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This article 1993 in motoring deals with developments in the automotive industry that occurred throughout the year 1993 by various automobile manufacturers, grouped by country. The automotive industry designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and sells motor vehicles.

United Kingdom[edit]

Ford's successor to the Sierra was the Mondeo, launched in January 1993. It would receive the European Car of the Year award - as the automaker's large family car to compete with Vauxhall's Cavalier. After 10 years as a separate model, the Ford Orion, became part the Escort range from which was originally created.

Rover expanded its range with the launch of the 600 Series, a compact executive saloon car based on the Honda Accord. Its arrival in the spring of 1993 saw the deletion of the Montego saloon from the range after nearly a decade, although the estate remained in production, as did the even older Maestro hatchback.

Vauxhall replaced the decade-old Nova with the completely new Corsa.

Following the insolvency of DAF NV (see the Netherlands section), Leyland DAF went into receivership. Two new independent British companies were established as the result of management buyouts of the respective parts of the old company: Leyland Trucks in Leyland, Lancashire took over the UK truck manufacturing interests, and LDV Limited in Birmingham took over the van making business.


The Peugeot 306, launched early in 1993, was successor to the 309 and was also a partial replacement for the smaller, decade-old 205, which remains in production in lower numbers.

PSA launched of the all-new Xantia, a five-door the large family hatchback that replaces the 11-year-old BX.

Renault launches an all-new Laguna family car to replace its ageing R21. The continental launch came in December 1993, but British sales did not begin until April 1994.


Fiat launched the new Punto supermini late in 1993, with British sales beginning in April 1994. It was the replacement for the long-running Uno, which finished production in Italy in 1995 but remained in production in Poland and Brazil.


After 10 years of production, Mercedes-Benz replaced the 190E with the C-Class four-door compact executive saloon.


Fourteen years after the original version was introduced, Saab launched an all-new 900 range using the Vauxhall Cavalier/Opel Vectra platform. Production of the Volvo 240-series originated from the 140-series ends.


SEAT, the Spanish subsidiary of Volkswagen, introduced an all-new version of the Ibiza supermini styled by Italian designer Giugiaro.


DAF NV became insolvent. DAF Trucks was re-established as an independent truck maker following a management buyout of the Dutch interests of the company.

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