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List of years in Canadian television

This is a list of Canadian television related events from 1962.


Date Event
May 26 Canadian Television Network (CTN) changes its name to CTV.
The first CFL game airs on CTV.
The 1962 Canadian Film Awards.
June 18 Coverage of the 1962 federal election airs on CBC and CTV. This is the first federal election to air on CTV.
December 21 CBKT goes on the air as a CBC affiliate.


Show Station Premiere Date
20/20 CBC Television April 22
Scarlett Hill September 17
Flashback September 23
Music Hop October 1
Network CTV
The Pierre Berton Show Unknown
To Tell the Truth
People in Conflict
Take 30 CBC Television

Ending this year[edit]

Show Station Cancelled
Maggie Muggins CBC Television June 27
A Case for the Court Unknown
Club 6
Open House
Cross Canada Barndance CTV
Twenty Questions
West Coast


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