2010 Rowing World Cup – World Cup 1

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The first event of the 2010 Rowing World Cup took place in Lake Bled, Slovenia from May 28–30.

Medal summary[edit]

Event: Gold: Time Silver: Time Bronze: Time
Men's Events
M1x  Czech Republic
Ondřej Synek
 Great Britain
Alan Campbell
Marcel Hacker
M2x  Great Britain 1
Matthew Wells
Marcus Bateman
 Great Britain 2
William Lucas
Sam Townsend
Allar Raja
Kaspar Taimsoo
M4x  Croatia
Martin Sinkovic
Simone Raineri
Alessio Sartori
Matteo Steffanini
Marek Kolbowicz
M2-  New Zealand
Eric Murray
Hamish Bond
 Great Britain
Pete Reed
Andrew Triggs Hodge
Nikolaos Gkountoulas
Apostolos Gkountoulas
M4-  Great Britain
Richard Egington
Alex Partridge
Alex Gregory
Matt Langridge
6:06.44  Serbia 6:08.18  Canada
Rob Gibson
Michael Wilkinson
Fraser Berkhout
Douglas Csima
M8+  Great Britain  Netherlands  Poland
LM2x  Canada
Douglas Vandor
Cameron Sylvester
6:27.80  Italy
Lorenzo Bertini
Elia Luini
6:31.87  France
Jérémie Azou
Rémi Di Girolamo
LM4-  Denmark  Great Britain  Italy
Women's Events
W1x  Belarus
Ekaterina Karsten-Khodotovitch
 New Zealand
Emma Twigg
Bin Tang
W2x  Great Britain
Katherine Grainger
Anna Watkins
 China 1
Liang Tian
Zhang Yangyang
 United States
Stesha Carle
Kathleen Bertko
W4x  Great Britain
Katherine Grainger
Anna Watkins
Beth Rodford
Annabel Vernon
 Ukraine   Switzerland
Regina Naunheim
W2-  Canada
Ashley Brzozowicz
Krista Guloien
7:20.60  China 1
Li Meng
Li Tong
7:22.81  United States
Erin Cafaro
Susan Francia
W8+  Great Britain  Netherlands  Poland
LW2x  United States  Great Britain 1  Greece


World Cup Standings[edit]

Rank Nation Bled Points
1  Great Britain 75
2  China 31
3  Italy 27
4  Canada 25
5  Netherlands 22
6  United States 21
7  Czech Republic 16
7  Poland 16
9  Germany 14
9  New Zealand 14



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