2006 Open Canada Cup

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2006 Open Canada Cup
Country Canada
Teams 18
Champions Ottawa St. Anthony Italia (1st title)
Runners-up Toronto Lynx
Matches played 18
Goals scored 53 (2.94 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Urbain Some, Abraham Osman, Helio Pereira, Dragorad Milicevic, Haris Cekic (3 goals each)

The 2006 Open Canada Cup was the 9th edition of the Canadian Soccer League's open cup tournament running from late May through late September. Ottawa St. Anthony Italia defeated Toronto Lynx 2-0 in the final played at Cove Road Stadium, London, Ontario.[1]Ottawa became the first victorious amateur club in the tournament's history, and first amateur club to claim a purely Canadian treble (Open Canada Cup, Ontario Cup, and The Challenge Trophy). The tournament expanded to include for the first time the Toronto Lynx of the USL First Division at that time the nations top tier division.[2][3] Notable entries included the reigning Spectator Cup champions Hamilton Serbia, and 2005 Canadian National Challenge Cup, Ontario Cup champions Scarborough GS United both respectively from the Ontario Soccer League.

The Ontario and Quebec amateur clubs began the tournament in the preliminary rounds while the CSL clubs and Toronto Lynx received an automatic bye to the second round. For the fifth straight year London City were awarded the hosting rights to the finals which granted them a wild card match if they were defeated in the earlier rounds.[4] All CSL clubs competed in the competition with the exception of Toronto Croatia which opted out in order to compete in the annual Croatian-North American Soccer Tournament.


Enter in Preliminary Round Enter in Second Round
3 teams/1 team/1 team/1 team
11 teams/1 team
Ontario Soccer League
  • Scarborough GS United
  • Hamilton Argentina 78
  • Hamilton Serbia
Ligue de Soccer Elite Quebec
  • Montreal Panellinios
Ottawa Carleton Soccer League
Western Ontario Soccer League
  • AEK London
Canadian Soccer League
USL First Division

First round[edit]

Second round[edit]

Quarter Final[edit]

Wild Card Game[edit]



September 24
5:00 ET
Toronto Lynx 0–2 Ottawa St. Anthony Italia
Report Abraham Osman Goal 55'
Abraham Osman Goal 81'
Esther Shiner Stadium
Attendance: 200
Referee: Joe Fletcher (Ontario)
GK 28 Canada Chris Baker
RB 17 Canada Chris Williams
CB 6 Canada Andres Arango
LB 3 Trinidad and Tobago Rick Titus
RM 23 Canada Gordon Chin Substituted off 89'
CM 4 Canada Joe Mattacchione (c) Substituted off 85'
CM 9 Canada David Diplacido
CM 27 Angola Edgar Bartolomeu Substituted off 64'
LM 12 Canada Marko Bedenikovic Substituted off 46'
ST 2 Canada Damien Pottinger Substituted off 85'
ST 15 Canada Matthew Palleschi Substituted off 89'
DF 46 Canada Anthony Doran Substituted in 89'
DF 14 Canada Cameron Medwin Substituted in 46'
MF 21 Brazil Osni Neto Substituted in 64'
DF 32 England Aaron Steele Substituted in 85'
MF 29 Canada Steve Lumley Substituted in 85'
MW 74 Canada Mackenzie Wilde Substituted in 89'
England Duncan Wilde
GK 0 Canada Angus Wong
RB 6 Canada Simon Bonk
CB 3 Canada Kwame Telmarque
LB 16 Canada Kwesi Loney
RM 20 Canada Marcelo Plada
CM 8 Canada Richard Furano
CM 19 Burkina Faso Urbain Some (c)
CM 4 Democratic Republic of the Congo Ladislas Bushiri Substituted off 82'
LM 7 Canada Christan Hoefler
CF 9 Uganda Abraham Osman
CF 11 Ivory Coast Souleyman Gagou Substituted off 86'
GK 1 Canada Scott Millique
DF 5 Canada Alessandro Battisi Substituted in 82'
ST 12 Canada Edgar Soglo
MF 18 Canada Claudio Venegas
MF 21 Canada Allan Popazzi
ST 10 Canada Johnny Schleda Substituted in 86'
Canada Aldo Popazzi

Assistant referees:
Vito Currali
Geoff Gamble
Fourth official:
Kyle McIntosh

Top scorers[edit]

Position Player Club Goals
1 Abraham Osman Ottawa St. Anthony Italia 3
Dragorad Milicevic Hamilton Serbians 3
Haris Cekic AEK London 3
Helio Pereira Brampton Stallions 3
Urbain Some Ottawa St. Anthony Italia 3
2 Hugo Herrera Brampton Stallions 2
Jamie Dodds Toronto Lynx 2
Souleyman Gagou Ottawa St. Anthony Italia 2


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