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The following lists events from the year 2017 in Zimbabwe.




  • 3 March - 2016–17 Zimbabwe floods: Government officials say that floods since December 2016 have killed 246 people and over 2000 people remain homeless as a result.[1]


  • 10 June - President Mugabe sacks Johannes Tomana from the role of chief prosecutor after a tribunal found him guilty of sexual misconduct and incompetence.[2]


  • 3 November - American producer Martha O'Donovan is arrested for allegedly attempting to overthrow the President.[3]
  • 6 November - Vice President Mnangagwa is fired by Mugabe as a move perceived to be an attempt to get his wife, Grace, to succeed him as President if he dies.[4]
  • 14 November - Military forces take up positions on the streets of the capital of Harare in what the ruling party, ZANU-PF, calls an act of treason.[5]
  • 15 November - President Mugabe is overthrown as military forces seize the capital and a news station reporting the coup.[6] The military issues a statement to remain calm and support the country's development as several officials are arrested.[7]
  • 18 November - Thousands of Zimbabweans celebrate on the streets of Harare at the downfall of Mugabe.[8]
  • 19 November - Mugabe is fired from the presidency of ZANU-PF and is replaced with Mnangagwa. He refuses to resign amid a request giving him 24 hours to do so or face impeachment.[9]
  • 21 November - Mugabe resigns after impeachment proceedings are launched.[10]
  • 24 November - Emmerson Mnangagwa is sworn in as the third President of Zimbabwe with elections pending next year.[11]
  • 25 November - Former finance minister Ignatius Chombo, arrested during the coup, is charged by the courts with corruption, fraud and power abuse.[12]