Schayes^ F/C New York Knicks NYU
1 5 Mikan, EdEd Mikan F/C Chicago Stags DePaul
1 6 Budko, WaltWalt Budko F/C Baltimore Bullets Columbia
1 7 Gale, RobertRobert Gale# St. Louis Bombers Cornell
1 8 Williams, WardWard Williams F Fort Wayne Pistons Indiana
1 9 Hanger, ChuckChuck Hanger# Minneapolis Lakers California
1 10 Wanzer, BobbyBobby Wanzer^ G Rochester Royals Seton Hall
1 11 Ray, DonDon Ray F/C Philadelphia Warriors Western Kentucky
1 12 Nichols, JackJack Nichols F/C Washington Capitols Washington

Other picks[edit]

The following list includes other draft picks who have appeared in at least one BAA/NBA game.

Round Pick Player Position Team College
Bach, JohnnyJohnny Bach G/F Boston Celtics Fordham
Berce, GeneGene Berce G/F New York Knicks Marquette
Brown, DarrellDarrell Brown F Baltimore Bullets Humboldt State
Burmaster, JackJack Burmaster G St. Louis Bombers Illinois
Carter, JakeJake Carter F/C Baltimore Bullets East Texas State
Jack ColemanJack Coleman+ F/C Providence Steamrollers Louisville
Cook, BobbyBobby Cook G Fort Wayne Pistons Wisconsin
Dillon, HookHook Dillon F Chicago Stags North Carolina
Ferrin, ArnieArnie Ferrin G/F Minneapolis Lakers Utah
Gabor, BillBill Gabor+ G/F Rochester Royals Syracuse
Gallatin, HarryHarry Gallatin^ F/C New York Knicks Northeast Missouri
Gardner, EarlEarl Gardner F Minneapolis Lakers DePauw
Gibson, DeeDee Gibson G/F Minneapolis Lakers Western Kentucky
Hannum, AlexAlex Hannum F/C Indianapolis Jets USC
Hawkins, MarshallMarshall Hawkins F Boston Celtics Tennessee
Holland, JoeJoe Holland F Baltimore Bullets Kentucky
Kachan, WhiteyWhitey Kachan G Chicago Stags DePaul
Katkaveck, LeoLeo Katkaveck G Washington Capitols NC State
Kelly, TomTom Kelly G Boston Celtics NYU
Kostecka, AndyAndy Kostecka F Indianapolis Jets Georgetown
Kraus, DanDan Kraus G Baltimore Bullets Georgetown
Krautblatt, HerbHerb Krautblatt G Baltimore Bullets Rider
Kubiak, LeoLeo Kubiak G/F Rochester Royals Bowling Green
Lumpp, RayRay Lumpp G Indianapolis Jets NYU
McGaha, MelMel McGaha G New York Knicks Arkansas
Mitchell, MurrayMurray Mitchell C Boston Celtics Sam Houston State
Orr, JohnnyJohnny Orr F Minneapolis Lakers Beloit
Parham, EasyEasy Parham G/F St. Louis Bombers Texas Wesleyan
Parkinson, JackJack Parkinson G Washington Capitols Kentucky
Peterson, EdEd Peterson C New York Knicks Cornell
Pugh, RoyRoy Pugh F/C Philadelphia Warriors SMU
Ritter, TexTex Ritter G New York Knicks Eastern Kentucky
Rollins, KennyKenny Rollins G Fort Wayne Pistons Kentucky
Shrider, DickDick Shrider G New York Knicks Ohio
Spears, OdieOdie Spears G Chicago Stags Western Kentucky
Walker, BradyBrady Walker F/C Providence Steamrollers BYU
Wehr, DickDick Wehr F Indianapolis Jets Rice
Wier, MurrayMurray Wier G Fort Wayne Pistons Iowa
Wilcutt, D. C.D. C. Wilcutt G St. Louis Bombers Saint Louis

Undrafted players[edit]

These players were not selected in the 1948 draft but played at least one game in the NBA.

Player Position College
Minor, DaveDave Minor G UCLA


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