4 Plugs

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4 Plugs
4 Plugs (The Mad Capsule Markets album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by The Mad Capsule Markets
Released 24 January 1996
Recorded 1995
Sound Sky Kawana studio
Victor studio
Genre Industrial metal, rap metal, Hardcore Punk
Length 38:16
Label Victor, Invitation
Producer The Mad Capsule Market's
The Mad Capsule Markets chronology
4 Plugs
The Mad Capsule Market's
Singles from 4 Plugs
  1. "Kami-uta (神Kami-uta歌?, God Song)"
    Released: December 16, 1995
  2. "WALK! (JAPAN MIX)"
    Released: March 23, 1996

4 Plugs is the seventh album by The Mad Capsule Markets. The album has been known as a turning point in the band's career as it was a departure from the original melodic Japanese rock and punk sound to a more rap metal-based style. The melodious elements heard on Mix-ism and Park are largely gone, the sole exception being "Normal Life", replaced by aggressive and heavy beats. Most fans welcomed this newer sound and style, and the band attracted a new fanbase, but some fans of their earlier sound felt disappointed with their new direction.[1][2][3][4]

This album also featured almost fully English songs such as "Walk!" and "Don't Suss Me Out".

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Possess in Loop" 3:56
2. "Crack" 3:33
3. "Kami-uta (神Kami-uta歌?, God Song)" 3:35
4. "Rust Off System" 1:24
5. "Walk!" 3:24
6. "Normal Life (ノーマルライフ?, Normal Life)" 6:52
7. "Another Plug" 1:02
8. "S.H.Ō.D.O.K.U. (消毒 S・H・O・D・O・K・U?, Disinfect)" 3:35
9. "A・S・M・I・A・S・B" 3:18
10. "PGM On" 1:36
11. "Don't Suss Me Out" 2:44
12. "Destruction at the Door" 3:10
13. "O・U・T" 5:24


Year Album Chart Position
1996 4 Plugs Official Japanese Album Charts 10


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