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EXO-XOXO-First Album.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJune 3, 2013
Recorded2011-2013; S.M. Studios, Seoul
LabelSM Entertainment
Exo chronology
Miracles in December
Singles from XOXO
  1. "Wolf"
    Released: May 30, 2013
  2. "Growl"
    Released: July 30, 2013

XOXO is the first studio album by South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo, released on June 3, 2013 by SM Entertainment and distributed by KT Music. The album is a follow-up to the group's debut EP, Mama (2012). The album was released in two versions – a Korean "Kiss" edition and a Chinese "Hug" edition.[1]

Two singles were released from XOXO: "Wolf" and "Growl", the latter being the lead single off the album's repackaged version released on August 5, 2013. Both singles went to chart in the top ten of the Gaon Singles Chart, and "Growl" peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Korea K-Pop Hot 100. The album won Album of the Year at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards and sold over 1 million copies, entering the list of the best-selling albums in Korea .[2]


The album's lead single, "늑대와 미녀" ("The Wolf and the Beauty"), known in English as simply "Wolf", was composed by Will Simms, Nermin Harambasic from Dsign Music and SM Entertainment resident songwriter Kenzie. Kenzie also provided the lyrics for the Korean version of the song while Zhou Weijie penned the lyrics for the Mandarin Chinese version, "狼与美女". Yoo Young-jin provides background vocals. The dance for the song was choreographed by Tony Testa. In several shows such as Arirang's After School Club, the members explain that the dance has 3 elements: the trees and forest, the caves, and the wolf itself. Member Kris revealed that it took them approximately 3 to 4 months to get the choreography down, due to its level of difficulty.[citation needed] A demo version of the song was leaked in February 2013, in response to which producer Ryan Jhun later gave a warning to illegal downloaders on May 29, 2013, "...I will report it to FBI and service department for all links...".[3]

Several "developmental" tracks were produced and recorded in 2011 before Exo's official debut into entertainment industry but never made it into the first EP Mama. Some of these tracks were included on the XOXO album, including "Black Pearl" and "My Lady".[citation needed]

In July 2013, a re-package version of 'XOXO', renamed 으르렁 (Growl), was developed with three additional tracks. The single from this edition was its title track "Growl" (으르렁).[4] The song was recorded in both Korean and Mandarin Chinese ("咆哮") versions. Composed by Hyuk Shin (Joombas), DK, Jordan Kyle, John Major, and Jarah Gibson, "Growl" is a dance-pop song with contemporary R&B and funk influences. The single was prematurely leaked online on July 27, when a video of the group practicing to the Korean version of the song was uploaded to various video-sharing websites.[5]

Release and promotion[edit]

May 30, 2013, the Korean and Chinese versions of the music video for "Wolf" were released,[6] and the song's first performance was made on Mnet M! Countdown.[7] Both song versions were released digitally on June 3, 2013, and on the same day, two physical formats of the entire album XOXO were also released in South Korea: a "Kiss" edition in Korean and a "Hug" edition in Mandarin.[8] After a performance on SBS Inkigayo on June 3, 2013, Exo visited and thanked 2,000 fans who had been waiting at a nearby park to meet them.[9] The first performance of the Mandarin version of the song was aired on a popular Chinese variety show Happy Camp in mid-June.[10]

The album reached over 300,000 collective pre-orders,[1] and peaked at number one on the Billboard World Album Chart a week after release.[11] As of December 2013, the Korean and Chinese versions of the album, as well as their respective repackaged versions, have collectively sold over 1,070,000 copies,[12][13][14] making it the best-selling album of the year in the K-pop industry. With over a million copies sold, XOXO also became Korea's best-selling album in 12 years.[2]

Track listing[edit]

XOXO (original edition)[edit]

Kiss edition (Korean version)
1."늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)" (Neukdae Wa Minyeo)KenzieKenzie, Will Simms, Nermin HarambašićWolf and the Beauty (Wolf)3:52
2."Baby Don't Cry (인어의 눈물)" (Ineoui Nunmul, sung by: Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O.)Cho Yoon-kyungKim Tae-sung, Im Kwang-wook, Andrew Choi, Kalle EngstromBaby Don't Cry (A Mermaid's Tears)3:55
3."Black Pearl"Seo Ji-eumDK, 2xxx!, JJ Evans, Hyuk Shin (Joombas), Deanfluenza, TK, Jasmine Kearse, Brittani Marthena White 3:08
4."나비소녀 (Don't Go)" (Nabi Sonyeo)Seo Ji-eumDK, Hyuk Shin (Joombas), John Major, Jordan Kyle, Jeffrey Patrick LewisButterfly Girl (Don't Go)3:36
5."Let Out the Beast"Lee Hyun-kyuJay J. Kim, Robert Peters, Spencer Yaras, Taeko Carroll, Charles Wiggins, Chris Lightbody, Robert SteinmilleJimseung-eul Boja3:27
6."3.6.5"Cho Yoon-kyung, Didrik ThottHayden Bell, Christian Fast, Henrik NordenbackSe Yeoseos Daseos3:07
7."Heart Attack"MisfitMGI, GoodWillSimjang Mabi3:39
8."피터팬 (Peter Pan)" (Piteopaen)Hong Ji-yuKibwe Luke, Ryan S. Jhun, Denzil Remedios 3:56
9."Baby"KenzieKim Jung-bae, KenzieAga4:00
10."My Lady"Kim Boo-minHitchhikerNae Yeoja3:33
11."늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)" (Exo-K version)KenzieKenzie, Will Simms, Nermin HarambašićNeugdaewa Minyeo3:52
12."狼与美女 (Wolf) - Mandarin version" (Láng Yǔ Měinǚ)Zhou WeijieKenzie, Will Simms, Nermin HarambašićWolf and the Beauty (Wolf)3:52
Total length:43:48

Growl (repackaged edition)[edit]


Korean and Chinese versions

Chart Peak position
Kiss edition
Hug edition
Kiss edition
Hug edition
South Korea Gaon Weekly Albums Chart 1[15] 2[15] 1[16] 2[16]
South Korea Gaon Monthly Albums Chart 1[17] 2[17] 1[18] 2[18]
South Korea Gaon 2013 Yearly Albums Chart 3[19] 6[19] 1[19] 7[19]
South Korea Gaon 2014 Yearly Albums Chart 53 83 15 67
South Korea Gaon 2015 Yearly Albums Chart 71
Japan Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 9 18
Japan Oricon Monthly Albums Chart 18 36

Combined version

Chart Peak
US Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart[20] 23
US Billboard World Albums Chart[21] 1

Sales and shipments[edit]

Album sales[edit]

Release history[edit]

Edition Date Region Format Label Catalog
Original June 3, 2013 Worldwide / South Korea[22][23] CD, digital download SM Entertainment, KT Music SMK0242
July 19, 2013 Taiwan[24] Avex AVKCD80280/A
July 27, 2013 Philippines Universal Records SMK0242
June 12, 2013 Thailand S.M. True
Repackage August 5, 2013 Worldwide / South Korea SM Entertainment, KT Music SMK0275
September 13, 2013 Taiwan Avex Taiwan AVKCD80280/C
August 16, 2013 Thailand S.M. True

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Nominated work Category Result
2013 Golden Disk Awards Growl Digital Bonsang Nominated
XOXO Disk Bonsang Won
Disk Daesang Won
MelOn Music Awards Growl Song of the Year Won
Music Video award Nominated
XOXO Album of the Year Nominated
Mnet Asian Music Awards XOXO BC - UnionPay Album of the Year[25] Won
Growl BC - UnionPay Song of the Year Nominated
Seoul Music Awards Record of the Year in Digital Release Won
KBS Music Festival Song of the year Won
World Music Awards Best World Song Won

Music program awards[edit]

Song Program Date
"Wolf" Music Bank (KBS) June 14, 2013
Show! Music Core (MBC) June 15, 2013
Inkigayo (SBS) June 16, 2013
Show Champion (MBC Music) June 19, 2013
"Growl" Music Bank (KBS) August 16, 2013
August 23, 2013
Inkigayo (SBS) August 18, 2013
August 25, 2013
September 1, 2013
Show Champion (MBC Music) August 21, 2013
August 28, 2013
September 4, 2013
M! Countdown (Mnet) August 22, 2013
August 29, 2013
September 5, 2013
Show! Music Core (MBC) August 24, 2013
August 31, 2013
September 7, 2013


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