1993 European Sprint Swimming Championships

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The 1993 European Sprint Swimming Championships were held in Gateshead, United Kingdom, from 11–13 November. The championships were organised by the Ligue Européenne de Natation (LEN), with events held in a short course pool.

Only the 50 m individual stroke events, the 100 m individual medley and 4×50 m relay events were held at this edition. Backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly relays were held for the first time in a major international championships.[1] Many of Europe's top swimmers did not attend the meet due to the timing of the World Short Course Championships being held less than three weeks after in Palma de Mallorca.[2]

Medal table[edit]

  *   Host nation (Great Britain)

1 Germany (GER)97723
2 Sweden (SWE)74112
3 Great Britain (GBR)*1539
4 Russia (RUS)1416
5 Netherlands (NED)1102
6 Spain (ESP)1001
7 Estonia (EST)0101
8 Croatia (CRO)0011
 Finland (FIN)0011
Totals (9 nations)20221456


Men's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle  Joakim Holmquist (SWE) 22.26  Vladimir Predkin (RUS)
 Silko Günzel (GER)
22.45 None
50 m backstroke  Patrick Hermanspann (GER) 25.76  Tino Weber (GER) 25.78  Zsolt Hegmegi (SWE) 25.99
50 m breaststroke  Vassily Ivanov (RUS) 27.82  Ron Dekker (NED) 27.89  Mark Warnecke (GER) 28.03
50 m butterfly  Carlos Sánchez (ESP) 24.04  Jan Karlsson (SWE) 24.19  Vladimir Predkin (RUS) 24.32
100 m individual medley  Ron Dekker (NED) 55.77  Indrek Sei (EST) 56.07  Christian Keller (GER) 56.14
4×50 m freestyle relay  Sweden
Christer Wallin
Pär Lindström
Joakim Holmqvist
Zsolt Hegmegi
1:28.80  Germany
Silko Günzel
Axel Hickmann
Torsten Spanneberg
Ingolf Rasch
1:28.88  Croatia
Miloš Milošević
Marijan Kanjer
Alen Loncar
Miroslav Vučetić
4×50 m backstroke relay  Germany 1:44.97  Great Britain 1:48.28 None
4×50 m breaststroke relay  Germany 1:55.53  Great Britain 1:58.24 None
4×50 m butterfly relay  Sweden 1:36.53  Germany 1:37.36  Great Britain 1:40.27
4×50 m medley relay  Sweden
Zsolt Hegmegi
Peter Haraldsson
Jan Karlsson
Joakim Holmqvist
1:39.54  Russia 1:40.22  Germany
Patrick Hermanspann
Mark Warnecke
Dirk Vandenhirtz
Silko Günzel

Women's events[edit]

Event Gold Silver Bronze
50 m freestyle  Sandra Völker (GER) 25.55  Linda Olofsson (SWE) 25.56  Annette Hadding (GER) 25.79
50 m backstroke  Sandra Völker (GER) 28.26  Nina Zhivanevskaya (RUS) 28.71  Andrea Kutz (GER) 29.32
50 m breaststroke  Sylvia Gerasch (GER) 31.57  Peggy Hartung (GER)
 Karen Rake (GBR)
31.89 None
50 m butterfly  Louise Karlsson (SWE) 27.49  Svetlana Pozdeyeva (RUS) 27.88  Julia Voitowitsch (GER) 27.91
100 m individual medley  Louise Karlsson (SWE) 1:01.45  Ulrika Jardfelt (SWE) 1:02.74  Sylvia Gerasch (GER) 1:03.12
4×50 m freestyle relay  Sweden
Ellenor Svensson
Linda Olofsson
Louise Karlsson
Susanne Lööv
1:41.27  Germany
Sandra Völker
Annette Hadding
Silvia Stahl
Anke Scholz
1:43.08  Great Britain 1:46.04
4×50 m backstroke relay  Germany 2:01.15  Great Britain 2:02.45 None
4×50 m breaststroke relay  Great Britain 2:11.28  Germany 2:11.34 None
4×50 m butterfly relay  Germany 1:53.06  Great Britain 1:55.62  Finland 1:57.17
4×50 m medley relay  Germany
Sandra Volker
Sylvia Gerasch
Julia Voitowitsch
Annette Hadding
1:53.26  Sweden
Ulrika Jardfeldt
Hanna Jaltner
Louise Karlsson
Linda Olofsson
1:53.74  Great Britain 1:57.13


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