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The 7th Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan was elected in the Saskatchewan general election held in June 1929. The assembly sat from September 4, 1929, to May 25, 1934.[1] The Liberal Party led by James Garfield Gardiner attempted to form a minority government but were defeated by a motion of no confidence. The Conservative Party led by James Thomas Milton Anderson then formed a coalition government with the support of the Progressive Party and independent members.[2] The Liberals led by Gardiner formed the official opposition.[3]

James Fraser Bryant served as speaker for the assembly in 1929. Robert Sterritt Leslie replaced Bryant as speaker in 1930.[4]

Members of the Assembly[edit]

The following members were elected to the assembly in 1929:[5]

Electoral district Member Party
  Arm River Duncan Selby Hutcheon Conservative
  Bengough Herman Kersler Warren Conservative
  Biggar William Willoughby Miller Conservative
     Cannington Samson Wallace Arthur Independent
  Canora Anton O. Morken Liberal
  Cumberland[nb 1] Deakin Alexander Hall Liberal
     Cut Knife George John McLean Independent
  Cypress John Edward Gryde Conservative
  Elrose James Cobban Conservative
  Estevan Eleazer William Garner Liberal
  Francis Samuel Norval Horner Progressive
  Gravelbourg Benjamin Franklin McGregor Liberal
  Hanley Reginald Stipe Progressive
  Happyland Donald McPherson Strath Liberal
  Humboldt Henry Mathies Therres Liberal
  Île-à-la-Crosse[nb 2] A. Jules Marion Liberal
  Jack Fish Lake Donald M. Finlayson Liberal
  Kerrobert Robert Leith Hanbidge Conservative
  Kindersley Ebenezer Samuel Whatley Progressive
  Kinistino Charles McIntosh Liberal
  Last Mountain Jacob Benson Progressive
  Lloydminster Robert James Gordon Liberal
  Lumsden James Fraser Bryant Conservative
  Maple Creek George Spence Liberal
  Melfort Rupert James Greaves Conservative
     Milestone Joseph Victor Patterson Independent
  Moose Jaw City John Alexander Merkley Conservative
  Robert Henry Smith
  Moose Jaw County Sinclair Alexander Whittaker Conservative
  Moosomin Frederick Dennis Munroe Conservative
  Morse Richard Percy Eades Conservative
  North Qu'Appelle James Garfield Gardiner Liberal
  Notukeu Alexander Lothian Grant Liberal
  Pelly Reginald John Marsden Parker Liberal
  Pheasant Hills Charles Morton Dunn Liberal
  Pipestone William John Patterson Liberal
  Prince Albert Thomas Clayton Davis Liberal
  Redberry George Cockburn Liberal
  Regina City Murdoch Alexander MacPherson Conservative
  James Grassick
  Rosetown Nathaniel Given Conservative
  Rosthern John Michael Uhrich Liberal
  Saltcoats Asmundur Loptson Liberal
  Saskatoon City James Thomas Milton Anderson Conservative
  Howard McConnell
  Saskatoon County Charles Agar Liberal
  Shellbrook Edgar Sidney Clinch Liberal
  Souris William Oliver Fraser Conservative
  South Qu'Appelle Anton Huck Liberal
  Swift Current William Wensley Smith Conservative
     The Battlefords Samuel Wesley Huston Independent
  Thunder Creek Harold Alexander Lilly Conservative
  Tisdale Walter Clutterbuck Buckle Conservative
  Touchwood John Mason Parker Liberal
  Turtleford Charles Arthur Ayre Liberal
  Vonda James Hogan Liberal
     Wadena John Robeson Taylor Independent
  Weyburn Robert Sterritt Leslie Progressive
  Wilkie Alexander John McLeod Conservative
  Willow Bunch Charles William Johnson Liberal
  Wolseley William George Bennett Conservative
  Wynyard Wilhelm Hans Paulson Liberal
     Yorkton Alan Carl Stewart Independent


  1. ^ Election held July 16, 1929
  2. ^ Election held August 12, 1929

Party standings[edit]

Affiliation Members
     Conservative Party of Saskatchewan 24
Progressive 5
     Independent 6
  Liberal 28
 Coalition Majority



By-elections were held to replace members for various reasons:[5]

Electoral district Member elected Party Election date Reason
Lumsden James Fraser Bryant Conservative September 30, 1929 JF Bryant ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[6]
Moose Jaw City John Alexander Merkley Conservative September 30, 1929 JA Merkley ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[7]
Regina City Murdoch Alexander MacPherson Conservative September 30, 1929 MA MacPherson ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[8]
Saskatoon City Howard McConnell Conservative September 30, 1929 H McConnell ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[9]
James Thomas Milton Anderson September 30, 1929 JTM Anderson ran for reelection after forming a coalition government[10]
Moosomin Frederick Dennis Munroe Conservative October 7, 1929 FD Munroe ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[11]
Tisdale Walter Clutterbuck Buckle Conservative October 7, 1929 WC Buckle ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[12]
Yorkton Alan Carl Stewart Independent October 7, 1929 AC Stewart ran for reelection after being named to cabinet[13]
Estevan David McKnight Conservative December 23, 1930[nb 1] EW Garner resigned seat[14]
Estevan Norman L. McLeod Liberal February 9, 1931[nb 2] McLeod was declared elected by the assembly because ballots had been tampered with in the 1930 by-election[5]
Kinistino John Richard Parish Taylor Liberal May 22, 1933 C McIntosh named to cabinet as Minister of Natural Resources, ran for reelection and was subsequently defeated[15]


  1. ^ McKnight's election was declared void on February 9, 1931, after an appeal
  2. ^ The Court of Appeal found that the election was void and the seat was declared vacant on November 7, 1932


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